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    Hey Geraturatu!

    Quote Originally Posted by Geraturatu
    That was the last day!!? NOOO!!! I was just coming to put another one up

    oh well
    Well, we can say I was a day or two late in arranging the voting process (I'll do that tomorrow night) so you still have 24 hours - hows that?

    Just for the record, I'll be choosing six 'winners'. So I'll compile a list of the entrants names/monster names, then I'll let people vote on them (multiple choices). Top three voted by the poll will be winners along with three I pick personally.

    I'll vote in the poll for Adam Bousted (he told me which monsters he wanted to vote for) as he still can't register.

    You can vote for your own entries if you so wish.

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    Hi all!

    Okay, minor plan change, I am working tonight (Sun-Mon-Tue) instead of Wednesday (Mon-Tue-Wed), so I won't be able to compile that list just yet.

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    Hey all!

    I have compiled the Entry/Entrant list and will have the poll up and running later tonight.

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    Hey all!

    Okay, as you can probably see, I have the poll for voting in this thread here:

    NB. You can make multiple votes.

    I have voted for Adam Bousted. Technically he didn't necessarily say he wanted to vote for his own entry, but I thought what the heck.

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    Hi all!

    Okay just bumping this thread to make sure I have all the content at hand when I add it into Godsend.

    I'm also planning to convert a few of them to 4th Edition for future supplements (so if you don't want that to ultimately happen let me know) - where you'll get full credit and a free copy.

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    Something rough that wouldn't leave my head... A breath weapon for powerful dragons. Not sure is this belongs here or in the ability section, anyway:

    Many know that Tiamat has five heads, each with its own weapon. Few know, however, that this is but a feeble, mocking attempt to replicate the breath of the Ultimate Dragons. When they breathe at their enemies, five effects affect them simultaneously. Woe to those who fail to avoid even one.

    1) Disintegration. Fortitude. Those who fail are ripped into atoms on the spot. Success means a massive amount of permanent damage.

    2) Disintegration 2. Will. The enemies' souls are likewise shredded. Resurrectable only by beings who overpower the dragon's influence(easier if the body is intact, or/and the dragon is dead/disabled). Success means damage to mental abilities.

    3) Shifting. Will. Failure means that the victim is shifted into another reality. Success means a hostile analogue (relative DC may depend on age category) from another reality is brought forth.

    4) Teleportation. Reflex. The victim is transported into a random place in the universe, most likely an extremely hostile one (a star core or a vicinity of a black hole). This does not affect the victim, but its surroundings, so even in success, he is affected by the surroundings (a blast of Star Core matter, gravity tides, radiation etc. at GM discretion). Since it is probably more difficult to open gates to such places, the hazard level may increase with age.

    5) It is not always subtlety which works. Sometimes, brute force is best.A massive blast of energy affects the victim. Treat as normal cone breath of whatever the victim's resistance is worst to.

    (Optional) When the dragon uses its breath weapon, one effect is chosen (randomly or by the GM) to work automatically. The rest may work or they may not, with the probability for each effect being 12/age category. Thus, a great wyrm wil affect the target with all five effects automatically.
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    Here is a somewhat more definite draft of the Muhlatimic Dragons. It still has no numbers, since I have no experience with that. Since U_K said about this the numbers can be a real headache even for him, I decided to let the others enjoy trying as well.

    (Note; the abilities listed do not include those typical for other immortals)

    The Muhlatimic Dragons, Destiny and Doom.

    At first, you think it is a small star in front of you. But as your spaceship approaches, you can see it is a curled up dragon of enormous proportions. Yet despite its size, you know it can see you. It doesn’t seem to move, yet wherever you go, you are always in front of it. You see it has only one head, yet you can feel there are a thousand heads both in front and behind you, all watching. And in its glowing, yet not blinding eyes, you can see yourself as a king, a great mage, and see what great destiny you can have.

    You look the other way, and you see a black shadow eclipsing the stars. You have the same impression looking upon it, except much more sinister. And then, its black eyes are fixed upon you. You see yourself a slave. You see yourself tortured. You see your doom.

    They say that fate is stronger than all, for it controls all. And indeed, for that is what the Akashic records are. Fate. But for the records to be updated, no single point of view, all encompassing as it is, can be enough. The Records do not depend solely on the Supreme Being. No, rather, they also have their own nerve endings. Not only that, those are also whips and cuffs, a police for unruly Eternals. The Uncreated. The Ultimates. The Muhlatim. Or, as those few aware of them dare to call them, the Muhlatimic Dragons. Of them, only one kind is known, and this has two forms, Destiny and Doom.

