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    S@squ@tch's Against the Giants - Team Black

    In a dark underground meeting room:

    “Dispatch the agents – we must know if it is true.” A heavily robed figure says to the assembled group of shadowy figures.

    “At once, master.”

    The room quickly empties, leaving the robed figure to ponder their next move.

    City of Sharn:

    You have received word that House Medani and House Tharashk are seeking volunteers to help them out with a problem that has arisen in Xendrik.

    Various leaflets and posters have been posted all through Sharn, and they have attracted your attention.

    You are to be at the House Medani enclave in the city of Sharn on the morning of 20 Zarantyr 999 at sunrise.

    That was two weeks ago.

    You awaken well before sunrise on the 20th, somewhat excited about the prospect of a new challenge, and also interested to see what the two great houses need from outsiders – for it seemed to be a somewhat uncommon event – first, for Tharashk and Medani to be working together, and second, to want the services of non-house members.

    After hurriedly assembling your gear, you depart for the enclave in the heart of the city, bidding adieu to your landlord, as you honestly do not know if you will be back to your room today, or in several months.

    The morning fog is thick, and as you ascend higher into the city, it becomes thicker and thicker, reducing your visibility remarkedly. You could have sworn that you saw something small with wings out of the corner of your eyes, but when you stopped and looked, you did not see anything. You begin to think you are lost, when you see the familiar shadow of the building before you.

    The enclave rises out of the mist majestically – the ornately carved features and the gold-inlaid coat of arms of the House Medani comes into view.

    Two half-elves, clad in silver chain shirts and holding staves, stand watch at the main gates, and you see 6 others, of all races and sizes, already there before you.

    As you arrive, the morning sun peeks out for a split second from behind the mist, before disappearing once again.

    The half-elves nod to one another and then motion to you.

    “Welcome. We have been expecting you, so please to be following us. Also, be aware that outside magic is not allowed within the doors of our enclave.”

    The one on the left beckons for you to follow, and the doors behind him begin to swing open – of their own accord it seems.

    You follow the first half-elf, and notice the second fall in behind the last of the group.

    You are lead through the entryway of the outer bailey of the enclave, past a reflecting pond, and into a large meeting room.

    In the center of the room is a large wooden table, seemingly crafted out of one large tree – some 6’ across and 20’ long. The natural grain runs the length of the table, two polished tree trunks give support to table.

    On a side table, are pitchers of various juices, along with platters filled with various breakfast meats and breads.

    “Please have a seat, Bendis will be with your shortly.”

    About five minutes elapse, and a young-looking half-elf in robes appears through a door opposite the one you came in. He is followed by a middle-aged human, dressed in a shining breastplate with a cloak, with the coat of arms of House Tharashk emblazoned on the clip, around his neck.

    “Good morning, and thank you for coming – My name is Bendis, Bendis Aldarn d’Medani, and this is Darvir, of House Tharashk.”

    Darvir gives a slight nod at Yoggrith when he sees him.

    You know of Darvir and have great respect for his leadership in the House, but have not worked personally with him in the past

    “You are aware of the information presented on the fliers – we are in need of a group to discover what is happening on the southern continent of Xendrik.”

    “The native giants have become aggressive and coordinated war parties of Hill, Frost, and Fire have been spotted together – something that has not occurred in the past, and has put the harvesting of dragonshards well behind schedule for House Tharashk."
    Bendis traces his fingers through the air, bringing an image of dragonshards into view before you.

    He continues, "They have even lost two groups that were dispatched in a search-and-rescue capacity – these groups were among their elite forces.”

    He pauses.

    "House Tharashk wishes the remains of their fallen found."

    “Our seers have been receiving more and more visions of giants as well, of all kinds -- cloud, storm, stone, along with the others, but have been unable to make sense of them at this point. They have also seen scorpions..."

    “We have procured an airship, the Precarious Retreat, from House Lyrander, to take you to the southern city of Stormreach – it is the main port of entry into Xendrik. The travel itself should take 3 days. Once in Stormreach, you are to go to the Tharashk enclave, where Darvir's brother, Barvidor, will be waiting for you. He will give you more up to date recon and information about where the groups were when they were attacked and put down. They will be sending along a few support personnel along with you.”


    You know of the Precarious Retreat -- it is a small vessel by Lyranderian Airship standards, but the captain is competent and respected. His name is Dalwir Alden d'Lyrander, you have met, and worked with, him before. You are envious of his post as captain of the ship, for he is not as skilled as you, but is very well connected within the house.

    Darvir remains silent next to the Medani wizard, looking over each of you, as if trying to determine if you stand a chance at being successful.

    “You will be paid handsomely if you are able to determine what is coordinating the giants attacks, along with letters of credit for House services from Medani and Tharashk.”

    “Please keep in mind that our seers have detected the presence of the Emerald Claw in their visions. Be vigilant to their machinations.”

    “Now, if you do not have any questions, I will dispatch you to the services of my nephew, Vortan, who will escort you to the airfield.”

    "I wish you success and luck."
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