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    A Love in Need: Part 8 – The Motel Room

    Archive ran to the second room, one that didn’t already have a corpse in the bathtub, and gently lowered Kliss into it. He turned on the spigot and began assembling a healing poultice. He could keep her alive, at least until they were able to get proper medical help. But she would be horribly scarred for the rest of her life.

    The power went out. Silence. The room fell into total darkness.

    There was screams from the bedroom. Archive stepped out, Glock at the ready.

    Nothing. It was pitch black.

    The power flashed back on. The room lit up. The television flickered back on. A horror movie onscreen screamed.

    Someone began banging on the wall.

    Archive spun, not sure where to point his pistol.

    Suddenly, the power went out again, sending the room back into dark silence.

    The thumping on the adjoining door began again. The lights went dark, then burst back on, then off again ... repeating like a strobe ... flashes of screams erupted from the television each time it restarted.

    Archive looked closer at the video. It wasn’t a horror movie, he realized. It was a person in the room. It was Andrews, screaming for his life as something grabbed him. He was stabbing his attacker with a knife.

    Archive looked down. There was a dark red stain on the carpet.

    He became aware of a presence in the bathroom doorway. It didn’t move ... just stood there, filling the doorway, only a few feet away. Then it was gone.

    The power came back on. Archive ran into the room. Kliss was missing.

    There was a squeak from under his feet. Archive looked down at the rug he was standing on. He stepped off, slid the rug away, and discovered a trap door in the floor.

    He lifted it and climbed down the ladder into a six foot by six foot box. There was nothing but the trap door in the ceiling and a small, sewer pipe-sized dirt tunnel leading out.

    Archive squeezed into the tunnel. Dirt fell over him as he crawled deeper. The dirt walls of the tunnel squeezed Archive’s body as he crawled. Rocks and underground vines jutted out of the earth.

    Archived dragged himself along the seemingly endless black hole. Nothing but darkness ahead and behind him. The tunnel squeezed even tighter. The walls partially collapsed, just a sliver of space to drag himself through. Dirt rained overhead as he crawled, like the passage was only seconds from caving in.

    Archive pulled along, squinting into the black, until his hand grabbed a handful of flesh and fur, which elicited a loud squeak.

    Archive pulled his hand back and watched as a rat scurried away to a larger shadow, a moving shadow. Dozens of rats filled the tunnel ahead.

    He continued toward the mound and the squeaking grew louder.

    Archive pushed through the center of the pile. Rats scattered, crawling over his hands and up his arms. He reached further and more rats squirmed out from under his hands, slithering out of a metal grate in the wall or scurrying beneath him.

    Archive kept crawling, sliding over the tiny bodies, until finally, the squeaks faded. All he could hear was his own breathing, desperately trying to make it to wherever the tunnel led. And then a sliver of light appeared ahead.

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    A Love in Need: Part 9 – Orgy of Evidence

    Hammer and Jim-Bean ran into the front office.

    “OH, GOD, PLEASE NO!” shouted a man. ”I’ll give you money. As much as you want!”

    There was the sound of a struggle, but it was distant. When Hammer pushed open the door to the back room, he caught sight of who was screaming.

    It was a film playing on a video monitor. A man, Andrews, was begging a killer in a mask for his life.

    A wall of monitors all displayed different angles of the motel rooms and grounds. Video cameras and equipment were piled all over the place. There were shelves of tapes lining the walls, each one hand-labeled: Steve and Sharon S., Glen and Flo D., John A.

    “Damn,” said Hammer. “We were so worried about Jawolalski we never even considered Kraygen.”

    “I think he’s working with the alien dogs,” said Jim-Bean. “They were doing some sort of surgery to the kid.”

    “What kind of surgery?” Hammer knew better than to ask Jim-Bean how he knew.

    “I don’t know. They took something nasty out of him and put it in Andrews. Whatever it was, it’s like BIOSAN-4 only worse. It was so powerful I got infected just getting inside Andrews’ head.”

    Another shelf was stacked full of dusty watches, jewelry, toy dolls, truck stop souvenirs, a collection of rearview mirror crucifixes and rabbits feet, drivers licenses of various people ... all victims.

    “Why do I get the feeling Kraygen’s not human?”

    Something bumped beneath them. Jim-Bean and Hammer trained their Glocks on the floor as the mat shuddered.

    Archive smashed open the trap door, Glock pointed upwards.

