Time goes by and you, part of the Yar Gock tribe, do what ever needs to be done, the end of autumn is near and the winter is on the door step.
The Goblins chores are including scouting the land by night, hunting, fishing, chopping woods, mining flint and other mundane works.
When free, sleeping, struggling over females, eating and wrestling are the most frequent activities.
The bugbears are working shifts in the prison, guarding, employing and torturing the slaves whenever the possibility comes.

Room #1:
The ruthless Ogre steps inside the main room, most of the goblin imps immediately cower behind the females, the ogre is feared and it was not once nor twice, that an imp and a female found their death when approaching and sniffing the large creature out of curiosity, since then, when ever the Ogre steps into the big meeting place all tribe stand still, behind him, the super elite guards take their spots and calls
The meeting room boils and broils as goblins line and takes their spots, all except for the entrances guards arrive in a matter of seconds, no one wants to upset the Mogur and late.
After some time the Mogur arrive and takes his seat. Tok-Razul, the high priest takes his spot on the right of the seat.

Winter is coming and the mighty one deserves special offering or this winter will be severed.
The high priest squeaks.
What does our lord of depth wishes from his tribe?
Reply the Mogur.
mumbling while Cutting his hand, dripping drops of blood and throwing rat bones into a bowl the high priest continue.
The lord deserves humans, female and male to be sacrificed on the sacred altar, grinded wild boar fangs from the howling forest and what is this?!? I see stones and a dome, and a red stone … ahh … all are burned.
The Priest licks his burned hands and mumbles incoherently.
The opaque dome, the dome, the ruins …
The crowd of goblin whispers loudly as the substance in the bowl is caught on fire.
The Priest has spoken!!
Declares the tribe's chief from his stone chair and silence the mob.
Several things must take place to survive the winter. Humans must be brought and sacrificed.
The Mogur consults with the Priest in private while the room boils with excitement until the Ogre roars.
It is late autumn, Human caravans are traveling to the village before the north mountain passes are blocked with snow, and we need to take caravan and humans.
Pillage, Raid, Destroy.
The Goblins cheer.
We need meat from the forest!!!
The chief calls
Yeah, meat, deer, boar… oh… the howling beast.
Several concerning voices mix with braver goblin's and hobgoblin's rejoicing
But the red rock must be brought from the ruins!!!
All goblins go silent.
Consulting must be made, master … to choose the most appropriate scum for the missions. To the Gallery (room #4) we must go and consult the paintings and the eyes.

The Mogur, the high priest and the Ogre leave the room, leaving the super elite warriors and the Hobgoblins to guard the way outside of the room. Whispering and talking begin to spread among the mob, all are waiting for the return of the tribe's leaders.