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    Keldar's call for crewmen immediately causes six men to step forward eagerly. The once-first-mate-now-captain is kneeling by the pirate first mate, brushing the sweaty, matted hair out of his face with surprising tenderness. He looks up at Keldar and smiles somewhat foppishly. "Me brother says to me, 'You never becoming captain this way, come join myself and we take the ship and live with luxury!' Myself tells him, 'No, hard work is being the way to captainship.'"

    He lays the pirate first mate's head on the deck and stands tall at the helm of his ship. "I am thinking I was right." He begins barking orders at the crewmen with an air of command that actually improves his grammar. "This ship is Lake Jane no more, what a stupid name. Now it is Diligenza! You six! To that ship! You other six, clean up over here! I am not wanting a bloody deck! Strip those scoundrels bare, tie them up! I will be guiding the ships apart, but you six will be tying a rope to the Nobodies' Warbray. To Fallon we go!"

    The crewmen, still flush with victory, go about their work with a gusto. The six crewing the Warbray take care of the pirates fallen on that deck, including bringing the spineless scumbag down from the crow's nest and wrapping the captain up in sea-burial sheets. They furl one of the sails, to keep better pace with the merchant vessel. They also tie a few ropes from the fore of the Warbray to the aft of the rechristened Diligenza, and before long the two ships are sailing easily with the wind, and the first mate is navigating both.

    Before long, a pile of gear has been assembled, and you are back on track for Fallon.

    OOC: XP and booty to come this weekend.

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    Keldar finds some time to speak quietly with the captain of the Diligenza. "I think I and my friends sometimes get so caught up in our own affairs that we overlook what is going on around us. I see now your own personal tragedy played out tonight." He's not sure what else to say. With Tarag listening, he's scarcely likely to ask whether the captain really intends to turn his brother over to the authorities in Fallon.

    Keldar gathers his belongings from the cabins and before the ships get underway again returns to the former pirate vessel that has, somehow, become known as the Warbray. He stands for a time beneath the mast, with a proprietorial air.

    "I think the Warbray might like sailing with lanterns shining openly for a change," he says.

    Eventually, spreading out his bedroll, he settles down to an uncomfortable and fretful doze on deck. He and Rapture are due on watch at dawn.

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    Rapture gathers her things and claims a small room for herself on the Warbray. She hangs up her wet things to dry and changes into something suitable for walking up on the deck where she makes a few rounds in help with the final preparations before the ships set sail again.

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    The crew amasses this pile of stuff:

    1x	Jeweled Ring (from the Captain)
    3x	Gold earrings
    5x	Gold Ring
    10x	Silver Bracelet
    1x	+1 Chain Shirt
    1x	Chain Shirt
    7x	Studded Leather
    3x	MW Heavy Darkwood Shield
    1x	+1 Rapier
    4x	MW Rapier
    3x	MW Mithril Longsword
    1x	MW Shortsword
    2x	Dagger
    3x	Falchion
    1x	MW Longbow
    In addition to this, there is a fair amount of stolen booty in the hold: Fine rugs and carpets, ivory eating utensils, and a large order of strange gnomish devices. The captain of the Diligenza informs you that this should all be returned to its rightful owners, or the heirs of its rightful owners, as the case may be.

    XP Notes:
    For the combat:

    1400 XP each

    This puts everybody into 4th level.

    Real time XP

    01/19/08 - 07/19/08

    6 (months) * 4 (current level) * 50 = 1200 XP each

    Grand total: 2600 XP each

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    OOC: Great. Rapture would love the +1 chain shirt, but that's all she's realy interested in immediately of the loot, though if the jewelry is fairly nice she might not complain if she snags a set of it, but I'm doubting that it.

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    Since it is a point of honour with Tarag to use weapons and armour he has crafted himself, he is quite content to receive his due share in merely mundane items.

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    ooc: Not much in there for a mage, except possibly the strange gnomish devices! Tommy will be happy to take his share in cash.

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    OOC: though it's not part of his long-term equipment plan, Keldar could get some use from the MW short sword as an off-hand weapon in place of a dagger. The +1 rapier is of course a perfect fit... but it wouldn't be the Warbray rapier made by Keldar with Tarag's assistance! What to do, what to do....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trouvere View Post
    OOC: the Warbray rapier made by Keldar with Tarag's assistance!
    OOC: If ever he says that out loud, the dwarf will kill him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boddynock View Post
    OOC: If ever he says that out loud, the dwarf will kill him.
    OOC: Can we watch?

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