    Jim-Bean rolled his eyes. “That’s a good way to get shot—“

    A trashcan came hurling through the glass at the front of the office with Kraygen fast behind it.

    Before Hammer could lift his pistol, Kraygen’s arms shot out. They wrapped out, long and rubbery, around Hammer and Jim-Bean’s throats. He lifted them off their feet …

    Archive, now on his feet in the room, aimed his pistol carefully. “You don’t have enough arms to stop us all.”

    “Protomatter …” gurgled Jim-Bean, “… Steward!”

    “What?” asked Archive.

    Another tentacle shot out from Kraygen’s torso towards Archive. He fired and the Elder Sign-inscribed bullet found its mark, piercing Kraygen’s large forehead. He collapsed, melting like the faux nurse Hope had before.

    “Great,” said Hammer. “That confirms it. The Greys are using this place as some sort of experiment …”

    “I thought the Greys and their alien dogs made BIOSAN to destroy protomatter?” asked Hammer.

    Jim-Bean shrugged. “The protomatter we saw escaped from containers. I think they’re a servitor race that the Greys are trying to keep under control.”

    He was cut off by the front desk phone ringing.

    Hammer and Jim-Bean exchanged glances. Hammer finally picked it up.

    “We had it all wrapped up,” said the deeply masculine voice of a woman. “They took the poison out of David, and then put it into people nobody cared about. People without histories. Nobody important. Until you showed up. You just had to go snooping around. You just had to go poke your nose where it doesn’t belong. And now our little arrangement is over. Why don’t you come on over to Room 9? The doctor is in.”

    “I think … that’s David’s mommy,” said Jim-Bean.

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    A Love in Need: Part 10 – What’s Up Doc?

    The three agents closed in on Room 9. The curtains were closed.

    Archive covered the door with his pistol. Hammer grabbed a chair from one of the other rooms.

    Jim-Bean rolled his eyes. “What are you doing, mate? It’s a bloody hotel room. It’s not that big!”

    Hammer ignored him and hurled the chair through the glass window.

    Glass shattered. Hammer caught a glimpse of Kliss, her arms and legs bound to a chair, her mouth covered with duct tape. There was a rope wrapped around the leg of the chair leading towards the door. Kliss shook her head violently, tears streaming from her eyes.

    Jim-Bean grabbed the handle of the door. “We can just walk right through the front—“

    “NO! WAIT!“ shouted Hammer.

    A shotgun blast went off as Jim-Bean opened the door, spraying Kliss’ brains across the back wall.

    “Holy Christ!” shouted Jim-Bean, staring down at the headless body of the Dr. Kliss. Blood spurted from her neck, the arms and legs still trembling.

    “Damn it, Jimmy!” shouted Hammer. “When are you going to listen?”

    Pistols raised, Hammer ducked around to check the bathroom when brick exploded around him. Two giant arms punched holes through the wall and, crumbling much of the bedroom foundation, yanked Hammer outside.

    Hammer let out a yelp and fired his pistols at the huge thing. One giant hand wrapped around his face and slammed him against the wall. The world spun.

    He snapped out of it as a shooting pain tore through his thigh. A huge metal spike pierced Hammer’s leg and nailed him to the brick wall.

    Jim-Bean squeezed off a shot and then pressed himself against the bathroom wall. The giantess punched right through the wall to reach him.

    Jim-Bean was slammed against the fence on the other side of the wall. The hand, dirty and smelling of mud, slapped him back against the wall, holding him by the throat. He squirmed and then screamed as a spike was impaled through his torso. It would have killed a normal man.

    That left Archive. He fired a careful shot from his Glock into the huge gorilla of a woman. She roared and charged right through the ruined wall at him. Archive barely had a chance to react before she slapped him down, then dragged him through the hole.

    The telltale scream of agony meant that Archive had been pinned too, through the shoulder.

    The wire fence that blocked the back of the motel was rent apart. Footsteps plodded away.

    Jim-Bean came to. “What … she’s gone?”

    Hammer clung to consciousness. He struggled to move and screamed again in pain as he wiggled a few inches up the metal spike.

    Archive moaned.

    Suddenly there was the blinding flash of two lights. Jim-Bean held up one hand. He knew he was in shock; it was so bright, and all he wanted to do was close his eyes.

    Then he heard it. They all did. The sound of a truck’s engine thrumming to life.