    The Dragons’ life cycle is long. While drawing their power directly from the Records, they need a spark to create a new life, and a spark for it to grow. The mating normally occurs in the vicinity of a supernova (for Destiny) or stars being devoured by black holes (for Doom). In both cases, the moments have to be precisely chosen and are extremely rare, only occurring about once every five billion years per reality (although the space is usually large enough for multiple pairs of dragons).

    Only one egg is normally laid. The egg is planet sized (Mega-G), and orbits a star. The outer surface of a shell has the composition of normal rock, but hardens with depth, until about 100 miles below, it is strong enough to smother even the largest cosmic collisions. The parents, however, are overprotective of their babies, and may decide to destroy every other body in the stellar system just in case. They may spare, however, smaller inconveniences like local and visiting life forms and civilizations upon the egg, although, as is their universal function, they will take the utmost care to study them (and may decide to hold their technological level below the nuclear age). When the time comes for the egg to hatch (5 billion years in average), however, they literally sweep the system clean of every dust speck. The inhabitants (if the dragon is in a good enough mood) are warned and given time to evacuate. In case of a dragon in a bad mood, even the most harmless races are eradicated (If you want to argue that this is paranoia, argue with the dragon – I have no intention to).

    Upon hatching, the first cry of the baby is strong enough to destabilize the star. After a few days (during which it eats the shell of its egg), the star is in a state fit for the baby to consume all its energy and matter (an opportunity it gladly uses, and which takes about a century.) After that, no further nourishment is needed.

    A Muhlat at its peak may grow up to be as large as Giga-Tiny (assuming steady growth throughout its life).

    Note; sometimes pieces of shell are left behind. While no one knows exactly what the inner parts are initially composed of, after the baby leaves, they are found to contain two substances; neutronium and reverse neutronium. The latter has similar properties to neutronium; however, it has negative mass, so weapons fashioned from it suffer damage penalty, while armor gives increased DR and has a chance of disarming the opponent. Not even force effects can penetrate it fully, since the energy inside them inevitably has enough mass to be repelled. Nearly forgotten myths exist about great artifacts made from a fresh eggshell, some even claiming they stopped demiurges while wielded by but a demigod.


    Both Dragon forms are extremely unlikely to enter combat unless the opponent is at least a demiurge. Even then, due to their nature, they will most likely hold back as long as possible while studying the opponents. Then they enter, their aura sweeping all minions aside, their breath destroying all.


    Akashic connection. Due to its connection to the Records, the dragon can erase all immunities the enemy has acquired against it, including those from Omnific abilities.

    Isotropic. Every direction is in front of the dragon. Its beam attacks are affecting everyone. Its breath is a sphere around it. Naturally, it cannot be nor flanked nor sneaked upon. Nor it is subject to critical hits even from the most powerful of creatures.

    Aura. The aura of the Ultimate shows every person their destiny. In case of a Destiny Dragon, it shows each person their greatness should they follow the Dragon’s path, and makes them loyal servants. It also provides bonuses for the allies (should the dragon decide them useful for this battle). A Doom Dragon makes the enemies flee, cower, go mad, or even drop dead on the spot. This aura also counters certain abilities like Omnipresence, for only one true power can exist inside it.

    Cosmopolite. The dragon belongs to no universe. Trancscorporeality is always ignored by it.

    Covertness. In order to follow their duties better, when not in combat the dragons have incorporeity and invisibility which even work against most Omnific abilities.

    Veto. When in close proximity and sufficient agreement, a hundred Great Wyrms may collectively assume the Omega Template.


    The Ultimate breath is like a prismatic spray. No, it is nothing like a prismatic spray. But it does have seven effects:

    1) Disintegration. Fortitude. Those who fail are ripped into atoms on the spot. The enemy is treated as erased from reality forever. Success means a massive amount of permanent damage.

    2) Mental disintegration. Will. The enemies' souls are likewise shredded. Forever lost, but if the body is intact it is controllable by the dragon. Success means a penalty to mental abilities.

    3) Shifting. Will. Failure means that the victim is shifted into another reality. Success means a hostile analogue (relative CL may depend on age category) from another reality can be brought forth (it is entitled to its own save on the other side)

    4) Teleportation. Reflex. The victim is transported into a random place in the universe, most likely an extremely hostile one (a star core or a vicinity of a black hole). This does not affect the victim, but its surroundings, so even in success, he is affected by the surroundings (a blast of Star Core matter, gravity tides, radiation etc. at GM discretion). Since it is more difficult to open gates to such places, the hazard level increases with age.

