4E D&D 4e game?
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Thread: D&D 4e game?

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    D&D 4e game?

    Since WotC has released enough information on the new edition by now to run a game, I figured I'd start one!

    Download the pregen characters from here, create a description of their background, appearance, and personality, and we can get cracking!

    If more than six people want to play, the players will be chosen based on originality, how fun it would be to run that character, and grammatical correctness. Horribly grammatically incorrect posts will be rejected regardless; if you don't have the time to spellcheck your post, you don't have the time to game reliably.

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    This sounds interesting. I'd like to try the ranger, Riardon, but is the world set in Greyhawk?

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    I've been hoping someone would post one of these up this weekend! Reading all those DDXP reports has me really wanting to try a 4e test game.
    EDIT: I'll take Tira Duskmeadow the half-elf warlock
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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g
    This sounds interesting. I'd like to try the ranger, Riardon, but is the world set in Greyhawk?
    No, it isn't. It's set in Generic Fantasy World, #642.

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    I'd like Skamos Redmoon the tiefling wizard, details to come

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    Sounds like fun to give it a try over a few combats. How long is the adventure going to be? In any case, I'm interested in playing the cleric. Let's see how those healing surges work! I'll post a background, personality and description as soon as possible. Can we just use the Greyhawk pantheon, i.e. standard PHB 3.5e version?


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    Assuming you're not running Olgar Shiverstone's adventure, I think I'll take Kathra Ironforge, the dwarf fighter.
    Also, I'm thinking about giving the rules a test-drive from "the other side of the table" as well, so if there's too many applicants, I can take them if I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yorik
    Ok here it is:


    Kairon Redtalon grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, he always daydreamed alot about bigger and better things. From a young age his parents knew that he was smarter than they could handle so they saved up. Using the proceeds from the farm his parents managed to send him at the age of 11 to school in the nearest town, 20km away, where he was discovered by a local wizard Volusius Demorte who found he had some magical talent. Volusius was a kindly fellow and decided to tutor Yorik himself in the ways of being a wizard. It took Yorik 7 years to fully master what Volusius was trying to teach him and now he is trying to make a name for himself in the world.


    Dark blue hair coming down to shoulder length, tanned skin, solid gold eyes, large red coat worn open, black shirt, black pants, black boots, wide-brimmed red hat, horns, tail and sharp looking teeth.


    Kairon is a dreamer, slightly arrogant, short tempered and straight to the point

    Did you want the character sheet posted here as well? I wanted to choose acid arrow for the daily as well

    This is the sort of thing that annoys me. Please post in complete, grammatically correct sentences. This isn't a chat room; you have time to fully type out entire sentences. Omitting periods, misusing commas, and making run-on sentence fragments are all very annoying. Besides which, your personality section is too short. What does he dream about? What makes him arrogant? What triggers his temper? All of these things can be expanded on, and a well written paragraph is infinitely better than one sentence.
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    I'll take a go with the halfling paladin. I won't probably be able to post a long description until tomorrow morning though.

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