First I want to thank Rocco for bringing down the PDF price so that myself and others can sample his wares before possibly opting for the print version. It was a gentlemanly gesture and much appreciated.

Now to the quick review

The revisit of Social Class from 1st edition's UA brought back memories... it also reminded me why I don't like such rules for PCs in most campaigns but it is certainly a very effective way to "peg" NPCs and where they stand in the scheme of social interaction. Well written and presented even if I am unsure how much I will actually use.

The Alignment article: Its been done before BUT this was actually a good read. The explanations went deeper then previous examples I've seen. Again, more useful for me to give my NPCs more depth then something I'd use much from a players POV... but I've always been fairly loose in my use of alignment.

4e interview: You'll have to read it for yourself. I thought it was well done.

Zero Level Characters and it's accompanying adventure: This is the last half of the magazine. So far I have just skimmed them... the system looks workable but it is not my cup of tea (zero level characters have never been my cup of tea). It might be you cup tho'.

Art: Amazing. 'Nuff said

Assorted maps: Really useful to steal for virtual tabletop play. I think I will be doing so

Editing: Considering that Rocco does 95% of the work load it is passable. No lost chunks of text. I caught a few typos that a spell checker wouldn't catch (mistyped words that are other words). An extra set of eyes proofreading would probably help.

All together a very professional looking magazine. I think I will be digging into my wallet for a print plus PDF subscription this weekend. It wasn't a perfect issue but it was worth the money... considering I'll probably only be using the first half that speaks fairly highly.