4E A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion
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    A 4E Combat Encounter - Round by Round Descritpion

    A Combat Encounter – 4E style[CENTER]


    Kathra Ironforge – Female Dwarf Fighter
    Skamos Redmoon – Male Tiefling Wizard
    Erias the Sunlord – Male Human Cleric
    Tira Duskmeadow – Female Half-Elf Warlock

    The Setup:

    Just hours ago you were fighting for you life, as these dragon wannabies descended on your tiny village, burning buildings and killing friends. The town rallied together and finally drove the fiends off, but not before they made off with some loot and 5 of the towns children. You four were the only ones uninjured enough to try to track down the beasts and rescue the children. Tonight this dragon scum will pay. You easily managed to follow there trail to cave a few hours outside of town, and take out the sentries on watch outside. You slowly crept your way through the cave towards the howling, and yipping up ahead. You can flickering light up ahead.

    DM: Roll Stealth checks

    Kathra: rolled a 3, -1 for stealth so 2, damn I’m no dwarven ninja
    Skamos: rolled a 5, +9 for stealth so 14, crappy roll but I’m awesome as always
    Erias: rolled a 13, -1 for stealth so 12, at least I’m better than Tim
    Tira: rolled a 7, +0 for stealth so 7, man what’s with the dice today?

    As you approach the entrance to the large open cavern, it appears to be relatively well lit by torches lining the walls, but the sight before you is horrific. In the center of the cavern 4 kobolds have basically ripped a child into pieces and are feasting upon it’s remains, at the back of the chamber is a crude stone altar with a girl strapped to it. Standing behind the altar is a kobold robed in dark red robes, yammering away in some language holding a wickedly curved dagger above his head. Behind him and off the the left stands another kobold prodding at the terrified children chained together and huddled up against the dank cave wall. A kobold to your left, about in the middle of the cavern standing up against the cavern wall, next to a passage leading out of the cave, points his spear in your direction and begins yipping furiously.

    DM: Roll Initiative

    Kathra: rolled a 4, +1 Initiative for a total of 5. Mike did you touch my dice?
    Skamos: rolled a 6, +2 Initiative for a total of 8. Blah!
    Erias: rolled a 16, +1 Initiative for a total of 17. Woot as fast as Emerald and wearing armor I rock!
    Tira: rolled a 7, +0 Initiative for a total of 7. This is going to hurt.

    DM: Okay to help you get an idea of what you see, you are standing in a 10 foot wide cave entrance, Kathra and Erias are up front. It’s a large round chamber about 25 squares (125 feet) in diameter. There are 4 Kobolds feasting on child 10 squares away, 1 Kobold armed with a spear 15 squares away, the child on the altar is 20 squares away, the Kobold priest is behind the altar so he’s 21 squares away. The Kobold at the very back of the room is 24 squares away (about 4 squares to the right of the priest).

    Here is the initiative order:

    Kobold Skrimisher, Kobold Minions, Erias, Kobold Wyrmpriest, Tira, Skamos, Kobold Slinger, Kathra

    Round 1:

    Kobold Skirmisher: Okay he grabs a spear that’s leaning up against the wall. That’s a minor action, he moves 6 squares closer to Kathra (he’s now 9 squares away) and throws a spear. Rolled a 19 + 6 = 25 vs Kathra’s AC. There are no penalties to his attack because he’s within 10 squares of his target. Had he been between 11-20 squares away he would have taken a -2 to his attack roll. 25 is good enough to hit Kathra’s AC of 19. First blood has been drawn. Damage is 1d8, 6. Kathra takes 6 damage and is now down to 27 hit points.

    Minions: It takes a moment for the kobolds in the middle to realize what’s going on so, three of them spend the round gathering their weapons. The fourth however, picks up the childs torso (minor action), moves 6 spaces closer to Erias, and then charges brandishing the torso like a club. Charge is now a standard action, and doesn’t require you to move in a straight line. You only get a +1 bonus to your attack when you charge, but suffer no negative penalty. You can’t however use an at will power, just your basic attack. The kobolds basic attack with a spear is at +5, but that’s from dex and weapon familiarity. The torso would not be considered a light weapon so he’ll have to use his strength and no familiarity. Therefore he’s at -1, but get’s +1 from the charge so net +0. Roll 7 +0 = 7. Not enough to hit the stunned Erias.

    Erias: Taken back by what just occurred. Erias holds out his sun shaped holy symbol and calls down the wrath of the sunlord on the heathen that just charged him. Erias uses his at will power called Sacred Flame. Casting this spell does provoke an opportunity attack. The Kobold rolls an attack roll of +5 vs AC. Roll 5+5=10, not good enough. Erias finishes the prayer. Roll 13 + 4 vs the Kobold Minions Reflex defense. Searing Light shines down from the heavens striking the heathen in the chest. No damage roll is needed, as minions drop in a single hit. The minion collapses to the floor clutching the smoking burning wound in it’s chest. “Don’t mess with the Mother F’ing Sunlord Dragon scum!” The secondary effect of his ability hitting is that he can either have an ally that he can see make a saving throw or give an ally that he can see 2 temporary hit points. Erias decides to give Kathra 2 Temporary hitpoints, bring Kathras total back up to 29 hit points. Erias still has a move action and a minor action left, but decides to wait here at the entrance to the chamber and ends his turn.

