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    If someone's going the powerful build type, then I will assume the combat tactician role, using maneuvers and such. How does everyone feel about the spiked chain wielding fighter? I have used it before, and it can be harsh at times to the DM. Any thoughts?

    EDIT - How about a spiked chain wielding Hobgoblin??? It would work, darkvision comes in handy! I figure it could be a brother/cousin of the other Hobgoblin.
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    Block Shayuri

    Surely he means roll 4d6 and drop the lowbie.

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    nope people are doing it right ,4d6 as is, rearrange as you please.

    I'm not a big fan of grappling, its a pain in the ass to adjusticate and tends to either be a great big I win, or a great big I loose . Post Jotenbund and i'll consider it, would you consider a alternative method of figuring it out. ( something more cinematic perhaps)

    as for the artificer the phrase Nu-metal for alignment pops to mind, a little bit of come to daddy from Aphex Twin and some Korn and other Nuish type things.

    (not saying aphex twin is totally metal, but i think the come to daddy release (pappy mix i think) is,)

    As for the world, any suggestions for Places. I'm gonna riff a bit for some thoughts and you can tell me what you guys think.

    Fighting the death knights and god aspirations of a millennial lich, in the dark woods of northern Karnnath.

    Dealing with the Serpent Gods and Lost Shrines in the moon maddened moors of the Shadow Marches.

    Trapped between two savage barbarian bands in the Demon Wastes. The Dark, a savage monsterous clan of demonspawn and hag brethern and the light, highminded orc savages dedicated to ensuring that the sins of the demon wastes never leave it, including you.

    Dealing with the Technological becoming god of mad warforged cultist in the middle of Talenta while dealing with the aggressive canible halflings and their dinosaur mounts.

    A Vikingesque saga in the frigid far north , and the epic journey within.

    The Pirate Journey's of Lhazaar and the sunken city of the lost god, the nameless one.

    if you got something you would like to see , throw it out there. I think between the stats, the hp's and the armour we should be able to get a preetty metal feel, (Ie big and powerful). I was thinking about doing something more unique with action points , but until I get a better idea of what I'll leave it at that.


    its looking like Jotunbrud is cheese, the only reason I can think you want it is for maxing your grapple and trip checks and getting reach. This doesn't solve my main problem with grappling, its A> unwieldy subsystem [ this is offset somewhat by the fact its a pbp] B> is either a instant win or lose, if your grappling the tarrasque your gonna loose, if your grappling halfling wizards your gonna win. Its great as long as you are not maxed out and the opponents aren't but as soon as one happens, the other has to, which means your teammates get more time in the gizard.

    That's the veto for Jotunbrud.

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    Can you roll some stats for me? Not sure if I would do it right. 4d6, as is, rearrange as necessary. Jotunbrud is cheese, as I have used it before. Neanderthal is also nice, but I think with a Hobgoblin, I might be able to come up with something nice.

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    . .
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    Here's Three sets of stats for anyone who wants them (first come first serve, please post with the stats to claim them)

    18, 17, 15, 11, 5, 9

    6, 9, 11, 13, 19, 21

    12, 16, 20, 15, 15, 17

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    I'll take

    12, 16, 20, 15, 15, 17

    if it's still up.

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    I got them rolled on Invisible Castle, had to edit the Stat Rolls to remove the option to take highest three. Here are the stats as rolled:
    15, 20, 17, 6, 13, 15

    So, what roles are already taken?

    I see:
    Half Orc Barbarian
    Mad Scientist Warforged Artificer

    Others have ideas, but nothing solid.

    I would go with a Hobgoblin Fighter, possibly Spiked Chain wielder, yet I want to get the DM's opinion on Spiked Chain use, as it can easily get broken. I would like to get an oversized Spiked Chain though, Large sized, if that's ok. Yeah, penalty to hit, but worth it. It would still only be 10 feet of reach, but better damage (2d6 vs 2d4)

    Then adding a few tactical feats, Combat Reflexes, Spiked Weapon Proficiency. Then going with Powerful Charge and Power Attack, along with some Dodge, Endurance, Diehard, etc...

    how's that sound? As for location to start in, I don't mind any of them, as they all sound pretty good. I would vote for somewhere where the artificer can use his skills, as being out in the middle of nowhere all the time might prevent him from constructing things and such. Just an observation.

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    I'm gonna stick with my guns on this one, lets not get into the complication of oversized undersized sidewaysized weapontry. If you want extra damage (you talking +2 damage (on average) for -2 to hit,) use power attack if your concerned about damage, weapon specialization or magical enchantments if your worried about damage.

    As for the artificier, I think they more or less get full use out of the class with the regular infusion and speed creation of magic items, not to mention down time crafting will make this a moot point until much higher levels. I rather want to avoid delaying the adventure so the artificer can scribe 16 scrolls. ( I know eventually its kind of inevitable, but no need to go out of the way to start the game like that )

    If you really want artificer friendly go after the dread technogod, (which i might add is in the middle of no where, Talenta plains)

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