The continuation of Who Wants to Be a Wayfinder

You spend the next several days enjoying yourself in town. Despite your rocky first impression the last time you were here, your second visit is much more pleasant. With some coin in your pocket for the first time since entering the University, you finally have the opportunity to enjoy some old hobbies. There are dozens of restaurants offering local cuisines and exotic foods from Qbarra, the Talenta Plains, and the Mror Holds. Being a large port city, Cliffscrape also hosts a large bazaar that occupies two entire tiers. You see countless baubles, jewels, art sculptures, magical creations, and even a bustling exotic animal market. For the more culturally minded, there are four playhouses, open air concerts, and art studios in the city. Despite the civilized trappings, you are often reminded that the city is still a dangerous place. Fights abound in the streets and there are few guards around. The ones that you do see seem more concerned with protecting certain businesses or houses belonging to the local sea prince than helping citizens. The attitude of the people clearly reflects this lifestyle. Survival of the fittest is their credo, hardship and danger makes them stronger than the "soft skinned" folk that spend their lives on the mainland.

Five days after putting ashore, a message from Creidan finds its way to you informing you that the preparations are nearly completed for your return voyage. The next day is spent in meetings with Creidan as you go over details of the expedition. He has prepared one of House Tharask's caravels, a three masted sailing ship, to carry a scouting crew to the island. Along with the 10 man sailing crew, he has hired on an additional 10 men to setup a camp and assist in scouting. He has arranged the purchase of a scroll of Sending to allow for communication once you have something of significance to report. His mission for you is to scout out the mining operation, disrupt their work, and where possible eliminate the enemy. He reminds you that these people might have prior claim to the site, but their attacks on passing ships brands them as pirates. This removes any legal protection, limited as it is in Lhazaar Principalities.