    Kobold Wyrmpriest: The priest looks up at the group entering the chamber from behind his bone mask, he continues chanting, lowers the blade to the chest of the girl and then raises it up high behind his head as if he’s going to smash it down on the girls chest.

    Tira: Sensing imminent doom for the poor girl, Tira’s player looks over her sheet and wonders what she can do to stop what’s going to happen. Just remember that she still has an action point, she moves her plan into action. The Kobold Wyrmpriest is 22 squares away from her (she’s one square behind Kathra), so she uses her move action to run. This grants her 2 addition spaces in addition to her regular move, but now all her opponents have combat advantage to her. So she moves 8 spaces, because of her shadow walk ability she now has concealment till her next turn, that still puts her 14 squares out, still out too far for to do anything effective. She spends, her standard action to run another 8 squares avoiding the Kobolds in the middle of the room. That puts her 6 squares away from the priest and 6 squares away from the minions. She uses her minor action to curse the priest, this she has to do on her nearest enemy but since their the same distance away she can choose. Now she does an extra d6 of damage any time she damages the priest. Tira then spends her action point, and uses her daily power, Curse of the Dark Dream. It’s normally +4 vs the Priests Will defense, however because none of her allies are closer to the target she gets an addition +1 from her Prime Shot ability. Also, because of her feat Action Surge, she gets an addition +3 bonus on her attack roll, for a total of +8. However, because she ran this round all her attacks are at a -5, for a total of +3 to the attack. Roll 17+3=20. That’s definitely good enough to beat the priests Will Defense. That’s now 3d8+4 + 1d6 (warlock curse) damage to the priest, 15 points of psychic damage, ouch. Because she hit she can now also slide the target 3 spaces. She chooses to slide the priest 3 spaces to the left away from the altar and the other children. “Get away from her YOU BITCH!” In addition she can slide the priest 1 square each turn until the priest makes a saving throw. It will cost her a minor action to sustain this each turn.

    Skamos: “Time for some of these little buggers to FRY!” Skamos is just out of range to lay down his at will area effect on the minions, so uses his move action to move just inside the cavern and off to the right side (3 squares) and lets loose fiery hell. Scorching Burst, is a ranged burst, he can target it up to 10 squares away and it has a burst effect of 1. So it basically affects 9 squares, the initial square and the 8 squares adjacent to that square. He can catch the 3 minions in it’s area easily. He rolls a d20 +5 vs Reflex defense for each of the creatures in the burst. Roll 11+5=16, 13+5=18, 11+5=16. All three are hits and the three minions collapse in a smoking heap. “Heh, tremble before my might dragon posers!”

    Kobold Slinger: Seeing Tira, rushing his boss, the slinger (the kobold near the children) whips out his sling and loads it, using a minor action. Using a move action, maneuvers behind the altar and lets her shot fly at the warlock intruder. Ranged attack roll vs AC. Keeping in mind that Tira has concealment, which grants her a +2 bonus to her AC. Roll 14+6=20. Tira’s AC with concealment is only 17, so she’s hit by the flaming shot. Damage 1d6+3. Roll 6+3=9 points of damage and she’s now on fire. At the beginning of Tira’s turn she’ll take 2 points of fire damage, unless someone else triggers a saving throw for her before her turn. At the end of Tira’s turn she’ll have a chance to put the fire out. Tira is now down to 19 hit points.

    Kathra: “Wait what? I get a turn?” Surveying the battlefield Kathra notices that the closest opponent is the skirmisher that launched a spear her way. “Time to die little BUG!” Kathra uses her move to move 5 spaces, putting her 3 squares away from the Kobold. She then charges at the skirmisher using her standard action. Because she has charged she can only use her basic attack not any of her powers, but she does get a +1 bonus to her attack roll. So she’s now at d20+7 to hit with her warhammer. Roll 7+7=14, just missing the Skirmishers AC, she slams her warhammer into the ground and the skirmisher giggles gleefully. Because she attacked an opponent she can use her combat challenge to mark the skirmisher. The skirmisher now suffers a -2 penalty whenever he tries to attack anyone but Kathra. “What’s with my dice today?”

    End of round wrap up:

    Kathra is down 4 hit points and is next to the kobold skirmisher, Tira is down 9 hit points and is on fire and is closest to the Kobold Priest and Slinger, all enemies have combat advantage to Tira as well. Erias and Skamos are undamaged, and still at the chamber entrance 8 or 9 squares away from Kathra.