    “Oh no,” whispered Archive.

    “Shoot,” coughed Hammer. “SHOOT!”

    Archive and Jim-Bean fired blindly at the lights.

    The engine roared closer. One of the lights went out but it was growing larger.

    Click, click, click. They were out of bullets.

    Hammer struggled to lift his Glocks. Taking careful aim, he fired at a spot above and to the side of the lights.

    Flames erupted behind the lights. The hunched form of the driver was illuminated in hellish relief as the truck continued to barrel down towards them.

    Jim-Bean clutched his Realizer in one hand and struggled to focus. The pain in his gut was enormous, and every time he breathed a new burst of hot fire ripped through his torso.


    He imagined the inside of the cab. And then he was there. She was dead all right, but it didn’t matter. Gravity would do the job for her.

    Jim-Bean focused on the steering wheel. If he could just nudge it enough …

    He strained, screaming with the exertion. The lights became so blinding that Jim-Bean lost his concentration. He could hear the roar of the flames and the bellowing engine—

    And then the truck turned sharply, smashing through the wall just a few yards to their left.

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    A Love in Need: Part 11 – David Phones Home

    The three agents limped from the hotel. The rain was finally starting to let up, which let the fire from the truck spread to the motel. Unhindered by the storm, it roared across the rooftops.

    Jim-Bean turned back. “We’d better get the dog head …”

    “Forget it,” said Hammer, limping through the parking lot. “It’s too late now anyway.”

    “But that’s our evidence!”

    “Of what? Our mission was to apprehend Jawolalski and determine his sources. We have the names of the corporation and the drug. David’s gone, Kraygen’s a puddle of mush. We can hot wire the pickup truck and get the hell out of here.”

    Hammer stopped short. David stood in the middle of the parking lot, eyes wide.

    “They’re dead, aren’t they?” he asked without emotion. “You killed them.”

    Jim-Bean kept his pistol trained on the boy. Unlike Hammer and Archive, he was almost fully recovered from his gut wound. The only evidence was the huge bloody stain down the front of his shirt.

    “Your parents tried to kill us,” said Hammer.

    David sighed, oddly unaffected by the whole incident. “Kraygen, he wasn’t my dad. I don’t know where he was from. He was very nice to me. He saved me … I would have died from the same disease that killed my dad. Whenever I got sick, they would put me to sleep and pull something gross out of me. Then they would stick it in people. Then they’d send the people out of town with orders never to come back. When they got married mom got big. Not just fat, but big. Real big.”

    “We noticed,” said Jim-Bean.

    David looked at Jim-Bean with a hollow stare. “That man you hit with your van escaped. He took me hostage in his car. Said he didn’t want to hurt me but that I was insurance to keep him alive. Then you found me. My mom said we had to leave tonight. They were going to take me to another world; it’s the only place I can survive my disease …”

    A small, dark bottle hung limply from one hand.

    “They told me to drink this …” He looked woozily at the bottle. “Space mead. To travel across the stars …”

    Something buzzed overhead.

    “David,” said Archive. “Who is They?”

    “They’re here,” whispered David.

    Two of the bizarre aliens they had seen before landed with a thump. Unlike the other “alien dogs,” as the Greys called them, these two were truly massive, with an extra pair of arms. The arms ended in large claws, almost like a lobster. Pink cilia served as a head, with no discernable eyes, ears, or mouth.

    One stood behind David. The other next to Hammer.

    For a second they froze, observing each other. Then Hammer’s pistol came up, aimed at David’s forehead.

    The aliens blurred into action. One snatched up David, grabbing him gently in a parental embrace with all four of its arms, and buzzed into the air. The other alien roughly pinned Hammer’s forearms, forcing him to drop both Glocks. Then it too launched into the air.

    Archive aimed his Glock.

    “No!” Jim-Bean put one hand out to lower Archive’s weapon. “Let me try.”

    Jim-Bean put both hands to his temples: WE APOLOGIZE. PLEASE RELEASE THIS THING. HE IS NEEDED BY US.

    “What are you doing?” asked Archive desperately.

    “Begging for Hammer’s life,” said Jim-Bean.

    A moment later Hammer slid down off the one part of the sloped roof of the motel that wasn’t on fire. He rolled off the roof and onto Tageret’s car. He was unconscious, but alive.

