[Recruiting/OOC] Looking for Interested Parties to Bring the Metal to Eberron

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    [Recruiting/OOC] Looking for Interested Parties to Bring the Metal to Eberron

    Und Hello Everyone, My Name is Jurgen and I am here to give a game today, little girls.

    okay not really, but I am looking for a handful (4-6) interested players for a fast paced, Eberron game.

    I'm looking for roughly a post a weekday. The Game will be Eberron DnD 3.5 with a few houserules.

    But What I really want, as Jurgen knows, is to bring the metal to Eberron and consequently i need a group of players that share the vision. I want Over the Top, Blood Thumping, Power Chord Using Players and Characters. That said I'm also looking to keep it core for the most part, I don't think cheese is metal so much, so please lets talk quality and not quantities.

    Stats: 4d6 (rearrange as you please)
    Races: SRD and ECS races are fine, Half Orcs gain Improved Inititive, +4 Intimidate, and 1 Natural Armor. Hobgoblins are being offered as is with no level adjustment. Anything else needs approval, if its metal its much more likely to be approved. No Subraces.
    Classes: SRD+Artificer
    Feats: SRD+ECS.
    Starting Level 1

    Extra House Rules
    Max x3 Starting Hp + Con mod (once) 16 con fighter starts with 33 hp 8 con wizard starts with 11
    All Pc's gain bonus armour = 1/2 level minimum 1. This counts as an armour bonus.
    The *Multible* Skills of Craft, Profession, Knowledge, Perform are now a single skill. You can have only have Knowledge 9 not Knowledge:Who cares 9 and Knowledge: Things i should have known anyway 9

    Game play is starting somewhere in Khorvaire, I was thinking either the demon wastes, Lhazaar, The Shadow Marches or Talenta. if you have an alternate suggestion please make it.

    As for character back grounds, You all having, dodged the war having much more awesome things to do, have instead joined the way finders guild, and all find yourself perusing a similar goal. You all respect each other's abilities, and don't want to bring the wrath of the guild down upon your head. They don't smile upon upon pk's. the goal will depend upon location selected or suggested. The Year is 999, (1 year ahead of the setting book), in a slightly more august and reserved Khorvaire, as the recession that has been put off for almost a hundred years finally hits with the reduction in spending after the war. Maybe adventuring is the only way....
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    Sounds like a rocking game! Thinking of a Hobgoblin something...

    EDIT: HOLY. 20, 17, 12, 11, 17, 16.
    I'm assuming 4d6 meant just that. If it's 4d6b3, I'll reroll.

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    How about a half ogre? I would like to play one if you would allow it.

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    The Half-Orc sounds pretty cool... barbarian? I'll put something together

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    What could be more metal than a warforged?

    I have this hankering for a mad scientist warforged artificer...


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    Are Goliaths allowed?

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