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    OOC: Can the character down-left of Glaive make a 5 ft step away (down, for examole)?
    Glaive uses a reach weapon, so he cannot swing from his current position and doing something besides a 5ft step would cause to many AoOs. Thanks.

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    Kraken continues to carve up the pirate before him with single-minded dedication.


    Full attack on adjacent enemy.

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    Whisper casts a spell, sending a bright bolt of magical force arcing over the three pirates coming over the deck from the east to explode behind them with a sharp PWACK; covering the lot of them in glowing magical dust that clings to clothes and infiltrates every opening...including the eyes!

    (Glitterdust 1sq behind the row of three to our east. Explosion should catch them all. DC is 17 to avoid blindness.)

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    The three sailors in front of Doral cry out in surprise as Whisper's magical motes fly into their eyes. She takes a quick step back allowing Glaive to maneuver and bring his weapon to bear. All three sailors swing hard to strike at Doral but his defensive stance is unpentratable. Midian finishes his spell and grins as a the skies above him darken and the air becomes heavy with the smell of ozone. The grin is wiped from his face as the fiercely grinning sailor leaps onto him and slices him deeply with his curved blade. The rest of the cultists make their way towards you, surrounding you!
    Farther down the ship, Garuk and Kraken pummel and slice their man to death, clearing the way to the upper stern level of the deck.

    Suddenly the door bursts open at the far end of the deck and a robed man strides into view. With a snarl of rage he stretches forth his gloved hand and calls out words in a tongue you don't recognize. Black mist flares up out of the cracks in the boards beneath your feet. It fills you with a chill that drains your strength and makes your muscles ache! The mist spreads out to engulf your entire party and though its touch is painful to you, the pirates you face seem to be entirely unaffected by it!
    Behind the man comes the captain of the ship that Doral saw in his sending. He holds a heavy axe in his hand but does not advance.

    Midian takes 8 points of damage.
    All 3 sailors failed the blindness save
    I moved Whisper and Glaive to give him enough room to swing.

    Everyone needs to make a will save
    Spellcraft DC19

    The man cast Unholy Blight

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    Despite the sweat forming on his brow, Doral grins at his good fortune. "Must be a lucky rabbits foot somewhere in my pack," he says as he takes a few steps away from the three blinded men. With renewed concentration he lets loose with a spell.

    Casting silence behind the spellcaster who just showed himself, taking care to make sure that the caster is within the radius, but not the party members.

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    AC 21 (T13, FF18), HP 60/60, F +5,R+5,W+5
    Eldritch blast: +7/+8, 4d6 damage
    Short Sword +1, Icy +8, 1d6+3+1d6 ice on command

    Glaive conjure's his namesake and swings it in a deadly arc.


    save is 13 with Devil's Favor.
    Eldritch Glaive attack on south east enemy


    active invocations: See the Unseen, Entropic Warding, DR 2 / cold iron
    at-will: Blast, Glaive (+1d6 acid with shard focus), Detect Magic, Teleport, Shatter
    Devil's Favor: 3/3 (+2 bonus on attack, save, or check)
    Devil's Stamina: 1/1 (fast healing 3 for 5 rounds)
    Bracers of Entangling Blast: 3/3
    Gloves of Eldritch Admixture: 3/3
    Healing Belt: 3/3
    Wand (lesser vigor): 37/50
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    Kraken hops over the balustrade and begins carving into the group of men threatening his companions.


    Move to the square immediately south of the line of three men - he's going to work his way up. The "No Description" roll is his Will save.
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    Block jkason


    Midian Rightson, human druid

    Midian hisses as the blade cuts him, then reels as the spellcaster's power stretches across the group. He keeps his attention on the closest threat however. He points to the scimitar-wielding crewman. Midian's spellshard glows, the already-stormy clouds rumble and flash, and a massive bolt of lightning streaks down to scorch the man and the deck he stands on.

    Garuk, meanwhile, turns his attention to one of the blinded crewman, claws and teeth slashing and gnashing wildly as he howls from the magic's touch.

    Midian Will Save: Will Save (1d20+8=14)

    Garuk Will Save: Will Save (1d20+3=16)

    Midian: Standard: Call Bolt vs. pirate

    Stormy call lightning (add half empowered spell shard) (3d10=21)

    31 total damage, Reflex save DC 17 for half

    Garuk: 5' step (not sure if he has to do that, actually, with his reach), full attack:

    Full attack, blinded pirate (1d20+10=15, 1d8+5=11, 1d20+10=22, 1d8+5=10, 1d20+5=21, 1d6+2=5)

    Note: I'm not sure if Garuk made his save, so I didn't apply any modifiers above.

    HP 45/53
    Bolts called (max 7): 1

    Spells: Magical Feats: Spell Focus (Conj), Augment Summoning, Natural Spell

    Orisons (6, DC 14): Mending, Flare x2, Resistance, Guidance, Create Water
    1st level (4+1, DC 15): Magic Fang, Faerie Fire, Longstrider, Sandblast, Obscuring Mist
    2nd level (3+1, DC 16): Barkskin x2, Cloudburst, Body of the Sun
    3rd level (2+1, DC 17): Call Lightning*, Nature's Favor, Wind Wall
    4th level (1+1, DC 18): Ice Storm, Dispel Magic

    * attuned to empowered spell shard
    ** Eberron shard can recall evocation spells up to 4th level 2x/day

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    Block SelcSilverhand

    Garuk and Kraken turn about to assist their allies as the pirates close in on them slashing wildly. The ape and the human badly wound the first man but he manages to keep his feet. Midian's lightning bolt splits the sky in a brilliant flash of light and rumble of thunder that blasts the man in front of him. Badly burned and his muscles spasming, he stumbles backwards before throwing himself off the ship to flee. Glaive's ethereal blade carves into the man that Garuk and Kraken struck, sending him into the next life.
    Doral's spell momentarily distracts the spell caster. The cultist moves to the side of the ship and tears the glove from his hand. White bone glistens in the light with a reddish tinge as if freshly pulled from bloody flesh. The boney fingers flex and spread as the man invokes his magic near the side of the ship.
    The captain of the ship begins making his way through the vertigo field to reach the party with his wicked blade. Behind him more armed sailors begin pouring out of the below decks hatch.


    I'm going to try to keep up on posts, but I am getting married this month and there is a lot of work to do. So I may fall back to 1 post a week again.

    Results for Unholy blight:
    Kraken - Align CN - 5dmg (12dmg total so far)
    Doral - Align N - 11dmg
    Midian - Align NG - 22dmg (30dmg total so far)
    Whisper - Align N - 5dmg
    Glaive - Align CG - 22dmg
    Garuk - Align N - 11dmg

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    Doral whipped out his wand of magic missiles and fired a volley at the cult leader.

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