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    A Love in Need: Conclusion

    That night, the news showed an aerial shot of a structure, a roadside motel, sitting along a side road, surrounded by a vast, empty, brown wasteland. The image trembled from the rumble of helicopter blades whirling.

    Several news vans, police cars, and ambulances were parked around the blackened motel. People milled about the scene. Behind the motel, a backhoe tore into the ground. Cops circled the back-hoe, digging with shovels.

    ”This is a live shot of the Prairie View Motel, in the eastern side of McKinley County,” said a newscaster. “We've been told police have been working out here for several hours, but the details we're getting from them are sketchy at best. What we do know is that they've borrowed some equipment from a local farmer, and started digging in the rear of the property. What they're looking for though, we're not exactly sure.”

    The camera shakily zoomed in on the backhoe. As the machine dragged its teeth out of the earth and rose into the air, a dirt-covered corpse hung from the metal claw.

    ”Oh, God!” shouted the newscaster.

    In a different news report, a male reporter stood outside a motel room door.

    “The best we can come up with is that some video tapes have been discovered that are somehow connected to the bodies the Sheriff's Department has found buried on the property.”

    Beyond the reporter, the motel room doorway was visible. The door was just hanging on its hinges. The wall on the opposite side was blown apart. Furniture inside was blackened and scattered about and there bloodstains on the ground outside the door.

    “Obviously they're being very tightlipped with details at this stage,” said the reporter, “so we don't know yet the content of the tapes.”

    In yet another news report, masked paramedics carried body bags past a female reporter. “I've been told all the videos discovered are extremely violent and graphic.”

    The camera followed the paramedics past the female reporter, over a bloodhound stretching its leash to claw at the dirt, as if something was buried just beneath it.

    The camera moved to a news van. The side doors had slid open, and police crowded around the video equipment inside.

    “The police are actually using our GNN truck to view what they believe is the most recently recorded tape. The images I saw on tape are horrific... Unimaginable,” she said.

    “We turn now to the county sheriff. Nina?”

    The county sheriff was being interviewed by a newswoman for a television camera beyond them.

    “Sheriff, can you give us an idea of how many bodies have been found?” asked Nina.

    “As of about a half-hour ago, we were at twenty-seven. But we haven't covered much ground yet,” said the sheriff.

    “So you expect to find more?”

    “I'm afraid so, yes.”

    There was a small pile of full body bags. The camera then turned to focus on the rusty vacancy sign hanging on the wall.

    ”As for the immediate future, local authorities will be removing the vacancy sign that until today hung here outside the Prairie View Motel. This is Nina Juarez reporting live for the Global News Network.”

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    Chapter 35: Player of Hell - Introduction

    This story hour is from the scenario “Player of Hell” by Michael C. LaBossiere. You can read more about Delta Green at Delta Green. Please note: This story hour contains spoilers!

    Our cast of characters includes:

    • Game Master: Michael Tresca
    • Kurtis "Hammer" Grange (Fast Hero/Gunslinger) played by George Webster
    • Sebastian "Caprice" Creed (Fast/Smart Hero/Techie) played by Bill Countiss
    • Joseph “Archive” Fontaine (Dedicated Hero/Acolyte) played by Joe Lalumia
    I wanted to continue the undead-battling goodness from No Man’s Land so that Archive could continue to shine. I also knew that two of my players would be late, so I figured that in and came up with a quick scenario that wouldn’t take too long but would keep the group entertained. It also was uniquely suited to their talents: supernatural (Archive), surveillance (Caprice), and combat (Hammer).

    This is a standard vampire hunt, with a slight tweak because it’s a vrykolakas. This meant that the agents weren't entirely sure what they were facing going in. On the other hand, when I gave them a prop that clearly explained the vrykolakas' strengths and weaknesses, they pretty much ignored it – perhaps because in a Cthulhu campaign, a vampire is never just a vampire. Both Caprice and Hammer flatly didn't believe that Mays was really being stalked by a vampire, so they took none of the advice until they had evidence it was the real deal.

    Ultimately, this little scenario was actually the most exciting of the three. There were a hilarious turn of events, poor planning overcome by brute force, and a climactic scene in the vampire's lair.

    This is all a setup for another scenario -- it reintroduces Simon Magnus, last seen in Chapter 0. The famous vampire hunter now has his own television show!

    Defining Moment: Caprice isn't above using people as bait. Or cutting them.