    5) Conversion. The dragon stops the enemy at the most subtle level. Its will to fight. The enemy is forever incapable of combat. In case of a Doom Dragon, the enemy may lose the will to live as well, and will likely commit suicide (quintessence dispersed completely).

    6) Divine restraint. The enemy loses a certain percentage of its quintessence, with all entailing.

    7) It is not always subtlety which works. Sometimes, brute force is best. A massive blast of energy affects the victim. Treat as anti matter blast of damage depending on age. If somehow the enemy has resistance to this effect, the dragon may shift to another damage type, and it is always aware of the enemy’s resistance.

    A wyrmling can use any one effect. It can attempt to use the others simultaneously, but each has only 1/(2*number of effects above one attempted) chance of success. For each age category gained, the numerator increases by one, and for every two age categories, an additional effect is usable simultaneously without dice rolling. Thus, an adult can use four abilities at once, but should it desire to use all seven, each extra ability has only 50% chance of success.

    Adventure ideas:

    1) An egg is about to hatch. A death cult is trying to provoke the parents into destroying the inhabitants without warning.

    2) Alabaster is searching for a piece of fresh eggshell to repair/upgrade the Were-Sword.

    3) A power hungry Eternal tries to create the conditions for both the Destiny and Doom dragon mating at the same time and place. He believes that should a Doom Dragon mate with a Destiny Dragon inside his universe, he will be able to use the paradox in order to create a new reality, with complete Akashic records, and himself as the irremovable Supreme Being. It doesn’t matter that the current reality has a good chance of being destroyed in the process...
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    Because I am bored and can't sleep, I'm posting something I originally cooked up for Dicefreaks. The design is more in the vein of the Epic Bestiary than IH. "SL" is the same thing as Divine ability. A slash after SL indicates the entry costs 2 or more divine abilities.

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    35HD Outsider
    Paladin 20/Legendary Dreadnaught 15

    Manifestation of Apollyon
    Large Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extra-planar)
    Hit Dice:
    70d20+1015 (2415 hp, 4830hp in divine realm)
    Initiative: +27 (+8 Dex, +4 Sup. Initiative, +15 divine)
    Speed: 100 ft. (20 squares), 200 ft (good)
    Armor Class: 112 (+35 natural, +9 Dex, +17 deflection, +15 armor, +15 rank, +10 profane, +1 dodge), touch 62, flat-footed 102.
    Base Attack/Grapple: +53/+93
    Attack: Revelation +101 melee (3d8+60/18–20/x4) and 6 wing caresses +71 melee touch (3d6 permanent/x2), or slam +87 melee (3d6+36/x2) and 6 wing caresses +71 melee touch (3d6 permanent/x2), or by spell
    Full Attack: Revelation +101/+96/+91/+85 melee (3d8+60/18–20/x4) and 6 wing caresses +71 melee touch (3d6 permanent/x2), or slam +87 melee (3d6+36/x2) and 6 wing caresses +71 melee touch (3d6 permanent/x2), or by spell
    Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft. (15 ft. with revelation or wings)
    Special Attacks: aura of despair, divine aura, domain powers, executioner’s hand, smite 8/day, spells, sweeping strike.
    Special Qualities: Antigenesis, DR 40/–, divine traits, fast healing 20, immunities (ability drain, cold, death effects, disease, electricity, energy drain, poison, transmutation), improved mettle, shrug off punishment, SR 84, thick-skinned, turn outsiders & undead 20/day, unmovable, unstoppable.
    Saves: Fort +70(80), Ref +66(76), Will +69(79)
    Abilities: Str 52, Dex 28, Con 36, Int 30, Wis 34, Cha 44
    Skills: Bluff +0, Concentration +0, Disable Device +0, Escape Artist +0, Hide +0, Intimidate +0, Intuit Direction +0, Knowledge (arcana) +0, Knowledge (history) +0, Knowledge (planes) +0, Knowledge (religion) +0, Listen +0, Move Silently +0, Search +0, Sense Motive +0, Spellcraft +0, Spot +0, Survival +0, Tumble +0.
    1068 skill points
    Feats: Amplify Spell, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Empower Spell, Extra Smiting, Flyby Attack, Heighten Spell, Improved Bullrush, Improved Critical (halberd), Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Knockback, Melee Weapon Mastery (piercing), Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Weapon Focus (halberd), Weapon Specialization (halberd)
    Epic Feats: Consume Magic, Dire Charge, Great Critical (halberd), Great Smiting, Improved Aura of Despair, Improved Critical Modifier (halberd), Improved Spell Capacity x9, Improved Spell Resistance, Metamagic Freedom, Widen Aura of Despair
    Salient Abilities: Alter Size, Change Shape, Destroyer, Divine Metamagic, Divine Toughness, Harbinger of the End, Irresistible Force, Pinions of Oblivion, Polymath, Quasi-Corporeal, Rune of Eschaton, Summon Demons, Uncanny Power Attack
    Environment: Any
    Organization: Unique
    Treasure: see below.
    Challenge Rating: 70 (ECL 105)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil


