Greyhawk/Planescape - The Octych (artifact useful for any campaign!!!!!!!)
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    Greyhawk/Planescape - The Octych (artifact useful for any campaign!!!!!!!)


    I just wanted to share my version of the Octych, which was an item recently introduced in the Expedition to Castle Greyhawk adventure. It was left to the DM to develop and develop I did. IMC (which is actually a homebrew world with no ties to GH and a cosmology unknowingly similar to 4e's), it has appeared deep in a ruined dwarven stronghold (with some areas inspired by Castle Greyhawk) and was left behind to serve as a bridge to a world where the ancient dwarves were forced to flee to for various campaign reasons. The adventuring party just used the Octych for the first time in our campaign amid some uncertainty. Part of the importance of the Octych is its ability to circumvent god-inspired edicts against planar magic. IMC the gods have strictly limited some spells such as plane shift and gate, and the Octych gets around these prohibitions easily.

    In Greyhawk, the Octych has a long history:'s_Fantastic_Adventure_(module)

    Let me know what you all think. Much of this material has been combined from some spells and items from the 3e Manual of the Planes.



    The Octych (Minor Artifact)

    Appearance and Lore:
    The Octych is an artifact of uncertain origins that resembles an 8-inch triangle constructed out of a dense gold-like metal. Despite its artifact-status, the Octych does radiate a magic aura and looks a little dented and irregular. What little lore is known about the Octych, indicates that it was last in possession of the ancient dwarven theurge Khendoc Khazendor of Boccob and was specifically crafted to serve as a bridge betweens other worlds. The Octych is possibly not a unique artifact, though references to other Octychs are currently unknown. [Strong abjuration, conjuration, and divination; CL 20th; Weight 8lbs.]

    All of the Octychís powers operate by holding it in both hands and concentrating as a full-round action which provokes an attack of opportunity. The artifact has several powers, all of which pertain to magical travel and probably emulate a number of constituent magic effects from a wide range of spells and magic items. All of the Octychís powers are tied to successful Knowledge skill checks. A successful Use Magic Device check can be used in place of any of these required Knowledge skill checks to operate all of the Octychís powers.

    1) Dimensional Sextant:

    The Octychís dimensional sextant power is tied to a bearerís understanding of the vast worlds and interplanar realms that make up the so-called multiverse. It takes a Knowledge (planes) check to operate this power which has the Octych point the bearer to the nearest interplanar portal.

    Desired Direction DC
    To the nearest portal 20
    To the nearest portal to a specific plane 25
    To determine where a portal leads* 30

    * - some portals can have multiple possible destinations; the Octych usually reveals this fact as part of this power.

    In the case of temporary portals, such as those created by the gate spell, the Octych reveals the temporary nature of that gate. It does not react to mere dimension extensions such as a bag of holding or a rope trick spell, or to extrusions from other dimensions such as certain shadow spells.

    2) Universal Portal Key:

    Portals are one of the fastest and most reliable ways of traveling the multiverse. Generally a portal is a two-way (sometimes one-way), two-dimensional field inside a bounded space, binding two different locations to one another. A portal can cross between worlds and planes, and usually is not subject to the edicts of the remaining gods that were put in place after the War Across Forever in order to limit the fallout from unbound interplanar conflict (i.e. the Godwall or the Ark of Cipheron). Some portals need a portal key to function, but then again some donít. A portal key is just that: a distinctive object or necessary situation which opens a portal. The nature of the key normally reflects where the portal leads.

    One of the Octychís most useful powers is that it can function as a universal portal key. With this power, the bearer of the Octych can force open a portal without the correct portal key (or spell). The bearer of the Octych must make a successful Knowledge (arcana) check within ten feet of a portal. The Octychís universal portal key power can be used once every eight days (roll a 1d8 each time this power is used). This power expends a great deal of the Octychís internal magic energy, and an unsuccessful check releases the Octychís power as well.

    Portal DC
    Non-keyed portal N/A*
    Typical keyed portal 30
    Portal sealed by seal portal spell 20 + casterís level
    Portal created/sealed by a deity 50

    * - non-keyed portals usually donít have any requirement or prohibition for use.

    The bearer of the Octych can transport an additional twelve willing Medium or smaller
    creatures (carrying gear or objects up to its maximum load) or its equivalent. A Large
    creature counts as two Medium creatures, a Huge creature counts as two Large creatures,
    and so forth. The travelers need not be touching you or one another, but must be within
    60 feet of the bearer of the Octych.

