Looking for a Dog-like Race

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    Looking for a Dog-like Race

    So far I have the Sibeccai from Monte Cooke's Arcana Unearthed and the Laika From the Savage Species Web Enhancement (which seems to be little more than a WotC copy of the Sibeccai).

    I really am looking at building a concept character like Anubis. I'm leaning toward Wizard or Warlock (perhaps with the Hellfire PrC/Binder for added damage).

    Does anyone else know of a Dog-like race out there that might be applicable for this kind of concept? Any D20 source is acceptable.

    Thanks oh sages of ENworld.


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    Dragon Magazine, in one of their old "Classic Settings" articles, adapted the Lupin (from Red Steel and Mystara) to 3.5. It's also in the Dragon Compendium vol. 1.

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    You should check out the Hamunaptra setting and the Anpur (modified gnolls created by Anubis).

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    Lupins in issue 325 of Dragon, which you can get as a PDF or printed from Paizo.


    Chris Sims

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    From the core rules:
    - The core Lycanthrope rules allow for were-dogs (as well as a were-riding dogs or any other type of were-animal).

    - Gnolls are effectively dog-head humanoids

    - Hound Archon

    - Kobolds used to be depicted as dog-headed.

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    Marruspawn from Sandstorm should be exactly what your looking for. They even come in small, medium and large.

    Marrulurk- S, 3HD, 1LA
    Marrutact- M, 7HD, 3LA
    Marrusalt- L, 6HD, 2LA


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaus
    Dragon Magazine, in one of their old "Classic Settings" articles, adapted the Lupin (from Red Steel and Mystara) to 3.5. It's also in the Dragon Compendium vol. 1.
    AH HA!

    Thanks I was looking for a +0 LA race and this fits the bill nicely. No CON or INT drawbacks.

    Thanks a ton Klaus!

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    Jackal Lords and Jackalweres are in the Fiend Folio.

    Jackal Lords are always lawful evil, medium monstrous humanoids with 8 hit dice, a +4 level adjustment, and they advance by class levels. They are noted in a sidebar as being worshippers of Anubis for anyone using the Egyptian pantheon from Deities & Demigods.

    Jackalweres, like other X-weres, are actually jackals who take on humanoid form when desired, and prey upon humanoids. Unlike were-Xs, they aren't humanoids who became lycanthropes.
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    Give Catfolk some window dressing, call them dogfolk!

    Wasn't there an article on the Wizards website about creating your own races that had a humanoid dog-race as the example?
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