Wayfinder Expedition to the Demon Wastes
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    Wayfinder Expedition to the Demon Wastes

    Your inside the Aundair Wayfinder Guildhall. The long centuries old mead hall is a replica of one found in Xendrick and looms over you impressively. Tonight a meeting of the conclave, which happens here every fortnight, is being held over funding of a new expedition.

    Chairman of the Conclave: HereYe HereYe, I Bring this Right Honourable 134th meeting of the Wayfinder Conclave to Order, for the express purpose of vetting funding for Wulfgar Ir' Maidon. I would also like to give a big warm welcome to Lord Ir' Dayne himself the founder of the Foundation.


    The Lord is wheeled out in a small bed, the halfing is old , and looks terribly ill, one side of his body lays limp useless, and covered. The signs of the wasting disease is already upon his face. He does not have long for the world in his current state.

    Lord Ir'Dayne: The Demon Coast has long been a wonder and a thorn into the sides of men, I <<Hack Hack>> am please that Wulfgar has both promised to match any funding from the foundation with his own funds, As well as promise some mueseum peices from the fabled city of brass. But <<Hack Hack>> I should let Wulfgar speak for himself.

    The Lord is wheeled to a prominate area, to the cheer of the crowd. where he can see the podium you had not noticed before.

    A Man in Chainmail, Helmet in hand approachs the podiom. He looks fierce and has one eye plucked out , a raggad scar in its place. His long grey hair braided elegently . Addressing the crowd with a firm but nervous eyes

    Wulfgar: Hail Comrades, I come to you today for funds , to expedite a mission to the Demon Coast. <<Applause>> I have 10 furnished longships , a strong will and a good map. What I need not are sailors, fighters, Men of Battle and the seas, and provisions. I humbly request 100,000 gp for the outfitting of a 1000 men, their hire and provision. In Turn I will provide a map of the Demon Coast like no one has had before, I seek the city of Brass, the famous demon citadel, which lay teeming with magic that no man has ever known. Let me introduce my officers.

    Three more men take the stage

    Wulfgar: Padre Thanatos of the Flamekeep, Cardinal of the Silver Flame, a skilled healer and knowledgeable about demon kind, history, magic. A good friend of mine, dedicated to the destruction of evil and the collection of magic for the good of mankind.
    The Trapsmith, Lucus, The only man known alive to have spent a year inside Xendrick with no help, no army no men, just him, dodging death traps and the accursed drow
    and finally Wodan D'Orien a skilled windmage and able to guarenty us the weather we need to get back and forth quickly.

    The three men, the stooped and old padre, the young and scarred Lucus, and the older and quite looking Wodan take a seat.

    Wulfgar: We will leave from Eldeen, <<a Chorus of Boo's arise from the aundairian members, who's bitter civil war resulted in two nations Eldeen, and Aundair>> cross Crescent Bay and take shelter at blood crescent, the last human inhabitation. I have already arranged supplies to be delivered there. From there we will set out, 10 longboats, 1,000 men strong to the west around Demonbane pennisula and then North. We will undoutably fight monsters of many kinds , but we will find landings amidst the high cliffs, and braving the harsh winds the Barren sea we will land and we will EXPLORE <<Hoots and hollars of PIllage are quickly shouted down but no one contradicts it>> Explore until we find the fabled city of brass, its location I have upon a map an old map. We will follow the route of the previous expeditions only loosely, out padre and our windmage scouting better the fjords than any other. Then when we find inhabitation , we shall strike against the demon kind , that currupt lot, while retaking treasures not known since the end of ages. That is , if you will fund me.

    The Crowd goes wild, This is no longer a vetting of funding but rather a drinking party. The Motion is passed easily but before the party can begin...

    Wulfgar: And if it pleases the foundation, I have much room for junior members, who will of course need no pay, as this will be a very school in learning for them. Of course they will have full pillage rights. Everyman can take whatever they can find and carry, subject only to my choice. And on return I would hope that full membership be granted to all <<OF COURSE>>

    You see the padre with a paper folder, eagerly taking down young associate members names, dozens flock to him, and these young men and women will inevitably help ensure that the cost of the voyage stays low.

    (what do you do)

    The sounds of tither and drum start up, the kegs are tapped (or rather more kegs are tapped) and mead and ale flood the room. The only one who doesn't seem happy is a single middle aged man who sits by himself. You recall he voted against the mission...

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    Trogdar moves to the padre, making his mark on the paper with satisfaction. As he turns, he notices that the unhappy man is still sitting. He recalled another time that a middle aged man was not happy with a mission into enemy lands. But that was another life, to him...

    Moving with ease, Trogdar moves to be near the man, just to get an idea of who he is, and what his business is here. He will also try to catch anything nearby said in regards to the man. All this of course, while grabbing his own mug of ale...

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    The man is obviously well known, being friendly ribbed and joked at his sour grimace.

    one lad was getting a little too into the mocking, until one of his elders smacked him upside the head, "That Man has been where you are going, Lad and so far he's the only one to make it back, so show your respects for percival, even if he is dour"

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    Vigarr strides confidently forward and and shakes the padre's hand. "Thank you for the opportunity Padre. I cannot wait to test my strength against the beasts of the Demon Coast. They best hide now else they'll look upon me and know that their death is at hand. Vigarr roars as he thumps his chest facing the crowd.

    After his display, Vigarr will go grab some ale and make his way through the hall, his anticipation growing to a fever pitch as the ale continued flowing and the party grew louder.

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    The Padre claps you on the shoulder hard, he's strong for an old man and says "Welcome Aboard!" nodding and smiling at your display, "That's the spirit" before going on to the next young man or woman who wants to sign up.

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    Block serow

    Zaeg walks up to the padre and leaves his name there. He gives a half-hearted smile as he writes. His attention is not on the padre but more on Wodan, the windmage. He glares at Wodan for a second before moving off. Windmage. Grah. Another Dragonmarked poser, he thinks to himself.

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    Wodan, is easily the youngest of the group, and he looks preoccupied. His dragonmark is not visible.Catching the tail end of your glare he squints before he returns to his preocupied thoughts.

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    Base gets up form his spot on the floor next to the other drummers and zips over to the padre, "You know this is gonna be great, I mean really great. We're gonna charge up on those totally evil demon types, grab all their stuff and run back out to sea so they can't get us, and then do it again and again 'til they're all dead or we have all their stuff and then we'll all be rich and be heroes and then they can write songs about us before we go out again to some other place and do it all over again. Are you gonna try and hit me? Cause for some reason that tends to happen alot when I try to talk to people, which makes it really good that it's really hard for them to do that to me, cause I don't like it when they try to do that to me." He scrawls the symbol for his name with an urgent kind of fury, not stopping his mouth for an instant. "Well ok then I'm gonna go back to my drums cause those guys totally need the help and I think that I add that something extra they need and really makes the whole set come together I think, bye then." And with that he shoots back over to his drums and the music instantly becomes a bit more complex and enthusiasticly manic.

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    Ymer a primitive looking and extremely large neanderthal barbarian tells the padre to write his name at the list. He then continues with his meaddrinking.

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    The Party extends until the wee hours of the morning, when the various members take advantage of the numerous rooms available in the mead hall, although inevitably a few stragglers are asleep in the hall itself.

    You all know that you need not go far, The Padre will be in touch with with everyone tomarrow for basic considerations, blessings, and equipment. This is to ensure that everyone is of age of majority, and capable. The Day after that the longboats should arrive, then to the supply station across crescent bay, and then on TO THE DEMON WASTES.

    ( Sum up your night, and toddle off to sleep, post what your doing in the morning before the inspection)

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