    Relevant Media

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    Player of Hell: Prologue

    Dig through the ditches,
    And burn through the witches
    I slam in the back of my

    --Dragula by Rob Zombie
    NEW YORK CITY, NY—Caprice leaned back in his seat at the Asian-fusion restaurant and stared hard at Daniel Mays.

    Simon Magnus had invited them to an Asian fusion restaurant in SoHo called the "Itchi-Leng." The decor was old brick walls, hardwood floors, timber ceilings, and paper lanterns, which lent the rooms some appearance of a Japanese country inn.

    In his early forties, Magnus had a very closely trimmed goatee beard, and was extremely pale and thin. He wore dark-tinted glasses and a strange Indonesian cap. He wore a dark black leather coat. Magnus recommended a hot dark broth served with half-cooked exotic vegetables, sesame seeds, and noodles. He ordered a dish of boned chicken, scallops, and blanched spinach, and as an appetizer avocado with shrimp in miso sauce

    "Thank you for agreeing to see me," Magnus said to Archive. "After your experience in defeating the Green Grove Vampire, I thought you would be just the right kind of men to defeat this threat that is haunting poor Mr. Mays."

    Daniel Mays was a pale, gaunt-looking young man who was also a graduate student interning with Magnus, presumably in the art of vampire hunting.

    Hammer looked back and forth between Magnus and Mays. "Take it from the top."

    "Someone gave me a free MP3 player," said Mays, poking at his broth. "Some freaky looking old chick. But I wasn't about to turn down some free hardware. That's when the trouble started …"

    "The next day he seemed a bit haggard and worn," said Magnus. "He approached me after class and, knowing my interest in unusual events, related a terrible dream. Go ahead Daniel."

    Mays reluctantly related the dream. "I was asleep in my apartment when I had this horrible nightmare. It felt like the room was cold and it seemed like I was in this black void. Out of the blackness came this terrible face … the face of the old woman. She tore at my throat …I woke up screaming, with blood on my pillow."

    "Let me see that MP3 player," said Hammer.

    Mays handed it over.

    Hammer held it up, turned it around a few times, tapped it on the table. "There's no battery compartment to it."

    "You can't take the batteries out of iPods either," said Caprice, clearly skeptical.

    "That's not what I mean." Hammer held up the MP3 player. "It doesn't look like it should even work." He put one of the ear buds to his ear. "Mind if I play it?"

    Mays shook his head. "Be my guest."

    Hammer hit the play button and nodded for a moment. "Britney Spears," he said, smirking. "Interesting play list."

    "Give me that." Caprice snatched the player from Hammer and examined it. "No known brand I've ever seen."

    "No bar codes on it, no identifying marks," said Hammer. "Nothing."

    "Could have been made in China …" began Caprice when Archive stretched out one hand over the player, whispering a chant to himself. "What are you doing?"

    "Inspecting its aura," said Archive. "It's pulsing with magic. That's no ordinary MP3 player."

    "A mark of the vrykolakas," lectured Magnus, "is that it must present its intended victim with a physical item that creates a foul spiritual link between victim and victimizer. The victim must freely take this item, but once it is in the victim's possession it proves to be indestructible and unavoidable. It has been speculated that the item is not, in fact, a physical object at all, but a manifestation of the creature itself."

    Caprice rubbed his forehead. "Seriously?" He banged the MP3 player on the table a few times, causing some of the other diners in the restaurant to look at him.

    Caprice shrugged and turned to Mays. "Let's just assume for a moment that you're not completely insane and that you didn't experience some hallucination. Why should we waste our time surveilling your place—"

    Mays cut him off. "I thought it was a bad dream, but …" he lifted his collar to show bite marks that looked like puncture wounds made from fangs.

    "It's pretty clear to me that the kid's lost a lot of blood," said Archive.

    "I believe that we might be dealing with a vampire," said Magnus, "but not the usual European variety. I think it is likely a Greek revenant known as the vrykolakas.”

    “A what?” asked Hammer.

    “A vrykolakas,” said Archive. “The history of these creatures dates back to the time of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. To become a vrykolakas, one had to be cursed, die a violent death, do a dishonorable act, or be excommunicated from the church. Such vampires usually return to complete some unfinished business in their lives.”

    “The method of destroying a vrykolakas is usually with fire,” said Magnus. “Crosses and sunlight are not mentioned as being effective. Neither are stakes; many accounts describe vrykolakas being impaled over and over, beheaded and so on, and still returning to haunt the living.”