    Fallen Traits: As a fallen solar Apollyon possesses the following traits:

    —Darkvision out to 60 feet and low-light vision.
    —Immunity to acid and cold.
    —Resistance to electricity 20 and fire 20.
    —Fast healing 40. Apollyon can regrow severed limbs after 8 hours of rest.
    —Tongues: Apollyon gains Polyglot as a bonus feat.
    —Level Adjustment: +6.

    Intermediate Entity Traits: Apollyon is rank 15 cosmic entity.

    —Apollyon receives maximum hit points per hit die.
    —Apollyon’s base movement speeds are doubled.
    —+15 natural armor. Apollyon adds his Charisma bonus (minimum 1) as a deflection bonus to his AC.
    —Apollyon’s senses have a base range increment of 100 ft.
    —Apollyon adds a +15 cosmic bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); save DC of all special abilities, spell-like abilities, and spells; initiative; saving throws, and spell resistance.
    —A roll of “1” on a d20 is not an automatic failure for Apollyon.
    —Apollyon is immune to ability drain, death effects, disease, energy drain, form-altering effects, and poison.
    —Apollyon is immortal and cannot die from natural causes. He does not age, nor need to eat, sleep, or breathe.
    —Spell resistance equal to his CR + 12.
    —Level Adjustment: +29. (no wealth adj.)

    Alter Size (Sl/2): Apollyon can reduce his size down to Small or up to Gargantuan as free action.

    Antigenesis (Ex): Apollyon’s divine aura inhibits the act of creation. Any spell, spell-like, or supernatural ability mimicking an effect from the calling, creation, or summoning subschools (including his own) is automatically negated unless the caster succeeds a DC 85 caster level. In addition any healing received by creatures within Apollyon’s divine aura (including himself) is halved.

    Change Shape (Sl): As a move action, Apollyon can alter his form, including clothing and equipment, to that of any corporeal giant, humanoid, or monstrous humanoid.

    Destroyer (Sl/3): Apollyon gains a +15 competence bonus on all damage rolls (except for that caused by his wings). Half of any damage dealt by Apollyon’s attacks results from divine power, ignoring any damage reduction, resistance, or immunity to damage his foe may possess.

    Divine Aura (Sl): Apollyon’s divine aura has a radius of 850 feet. As a free action, Apollyon can adjust the size of his aura, make certain beings within the area immune, or choose from any of the following effects (DC 87 Will save negates):

    —Daze: Creatures within the aura’s area of effect must make a Will save or be unable to act, other than defend themselves.
    —Fear: Creatures within the aura’s area of effect must make a Will save or be shaken and suffer a -2 morale penalty on attack rolls, saves and checks.

    Divine Metamagic (Sl): Apollyon may spontaneously apply a total of six levels of metamagic to his spells (or spell-like abilities) each round without increasing the spell slot required.

    Domains: Apollyon’s domains grant him the following abilities:

    Chaos: Cast Chaos spells at +1 caster level.
    Destruction: Apollyon gains one additional smite attempt.

    Once per round as a swift action Apollyon may duplicate any of the following spells as a supernatural ability (save DC 87 where appropriate): animate objects, chaos hammer, cloak of chaos, contaigon, disintegrate, dispel law, earthquake, harm, implosion, inflict critical wounds, inflict light wounds (mass or normal), magic circle vs. law, protection from law, word of chaos, shatter, summon monster IX (chaos only).

    Harbinger of the End (Sl): Apollyon’s arrival upon a world is presaged by unnatural weather, just as if he were an Elder Evil.

