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    Block Vertexx69

    I'll weigh in for a spot with Base the shifter (beasthide) monk for the "Blink Tank" slot in the party.

    stats (17, 12, 22, 15, 13, 11)

    His alignment would fall into the LN category, which I would have to say would put him firmly in the Dragonforce camp akin to "through the fire and the flame" due to it's divinely complex, yet crystal clear guitar duels and inteligible lirics. Its speed is mirrored by the blinding 24 dex of Base. He's the shirtless drummer that nobody can stop as he's just hacking away with his sticks, oblivious to everyone else around him.

    Base is the lanky, longhaired, twitchy sophisticant of the group. Never able to sit still or keep quiet for too long as he even tends to vibrate in his sleep. This blur tends to help him out of the endless scrapes his mouth gets his ass into. A favorite saying used to describe the shifter is "That kid could wear out a juggernaut."

    Str 15
    Dex 24
    Con 12 (14 while shifted)
    Int 11
    Wis 17
    Cha 9

    Beasthide Elite

    HP 24

    AC 21 (25)

    How many feats are we getting? I know a human fighter1 can get 3 but WS is a lvl 4 feat.

    Can we take a flaw (Unearthed Arcana) to get an extra feat?
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    sounds good to begin with vertexx

    and it should be one feat to start with + Race or Class feats. If by WS you mean weapon specilization yes it is a level 4 feat, But i don't get your point? Your probably looking at the amount of pain your gonna be in for feats, but with your class supplying you with what you need you should be fine.

    No Flaws or Traits from Unearthed Arcana. If everyone is like we need more feats to be the metal I'll consider some freebies, but flaws just annoy me, lets add a minor mechanical annoyance and i'll give you a free feat. So totally only balanced on paper

    So far it looks like
    Shifter Monk
    Half Orc Barbarian
    Warforged Artificer?

    the rest is preety vague, a couple of hobbo's of no particular class i think? Keep me informed.

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    Block serow

    I'm thinking of a hobgoblin kineticist. Zaeg Zazill shall be his name. Who's really into blasting.
    Because making things burn in four different colours is my kinda music!

    And also because I've never played one before.

    In terms of party dynamics... the party should expect Zaeg to be a warmage, not a batman. Zaeg handles problems through firepower. If that's not enough... then we need bigger guns. In power selection terms, expect him to know almost every kind of major psionic blasting there is in the SRD. There's going to be much redundancy in his power selection, but it goes heavily with the theme. He doesn't have one gun for every situation, he has every gun plus another six more for every situation.

    This "Dealing with the Serpent Gods and Lost Shrines in the moon maddened moors of the Shadow Marches." sounds good. Zaeg enjoys blowing things up without much concern for collateral.
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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri


    I apologize for this, but I think I'll have to withdraw after all...

    Seems like a cool game though. Hope y'all have fun!

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    A Vikingesque saga in the frigid far north , and the epic journey within. sounds like a very good idea to me.

    jotunbrud would be good for grappling and image but would not provide reach. Still the idea was a big giantlike character. seems like like an ordinary orc or neanderthal would be my ony choices then..

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    More or less, You decide the image, and you already know my problems with grappling.

    sorry to see a player drop, Can I get a Role Call, Please a little, I am here and plan on playing....

    just so i know if i should be opening recruiting again.

    also so far it seems to be a vote for viking saga, or serpent gods in the shadow marches? any comments extra suggestions, something you would like to see. I'm open to suggestions.

    That said I would like to start the IC thread soonish, So please start stating your characters and completing them. in terms of back story there are a few things that you need to do.

    A> Address the last war, You know how WWI and II are still being influential in our media and history (and if you disagree with that you are wrong;-). Imagine if World War II had dragged on for 100 years instead of 6, and had truly been a world war (ie fighting on the Americas). Imagine how much more influential it would be.

    It might just be appropriate to say : I dodged the draft or I dodged to colonialist trying to make us fight their war (for orks and hobbo's especially) but we need a sentence addressing that.

    If you served in an army Gain the Feet, Veteran of X (Thrane, Cyre, Breland, Karnnath, Aundair) +3 Hp and +2 to Knowledge, +2 Profession Checks.

    If you served in a irregular army, such as fought for Eldeen Reach, Talenta, or Darguun/Daask independence gain the Feat, Freedom Fighter of X, gain +2 to hide, +2 to Survival +2 Knowledge

    B> Address the mourning, the mourning was the entire and utter destruction of Cyre, that ended the war. No one knows what caused it , or who did but speculation, and the effect of 1/4 of the population, economy, and grandeur of the old empire being destroy affected everyone.

    if you are Cyran (from Cyre) gain the feat, Blooded: +2 Initiative +2 Spot

    And another House Rule (something i run with enough that i forgot to mention). Its not a biggie so don't worry, to make those skill points go farther , I have collapsed the *Multiple* skills into a simple single skill. Craft, Knowledge, Perform, and Profession are each a single skill. 6 ranks in craft lets you craft whatever you want, Knowledge know whatever you want, etc. Presumably for the story you pick things that you are good at. It may not make a huge amount of sense for the magic phobe to use his knowledge about magic the whole time, but you never know. I'm gonna edit this into first post.

    Anyway, Get Kicking. I want some character links soon if you can.

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    Ok, so for the serving in army selection, is there an alternative bonus for those that did NOT serve in an army or freedom fighter group? Just had to ask, as otherwise, we would ALL have served at some time. But I would like the option of actively dodging an army, due to it's codes and guidelines, as I see this Hobgoblin as an outsider with a conscience. He would have had problems, being sent to utterly destroy a small village and such, with no regard for the life that it snuffed out.

    So, what are your thoughts?

    My guy, as I see him:

    Hobgoblin Fighter
    Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Spiked Chain, and possibly Combat Reflexes for those AoO's

    He would like to stick to medium armor, for the mobility.

    He would either have been in a Freedom Fighter's army, for the more lenient orders, or not have taken part in an army as a draft dodger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayuri

    I apologize for this, but I think I'll have to withdraw after all...

    Seems like a cool game though. Hope y'all have fun!
    Can I take the vakant slot?

    Can I use feats or sub levels from races of eberron?

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    I'm still kicking around... I'm trying to think about the army idea. I still need to figure out how my half-orc barbarian would fit in. I was thinking he'd be from Argonnessen, have a draconic feel...dragon totem feat and the dragon rage one after. I'll put something together.

    As for album that would reflect his attitude. Probably Thrash-metal -> 1986 - Metallica - Master of Puppets.

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    Yes you may use the vacant slot, however read make sure to read the first post, no races of eberron.

    and no their is not a alternative feat for the army bits, I'm giving the feat in return for having a leveragable past. (particularly in the case of Cyre, which is part of the reason it gets the bonus feat) . In return for being a part of something that i have more control over (the layout of the cyrish grand army for example) you get a bonus.

    If you want to be the outsider, that is perfectly fine. The freebie feats aren't exactly gonna blow anyone away (oh no toughness, the feat no one would take anyway).

    As for the Game, I'm begining to jive with the idea of Viking Invaders, so plan characters according (alot of pillaging, burning, running away to the longboats and looking for someplace else to do the same, boats mean water which may end up with people swimming plan accordingly)

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