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    The Shadowend Campaign Setting

    THREAD UPDATED 10/28/2012
    • Added 3 new posts: The Dalerain Overview, Dalerain III - Adosil, the Feuding Goddess, and Dalerain IV - Maebd, the Queen of Celebration. (Sif & Uller, Dalerain I & II respectively, are on page 3)


    Back to your regularly scheduled post.

    Theme: Civilization vs ruin is something that threads through alot of the Shadowend - and civilization is losing. The forces of ruin aren't always evil (though some are), but they are amoral and uncaring. Civilization isn't always good (though some are), and it's often domineering and restrictive. I'm not sure who I'm rooting for. There is magic. There was stronger magic in the past, but while that magic is currently lost, it is not inaccessible or unusable.

    Fey and monsters are strong elements in my campaigns, as well as resurrected leavings of the Amerite Empire like the Fallen and the Black Legion.

    Geography: The Shadowend is a mostly temperate region in the northeast corner of what was once the Amerite Empire. To the south lies the Shimmering Plain, a vast grassland dominated by the arcane ruins of Nekkarn. The Shadowend Forest fills the east, a trackless expanse not even the elves have fully explored. The Kameurhorn Mountains define the northern border: beyond the Horns lies the High Ice and the frozen dominions of its vassals. West is the Shattered Sea, and beyond that the once-mighty nations of Amatheir and Bherune.

    History: The rule of Law peaked in the Shadowend nearly a thousand years ago, with the rise of the Amerite Empire. When the Dragon Throne weakened, the peoples of the Shadowend were among the first to tear free, beginning a long period of anarchy and conflict as petty warlords, princelings, and kings fought for control. Eventually, the kingdoms of Larenyss, Arramor, Dore, Sarn, Sieriven, and Asavar coalesced from the chaos. That respite was brief, however, as Sarn fell to goblinoid hordes, and Sieriven to the divisive manipulations of the Crone Goddess Kajalla. Arramor split apart, its western reaches forming the country of Roen, Romagna, and the Forest of Eoghin.

    The Second Speaking of Te ushered in a new Age of the Wyrld. Divine bonds were casted off, and many remnants of past Ages surfaced for the first time in millenia. Asavar fell to a plague of monstrous creatures. Innergild seceded from Dore, and Dore was reducing it to a shadow of its former self by orcish hordes. The fey Queen of Larenyss disappeared, then reappeared, unaged, forty years later, instigating a war of revolution that irrevocably weakened the Griffon Throne and sundering Larenyss. The sidhe returned to the Shadowend, bring a new complication to the lives of elves and men alike.

    The Hundred Kingdoms remained relatively unchanged this whole time, insofar as that change and revolution was the order of the day. Petty states rose and fell, eventually leading to the current major realms - most of which will no doubt be eclipsed and forgotten within a generation or two, as the those before them were.
    I'll throw the campaign map in here for completeness (for a larger version click here)
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