    3) Summon Spell Dampening:

    The bearer of the Octych can do much to aggravate various adversaries with itís summon
    spells dampening power (angels, conjurers, demons, devils, elementals, etc.). Once a day, the Octych can create a dampening field that extends 100 feet in every
    direction with a successful Knowledge (planes) check, DC 25. Summoning spells and
    calling spell or spell-like ability are suppressed within this radius, though creatures
    summoned outside the dampening field can enter it normally. The dampening field lasts
    one minute (e.g. 10 rounds). Creatures summoned or called before the Octych creates the
    dampening field are unaffected. To resist this affect the caster of a summoning or calling
    spells must make a caster level check against the Octych, as if they were trying to dispel
    the Octychís dampening field (caster level check = 1d20 + resistorís caster level; DC 31).
    A failed Knowledge (planes) check uses up this power for the day.

    4) Retain Portal Essence:

    The Octych also has the ability to travel between worlds and planes even when not within
    10 feet of a portal. To accomplish this, the bearer of the Octych must first concentrate
    normally and make a successful Knowledge (arcana) check when within 10 feet of a
    portal as if they were using the Octychís universal portal key power, but instead of
    traveling through the portal the bearer essentially captures a portion of the portalís
    magic essence and stores it within the Octych for later use. This stored power will remain
    within the Octych for 1d4+1 days and can be released by concentrating normally and
    making a successful Knowledge (arcana) check. The retained portal essence can also
    be dismissed without actually traveling to another world or plane if the bear of the
    Octych so desires for various reasons. A portal affected by this spell usually
    functions normally even after some of its essence has been retained by the Octych, but in
    in some cases, a portal might be affected adversely or in unforeseen ways.

    Traveling Using Stored Portal Energy DC
    Essence of a non-keyed portal 15
    Essence of a keyed portal 25
    Essence of a divinely sealed portal 40

    The release of the energy allows the bearer of the Octych along with willing companions
    of the appropriate number (see universal portal key description) to transport themselves
    to wherever the portal whose essence the Octych retained would have taken them
    normally. In the case of a portal which allows for multiple destinations, the bearer of the
    Octych will have to determine the desired destination at the time of capturing the portalís
    magic energy.

    Traveling in this manner is a slightly traumatic experience, and all travelers including the
    bearer of the Octych will usually face some adverse consequences upon arrival at their
    destination. Consequences will vary depending on the nature of the portal they took
    energy as well as other variable conditions.

    The Octychís retain portal essence power can be used once every eight days (roll a 1d8
    each time this power is used). This power expends a great deal of the Octychís internal
    magic energy, and an unsuccessful check releases the Octychís power as well. This
    is effectively equivalent to using the Octychís universal portal key power, which means
    that energy expended for one power is the same as another (e.g. the 1d8 roll affects the
    the use and frequency of both powers).

    5) Other Powers?

    The Octychís full powers are unknown, and there may be other uses that could be
    revealed pending a combination of factors, including conditions that vary across worlds
    and planes. One such instance of this has already been experienced by the DíXANDG
    adventurers: the Octych had more powers and was easier to use while in Helkazumís
    Hall of Memory (i.e. the chambers where they underwent the Trials of the Octych), probably because Khazenor didn't want to make it too hard for other dwarves to follow after him.
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    Hi Cyronax. I know what a bummer it is to post something and get no responses. So even though I am certainly unqualified to evaluate the work you've done on fleshing out the powers of the Octych, I'd just like to give you a word of encouragement. If I ever buy the Expedition to Castle Greyhawk, I'll definitely come back and take a look.

    My memories of Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure are dim. But I think I remember that at the end of the module, there was an 8 pointed star set in the floor that had the power to send the PCs pretty much anywhere the DM wanted them to go. Is that the Octych? If so, why did you decide to turn it into a hand-held triangle? After all, the prefix "oct-" seems to indicate 8. Maybe that's why you made it 8 inches long, instead? (Just curious.)

    Like I said, keep up the good work! I'm sure someone is going to come to ENWorld some day and do a search for info on the Octych, and they will be very glad that your thread is here.

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    Good job! I think your version of the octych is very good: I adopt it. Obviously it can't be a unique artifact: there should be eight octychs. And I wouldn't be surprised that they could be placed exactly on the eight pointed star located in Maures castle... though it might be better to be quite epic if you try... don't you think ?
    By the way, if you wish to draw a eight pointed star, you could also use eight Y.
    And again this hypnotizing Y. Like in octYch and like the first letter of the name of the ancient guardian by the door.
    Final thought, and what if you place the eight octychs inside the eight pointed star (in the included octogon but not in the outer part of the star, the "pointed parts")... Probably a bad option.

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    My Greyhawk Ruins party will have the Octych soon. I will use your work as a template. Thank you for posting this!

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