Hi folks

Picked up a new magazine yesterday called 'Dragon Roots' and read it from cover to cover......not done that for awhile.....not since 'Dragon' vanished from my life in fact.

After reading I was quite excited.......this magazine has potential.....it also struck an emotional chord........I just had to write something, so I emailed this to the editor:

Taking the Game Back to its Roots.

Well I have given issue #0 a good read and......
a very big smile was on my face at the end. It reminded
me of the early Dragon magazines, when it was just gamers
discussing the game they loved.

Excellent bit on O-level characters and revisited some
old ground (Alignments and Social Classes) but the best
bit, well apart from the 'Letters to the Editor', was
the humour.....sometimes I wonder when did D&D became so
serious (the later Dragon mags spring to mind)?

Oh....and on the subject of should the magazine embrace
4e......well I am still playing the first addition AD&D.
For me its not the stats that concern me, its the ideas.
I like a magazine that you can take a few ideas away
and use in your game....and this magazine did not
disappoint me.

Defiantly a thumbs-up from me....are you sure you don't do
life-time subscriptions?

You can find the magazine 'Dragon Roots' here:

Dragon Roots

Give it a read......you will be very glad you did