Duskblade using Battlecaster Offense

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    Duskblade using Battlecaster Offense

    The Battlecaster Offense (tactical) Feat gives you two tactical options:

    Spell and sword: if you deal damage to a foe with a spell, you gain a +1 bonus on your first melee attack roll made against that foe in the next round.

    Sword and spell: if you make a melee attack against a foe, you gain a +1 bonus to the save DC of the first spell you use against that foe in the next round. This bonus applies only against the foe or foes you attacked, not against any other creatures affected by the spell

    A 3rd level Duskblade can Arcane Channel (As a Standard Attack, a Duskblade may cast a Ĺtouch attackĺ spell and deliver the spell through a melee weapon attack.). As far as I've seen there is no rule that limits the number of tactics used each round. A Duskblade potentially could qualify for both of the Battlecaster Offense's tactics with one strike (as long as they hit the enemy and the spell successfully damages them). Has anyone seen any ruling on whether the Duskblade has to choose which tactic they're taking or can they really benefit from both tactics with the same attack? Thanks for the help!

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    I'm playing a Duskblade and this feat sounds useful, could someone tell me what book its in? the only battle caster I can find is the one that lets you cast in a heavier armour category.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Its in CompMage, p40.

    A little off topic- players of Duskblades and any other spontaneous arcane caster class with a limited spell list might want to check out the Bloodline Feats in Dragon Compendium v. 1 (DCv1). They let you add spells to your spell list depending on your PC's arcane heritage (IOW, your PC has ancestors with elemental, fey, or some such heritage).

    While technically limited to Sorcerers, many DMs I know would let them apply to any spontaneous arcane caster.
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