    Herald of Annihilation: Although once a great enemy of evil, Apollyon’s fall twisted his abilities, making him a terrible foe of all life. The following abilities replace Apollyon’s normal paladin class abilities:

    —Apollyon can use deathwatch at will as a supernatural ability.
    Aura of Despair (Su): Foes with 100 feet of Apollyon to take a -4 morale penalty on all saving throws.
    Executioner’s Hand (Ex): Apollyon inflicts 4 additional points of damage when attacking foes with fewer HD/levels.
    No End But Mine (Su): Apollyon adds a +5 profane bonus to his saving throws.
    Smite (Su): Up to 5 times per day Apollyon can declare one melee attack a smite attempt, adding his Charisma bonus to his attack roll and 40 to his damage. If Apollyon misses his opponent that smiting attempt is wasted.
    Turning (Su): Apollyon can turn both undead & outsiders. When Apollyon would turn an outsider that outsider must make a Will save (DC 62) or be banished to its home plane. If Apollyon receives a destroyed result against an outsider it is not banished, but take 34d6 points of damage instead (level + Cha mod).

    Improved Mettle (Ex): Once per turn as a reaction Apollyon can brace himself against the impact from a single melee attack, ranged attack, or attack that grants a Fortitude or Reflex save for half damage; automatically halving any damage taken. Apollyon can only use this ability if he is aware of the attack and not considered helpless.

    Irresistible Force (Sl): Apollyon can use his Unmovable and Unstoppable abilities an unlimited number of times per day, but once a given ability is used Apollyon must wait 4 rounds before using it again.

    Pinions of Oblivion (Sl/3): Apollyon’s wings appear to be literal windows into the Great Nothing that existed before Creation. Each round as a free action Apollyon may make up to 6 secondary natural incorporeal touch attacks that inflict 3d6 points of permanent damage. As a move action Apollyon may flap his wings, unleashing a hail of feather-like entropic fragments that deal 6d6 points of permanent damage to all creatures within 200 ft. (DC 83 Ref. save for half).

    Quasi-Corporeal (Sl): Those who survive long enough in Apollyon's presence note that he seems to flicker at times, as if his frame were a fragile mask covering a solar-shaped hole in the fabric of the cosmos. This grants Apollyon the same miss chance against attacks as an incorporeal creature. This has no other effect on Apollyon other than allowing him to ignore the miss chance associated with attacking incorporeal foes.

    Rune of Eschaton (Sl): Apollyon can prepare any spell that deals hit point damage as if it was part of the cleric list.

    Shrug off Punishment (Ex): Apollyon gains 105 bonus hp.

    Summon Demons (Sl): Apollyon may summon 140HD worth of demons to serve him each day; no creature summoned may have more than 47HD. Alternately Apollyon may call demons instead of summoning them at the rate of 1HD per 2HD of summoning ability expended. Summoned demons remain for 1 hour before returning whence they came.

    Sweeping Strike (Ex): On each melee attack Apollyon makes, he can choose one square he threatens that is adjacent to the one he is attacking, his attack is applied to each creatures in those two squares. Apollyon may use this ability on any attack, including attacks of opportunity.

    Thick-Skinned (Ex): Apollyon gains DR 9/–.

    Uncanny Power Attack (Sl): Apollyon automatically power attacks for the difference between his attack roll and his foe’s armor class.

    Unmovable (Ex): Apollyon may gain a +20 bonus on any of the following:

    —A grapple check made to avoid the effects of the improved grab ability.
    —A Strength check to avoid the effects of a bull rush, trip attempt, or similar effect.
    —A Strength check against any effect that would move Apollyon either physically or magically.
    —Any one saving throw. If an effect that would move Apollyon either physically or magically does not normally allow a saving throw, he use this ability to gain a Will saving throw. Apollyon still gains the +20 bonus to the saving throw in such a case.

    Unstoppable (Ex): As a free action Apollyon can gain a +20 bonus on any check to break or burst a door or item. Apollyon can use this ability to break a wall of force or similar effect with a success full Strength (DC 10 + spell level + spellcasting attribute modifier), with Apollyon applying the +20 bonus to this check. Alternatively, Apollyon add +20 to a single attack roll.

    Cleric Spells: 903 sp per day. Caster level 75th. Save DCs are 51 + spell level. Apollyon can prepare paladin spells using his cleric spell slots.

