The Wayfinders - Expedition to Tempest Isle - Page 117
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    Doral will do another whelming burst in a cone shape to catch the four pirates north and west of him. "This is why I hate being front and center!"

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    AC 21 (T13, FF18), HP 38/60, F +5,R+5,W+5
    Eldritch blast: +7/+8, 4d6 damage
    Short Sword +1, Icy +8, 1d6+3+1d6 ice on command

    As the captain seems to work himself into a rage Glave hits him with a blast of deep purple energy that clings and hinders him.


    standard: Eldritch blast vs captain (with entangling gloves)
    move: -


    active invocations: See the Unseen, Entropic Warding, DR 2 / cold iron
    at-will: Blast, Glaive (+1d6 acid with shard focus), Detect Magic, Teleport, Shatter
    Devil's Favor: 3/3 (+2 bonus on attack, save, or check)
    Devil's Stamina: 1/1 (fast healing 3 for 5 rounds)
    Bracers of Entangling the Blast: 2/3
    Gloves_of_Eldritch_Admixture: 3/3
    Healing_Belt: 3/3
    Wand (lesser vigor): 37/50
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    Midian Rightson, human druid

    "They're all ... too close," Midian grunts, trying to steer clear of pirate blades as his eberron shard glows to recollect magics. He raises his hands, and clouds start to form close to the deck, but at the last moment his movements are interrupted as he catches a glint of a blade and steers clear. The druid swears loudly and holds his ground, trying to see a clear path out of the throng.

    Garuk continues to rip into the closest pirate, heedless of the humanoid dialogue. As Doral voices his own concerns, Midian nods and whistles. The ape grunts in response, simian eyes watching for threats to the beguiler. "Garuk has your back, Doral."

    Free action: Handle Garuk, give him the guard command on Doral. He has 10' reach, so I believe he gets an AoO against pirates trying to close on Doral from where he is (there's probably a cover modifier to it, though, if they're moving into the square directly north of Doral).

    Standard: Recalling Ice Storm, trying to cast defensively:

    Cast Defensively DC 19 (1d20+11=13)

    Big old fail there.

    Garuk full attack:

    Full attack vs. pirate: Claw; damage; Claw; damage; bite; damage (1d20+10=15, 1d8+5=10, 1d20+10=15, 1d8+5=12, 1d20+5=21, 1d6+2=7)

    HP 45/53
    Bolts called (max 7): 1

    Spells: Magical Feats: Spell Focus (Conj), Augment Summoning, Natural Spell

    Orisons (6, DC 14): Mending, Flare x2, Resistance, Guidance, Create Water
    1st level (4+1, DC 15): Magic Fang, Faerie Fire, Longstrider, Sandblast, Obscuring Mist
    2nd level (3+1, DC 16): Barkskin x2, Cloudburst, Body of the Sun
    3rd level (2+1, DC 17): Call Lightning*, Nature's Favor, Wind Wall
    4th level (1+1, DC 18): Ice Storm, Dispel Magic

    * attuned to empowered spell shard
    ** Eberron shard can recall evocation spells up to 4th level 2x/day (used 1x)

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    Kraken only has one thing in his sights; the enemy spellcaster. He charges.

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    "I promise I'll buy your friend the finest meal and ale possible if he can keep these scum from using me as a pin cushion!"

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    OOC: I'm going to be away from next Wednesday (17th) until the 29th, and connection may be patchy until then as well. NPC Kraken as needed - he'll keep attacking the spellcaster until he's down, then go for the berserker.

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    Whispers burst of glowing dust sends the crew into a panic. They cry out and rub their eyes as some struggle to escape and others try to rally their allies to their aid. The captain alone seems unaffected by it. He shouts at his crew, cussing them out with vile words. Abruptly his cursing changes to a cry of surprise as Glaives bolt of vile energy strikes his chest. From the impact, dozens of blackened tendrils stretch outward and grip at the railing, the mast, and the crates on the deck. He struggles and begins to cut his way free of the entangling strands. With the pirates distracted, Whisper redirects the whirling motes of teeth back towards the cultist facing Kraken on the far side of the ship.
    Garuk lashes out at the nearest pirate and pummels him badly. The pirate in turn slashes at the ape but in his weakened state he cannot connect. Midian works to cast a spell but the rolling deck and excitement of battle prove to be too much of a distraction. Doral meanwhile unleashes another blast of energy which drops two of the blinded pirates to the deck unconscious.
    Across the deck, Kraken charges the cultist and tries to smash him with his club. To his surprise the blow glances off something hard beneath the robe. The cloth hooks on one of the dragons teeth and tears a hole, revealing the glint of metal armor. The skeletal arm of the cultist lashes out and grips Kraken by the throat! Tendrils of dark energy emanate from the bones and spread around his face. They slide up his nose, through his open mouth, in his ears, and eyes. Choking on the invasive force, he releases the club with one hand and reaches up to tear the things foul grip from his throat. He shakes his head to clear his head of the evil spell before unleashing a bellowing roar and charging back into the fight again!

    The deck heaves again underfoot and the ship breaks free of the dock. A hard thump shakes the ship!


    Cultist reached out and
    Touch Attack (1d20+6=26) on Kraken. Luckily it wasn't a spell with a damage component!
    However, I seem to have some luck with the dice today. I rolled for Kraken since he said he'd be gone for a bit.
    Kraken Fort Save (1d20+9=29)

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    "This cannot be good." Doral catches his balance, then fires a volley from his wand of magic missiles and targets the cultist.

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    (OOC - Sorry...could we get a map update for this new round? Or has no one moved yet from the last one? I'm a little confused about init order and such. )

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    OOC - Will do, I'll update it tonight after work. Init order is whatever order people post in.

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