    Hammer and Archive looked to Caprice. He threw up his hands.

    "Fine, fine! But if it turns out the kid is high, don't blame me!"

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    Player of Hell: Part 1 – Fighting Fire With…

    A few hours and a hundred bucks later and the college student in the apartment next to Mays was vacated. Surveillance was placed in every room with wireless cameras. On one of the black-and-white monitors, Mays slept fitfully in his bed.

    Caprice and Hammer sat at a folding table and watched the screens while they sipped coffee. Archive sat at a table and flipped through a musty tome.

    "According to De Graecorum Hodie Quorundam Opinationibus, the vrykolakas does not lie in its coffin during the day. It feeds on blood like other vampires but when it kills a victim it devours the entire corpse. The noted German metaphysician Hasselberg speculates that the creature does this to prevent to creation of a competitor, and that a victim slain by a vrykolokas will rise again as a vampire."

    "Yeah, right," said Caprice. "So we break out the silver bullets and the wooden stake …"

    Archive shook his head. "The only thing that has proven to be a reliable means of scourging the creatures is the use of fire."

    Caprice yawned and checked his watch. "It's two in the morning. Nothing's happened so far. I'm not even sure why we're doing this mission—"

    "It's not a mission," said Hammer. "Think of it as a favor for Archive. He saved my life plenty of times."

    Caprice shrugged and went back to blearily staring at the monitors. "Wait a minute!"

    Archive stood up and walked over to Caprice.

    "There!" Caprice pointed at the camera feed watching Mays' bedroom. "She wasn't there a second ago!"

    An ancient hag, with skin like papyrus, was hunched over Mays' bed. The face had unusual growths of hair and the body looked starved. The eyes glittered in the nightvision scope of the camera; a predator's eyes.

    Hammer loaded his pistols. "Get the thermite grenades and the flamethrower."

    Caprice stood up. "Uh, what?"

    Hammer looked at him. "You didn't requisition any of that stuff, did you?"

    "Oh come on!" Caprice ran into the kitchen, shouting over his shoulder. "I thought the kid was nuts!"

    "I don't think normal bullets are going to work …" began Hammer. "Remember the Green Grove Vampire …"

    "I'll take care of it," said Archive. "I know how to deal with these sorts of things."

    A minute later Caprice came out of the kitchen with a supersoaker water rifle with a barbecue lighter duct-taped to it.

    "What the hell are you up to Hot Pants?" asked Hammer.

    Caprice grinned. "Rubbing alcohol, a pressurized tank, and a little ingenuity!"

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    Hah I can't wait to see how that "flame thrower" turns out!

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    Player of Hell: Part 2 – …With Fire

    Quote Originally Posted by arun View Post
    Hah I can't wait to see how that "flame thrower" turns out!
    About as good as the rest of their plans.


    Hammer kicked open the door, Glocks at the ready.

    "Step away from the bed!" he shouted.

    The hag, crouched over Mays unconscious body, whirled. Her eyes flashed red in the darkness. Hammer staggered backwards, covering his eyes.

    Caprice squirted the supersoaker and missed completely, soaking the wall. The lighter ignited the stream of flames, setting the curtains on fire. The room was bathed in a hellish light.

    Archive held up the leather patch that had the Elder Sign on it. "Behold the power of the Elder Sign!" he shouted.

    That got the hag's attention. She shrieked, recoiling as the eye at the center of the Elder Sign opened to stare at her.

    She vanished in a puff of smoke, like the witch out of the Wizard of Oz.

    Hammer ran into Mays' kitchen and returned with a small fire extinguisher, spraying the room before the flames could spread.

    Mays bolted upright, gasping in his bed. "Did you get her?" He looked around and then focused on the wall. "What happened to my wall?"

    Caprice pumped the supersoaker several times. "She uh … shoots fire out of her eyes."

    "I told you your makeshift flamethrower was a bad idea," muttered Hammer.

    Mays grabbed the MP3 player off of his nightstand. "I think … I think I can feel her." He held up the MP3 player like a compass. "Yeah. She's …" he pointed towards his bedroom window. "She's going that way. It's getting fainter."

    "Let's go!" Archive ran out the apartment, dragging Mays with him.

    Caprice gave his supersoaker a few more pumps and ran after them.

    Hammer ducked out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

    Having second thoughts, he returned a second later and grabbed the fire extinguisher.

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