    Prepared Spells (-/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4/4)
    1st: 4.
    2nd: death knell, silence. +2 more
    3rd: bestow curse, searing light, speak with dead. +1 more
    4th: dismissal, dimensional anchor, free movement, sending.
    5th: command (greater), flame strike, righteous might, symbol of pain.
    6th: blade barrier, forbiddance, heal, true seeing.
    7th: control weather, destruction, ethereal jaunt. +1 more
    8th: anti-magic shell, discern location, fire storm, symbol of death.
    9th: meteor swarm, miracle, storm of vengeance, true dispelling.

    10th soul scry, 11th ???, 12th eidolon, 13th ???, 14th ???, 15th inescapable doom, 16th ???, 17th ???, 18th ???.

    Upon Apollyon’s brow rests Dekakorônê, the ten-sided crown symbolizing his suzerainty over the 10 Dooms that presage the End of Time. Dekakorônê grants him the following benefits:

    —Grants Apollyon a +10 profane bonus to AC and to the save DC of all Apollyon’s special abilities, spell-like abilities, and spells.
    —Apollyon may replay up to 10 rounds of actions per day. When Apollyon replays a round, everyone else uses the same actions, while Apollyon can change his actions based on the knowledge of what everyone else will do. Apollyon can only replay a given round in this manner once.

    Caster level: 85th

    Revelation: Revelation is a keen halberd +10 that deals damage as a Huge weapon. Revelation can be extended and contracted at will, increasing Apollyon’s reach by 5 feet. Any time Apollyon would score a critical hit with Revelation he can choose nullify either all his target’s extraordinary abilities, spells & spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities until the start of his next turn. A creature cannot be subject to this effect more than once per round.

    Caster level: 85th

    Tunic: This tunic of white linen, which remains unaffected by the gore and damage of Apollyon’s rampages, functions as moderate fortification robes of armor +15 that grant a +10 resistance bonus to Apollyon’s saving throws.

    Caster level: 85th

    Misc: ???

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    1. I still need to assign skill points
    2. Herald of Annihilation needs 2 abilities to replace divine health and the paladin's mount.
    3. I changed Shrug Off Punishement to grant bonus HP equal to 1/2 the character's level each time a LD receives it.
    4. Apollyon has +39 pts of artifact bonus remaining.
    5. Despite being a fallen solar, I did not use the SRD solar stats as a base. I created a 35HD large outsider using the rules in v6 of the CR calculator and added benefits from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omeganian View Post
    Veto. When in close proximity and sufficient agreement, a hundred Great Wyrms may collectively assume the Omega Template.
    I've been thinking about this part. Redoing it. Here are the results. Not sure whether this fits in the cosmology, but it won't leave my head.

    The Council of Equilibrium

    The Supreme Being, as all know, is the holder, the interpreter of the Akasha. Opposite him stands the Omega, the Ultimate Opposite. Should they come to real blows, entire universes will collapse like soap bubbles, maybe reality itself. Yet it can never happen, for between them, stands the third force. The Neutrality. The Ultimate Ring. The Great Council of Equilibrium.

    The Council is the face of Akasha. It is composed of the representatives of Akasha. Fifty Great Wyrms of Destiny, and Fifty Great Wyrms of Doom compose the core. They are the only ones who have a vote. Many other creatures, from the greatest of the retired Supreme Beings, to mortal commoners, were invited as witnesses or councilors, but not one outside the Muhlatimic Dragons was ever known to enter the Council itself.

    The council gathers vary rarely, and only in cases of threat to the greater fabric of reality itself.

    It can gather if the strain between the Supreme Being and the Omega is threatening to rise to levels where no peaceful resolution is possible. The function of the Council in this case is to stop the situation from escalating into an actual combat. They never failed.

    It can also gather if one of the Two Forces claims the other must be deposed, but no one else is currently present to challenge it. In this case, the Council can appoint someone else, usually one of the Retired.

    It also gathers during the threat of Crossovers, when a major breach between realities threatens an invasion or, perhaps, mutual destruction. In this case, the Council was known to collaborate not only with the Two Forces, bit also, if possible, with its own analogues from the parallel realities.

    The decisions of the Council are reached surprisingly fast - because never once was a Muhlat known to misunderstand another, either of its own kind, or the most alien. When a decision is reached, the Ultimate Ring is considered the face of Akasha, its decision is the decision of Akasha, and all must bow before it. Few were ever known to disobey.

    None at all, successfully.

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    Are the Muhlatimic Dragons powerful enough to enforce their decisions on the Supreme Being, then?

    If the Supreme Being is beyond stats, does that mean the Muhlatimic Dragons are too?

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