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    Doral Kinsman joins in the fun, firing another barrage from his wand of magic missiles.

    OOC: I once considered taking shatter as my extra spell.

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    AC 19 (T13, FF16), HP 46/46, F +5,R+5,W+5
    Eldritch blast: +6/+7, 3d6 damage

    "It is awakening! The hole cave is around his body! Perhaps we only freeing it!" Glaive calls, but also moves a step forward. His namesake weapon appears as he swings it with an acidic hiss at the new creature in quick succession.


    5 feet step up-right
    Glaive vs touch AC (1d20+7=15, 4d6=6) (not much ...) vs new enemy (undead rhino?). Hits 17, forgot bless and haste bonuses.
    second attack (Haste) (1d20+9=24, 4d6=15)

    active invocations: See the Unseen, Entropic Warding
    at-will: Blast, Glaive (+1d6 acid with shard focus), Detect Magic, Teleport, Shatter
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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    Whisper swears and directs a volley of Magic Missiles towards the transformed priest, then yells at Glaive, "Well which is it?! You seem to be the expert here! Do we destroy the shard or not?!"

    (Another Manyjaws awaits Glaive's reply...either for the dragonshard, or for the priest. The magic missiles are her revised action for last turn. My apologies for the delay.)

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    "Crazy! If destroying the crystal would have freed the beast, these degenerates would have done so long ago and they wouldn't try so hard to protect it." Doral blasts at the crystal, but considers Glaive's response.

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    AC 19 (T13, FF16), HP 46/46, F +5,R+5,W+5
    Eldritch blast: +6/+7, 3d6 damage

    "Perhaps it is more controllable inside the crystal. A scalpel and not a sledgehammer." Glaive answers.


    active invocations: See the Unseen, Entropic Warding
    at-will: Blast, Glaive (+1d6 acid with shard focus), Detect Magic, Teleport, Shatter

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    "Then we kill it from the inside," says Kraken, not taking his eyes from the skeletal dog-man. Summoning the energy of the storm he wades in with a punishing flurry of blows from his falchion.


    Assuming he's still standing when it finally gets to his turn. Last in initiative, peh!

    Entering frenzy, and using an action point to gain an extra attack. Added to the extra attack from the haste, that gives him 4 attacks at full bonus, thus:

    Attack One 1d20+10=30, Damage 2d4+7=13; Attack Two 1d20+10=20, Damage 2d4+7=10; Attack Three 1d20+10=24, Damage 2d4+7=10; Attack Four 1d20+10=18, Damage 2d4+7=13

    If, for some reason, you don't want to allow that, trim them from the back first!
    Crit. Confirm for Attack One 1d20+10=25, Damage if Critical 2d4+7=14

    +1 attack bonus from Bless, +1 attack bonus from haste

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    "Now is the time for philosophical discourse?"


    Taking a spellcraft check (+7) after blowing another hole in the crystal. What does Doral sense about the crystal's purpose?

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    Block SelcSilverhand

    Glaive moves in to attack, swinging his signature weapon in sweeping arcs. His first blow glances off the side of the beast, doing little damage. He corrects his second swing and cuts along the ribs between the bony plates. He then takes a step sideways, working around to help flank the beast. With a terrible bellow, the horned beast lowers its head, sighting along the massie bony spikes straight at Kraken. Swifter than you would believe, the creature lunges forward and buries the point of the horn in Kraken's chest. The long tip bursts through his back, slick with gore. It tosses its head and hits him again, opening a horrific wound across his belly. Mortally wounded, Kraken staggers but keeps his feet, his indomitable rage is all that keeps him upright from a wound that would have slain lesser men.
    Seeing the transformed man disembowl Kraken, Whisper focuses her next attack on the skeletal creature. She summons another flurry of fanged jaws that rip through the creatures body. Chips of bone fly in all directions. Doral directs another blast from his wand upward at the crystal shard and studies it closely to judge the reaction. Midian finishes his invocation and watches as a glowing light appears far above in the ceiling. The rock ceiling glows brighter and brighter until it suddenly melts, like a candle held to a flame. A squirming worm creature emerges and crawls along the ceiling, burning new tunnels and slipping in and out through them. Two of the massive black sinews snap under its touch and the whole crystal sways erratically.
    Kraken, fueled by rage, steps in close to the creature and delivers a series of punishing blows. Wtih his final desperate attack, he drives the point of his falcion deep into the creatures eye. With a wordless cry the creature crashes to the ground, its limbs still twitching.


    Studying the crystal, you can see that as more and more of the crystal breaks, the darkness surrounding it deepens and the shadows seem to move at odd angles to the light sources in the room. Something is being freed from its prison. The energies from the crystal have been snaking down the long tunnels since the man awakened it.
    You recall the words of the skull-faced man before he transformed. He mentioned something about "nodes" and you wonder if there are other crystals throughout the beast being awakened.


    Kresh Gore Attacks (1d20+16=36, 1d20+11=20)
    Kresh Gore crit confirm (1d20+16=32)
    Kresh Gore damage with crit (2d6+8=16, 2d6+8=11, 2d6+8=12)

    Kraken is at 8 hp, -2 when rage ends.

    There are currently no other enemies in sight. The crystal is now about 1/3rd of its original size.

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    Block jkason


    Midian Rightson, human druid

    As the Thoqqua continues its blazingly effective assault on the crystal's supports, Midian moves quickly to Kraken's side, touching him with the healing wand. His wounds are still severe, but the druid is reasonably certain that he won't collapse at the end of his rage.

    Wow, IC loves the Thoqqua!

    Thoqqua attack;damage;burn (2nd summoned round) (1d20+4=24, 1d6+3=9, 2d6=6)

    Thoqqua crit confirm (second summoned round) (1d20+4=21)

    I'm guessing that confirms, so that's 24 damage total to the gooey stuff this round, plus whatever damage it takes from being on fire if it ignited last round.

    Midian moves to Kraken and uses another wand charge:

    CLW for Kraken (1d8+1=8)

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    Kraken drops his head back and lets out a primal yell. He punches his fist in the air, towards the crystal and the yell seems to reverberate around the chamber like a clap of thunder. Then he drops to his knees, the storm fury spent.


    Drop frenzy, since he'll stay upright now thanks to Midian. Cast shatter at the crystal.
    Damage 3d6=13 if you need it.

    Current conditions: haste, bless, resist fire 10, fatigued
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