    All of the Kobold minions were killed and the Kobold priest took 15 points of damage and needs to save vs Tira’s sliding ability. The Kobold skirmisher has been marked by Kathra and sufferrs a -2 penalty to attack anyone but her.
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    Round 2 Ė Reinforcements Arrive

    Kobold Skirmisher: Recognizing an experienced fighter standing in his face, he jabs out with his spear hoping to skewer the armored dwarf, using a standard action. Melee attack with spear is d20 +6 vs Kathraís AC. Roll 8+6=14, not good enough for our poor Kobold. Reverting back to his shifty nature, he uses a minor action to shift 5 feet (Kobold racial ability), this however triggers Kathraís ability Combat Challenge, that whenever an adjacent enemy shifts you may take an immediate action to make a basic attack against the foe. Kathra can only have one immediate action per round, so if this were to happen again, she would be unable to activate this ability a second time this round. This kobold is going to learn the hard way not to stand next to a 4E fighter. Kathra rolls a basic attack vs the Kobolds AC, d20+6. Roll 12+6=18 thatís good enough to hit the dragon scum. Kathra now rolls 1d10+5 for damage. Roll 8+5=13. The kobold skirmisher takes 13 points of damage and is now bloodied. Which means itís at least through half its hit points. The kobolds minor action takes place and it is now 1 square away from Kathra. Using its move action it moves back 6 spaces to itís original spot near the other opening in the cavern.

    Erias: Being too far out of range to do anything effective, he decides to move up behind the meat shield and hope that people will target her instead. He spends a move and a standard action to move up to Kathra. He still has a minor action, but Tira is too far out of range of his healing power so if she wants some healing sheíll have to get closer.

    Enter the reinforcements:

    4 kobolds armed with spears, and 1 wearing scale and holding a shield enter from the passage way the skirmisher backed up towards.

    Kobold Wyrmpriest: The priest dusts off his robes, reaches his claws into the air and begins to mumble something in draconic. A ball of flame appears in his hand and he hurls it at Tira. This uses his standard action, d20+6 vs Tiraís reflex. Roll 19+6=25, even though Tira is still concealed, she also ran last turn so she grants combat advantage to her enemies, which negates the concealment. itís a hit. The ball of flame strikes Tira in the chest for 1d10+3 damage, 5 points of fire damage. Tira is now down 14 hit points total and is still on fire, she is also bloodied, if she or her enemies have any abilities that trigger off of this condition they can take effect now. The Priest uses his move action to move 6 squares closer to Tira, and spends a minor action to shift one square (Kobold Racial ability, shifting normally takes a move action). He is now 3 squares away from Tira. At the end of the wyrmpriests turn he needs to make a save against Tiraís slide effect, if not Tira can spend a minor action to continue to slide the wyrmpriest on her turn. Roll 12, the priest saves.

    Tira: Tira is hurting, as soon as her turn begins she takes 2 fire damage from burning. Sheís now at 12 hit points left. She decides to use her at will Eyebite power which is d20+5 (+1 extra for having no allies closer to the target) vs the Priests Will Defense. Roll 11+5=16. The priest reels and clutches his head, 1d6+4 psychic damage and an additional 1d6. Roll 1+1+4=6 psychic damage. The priest is down a total of 20 hitpoints and is now bloodied. The secondary effect of eyebite is that she is now invisible to the priest for one round. With her move action she moves 6 squares closer to Erias hoping that he will be able to drop some healing love on her. With a minor action she curses the armored kobold because heís now her closest enemy. At the end of Tiraís turn she needs to roll a saving throw to try and put out the fire. On a roll of 10 or higher on a d20 she is no longer on fire, 9 or lower and sheís still burning. Roll 1. Tira is still on fire.

    Skamos: ďTime for me to melt some faces.Ē Skamosí uses his daily power Acid Arrow and targets the armored kobold, and uses a minor action to trigger his encounter power Infernal Wrath to add +1 to his next attack roll. Itís a d20+6 now vs the armored kobolds Reflex defense. Roll 12+6=18 itís better than the dragonshields Reflex so it does 2d8+5 acid damage and an ongoing 5 acid damage until the dragonshield makes a saving throw. Roll 7+5=12 damage to the Dragonshield. The secondary effect of the spell is that it can now target the adjacent creatures, again its d20+5 vs the reflex of the 3 minions it can hit. Roll 11+5=16, 12+5=17, and 14+5=19. All three minions are hit and melt from the splash damage from the arrow.

    Kobold Slinger: The kobold slinger stays behind the altar and slings more shot at Tira. Ranged d20+4 (itís at a longer range now so it takes -2 to its attack roll). Roll 12+4=16, that would normally hit Tiraís AC of 15, but because she is concealed due to her warlock power, itís just a miss and wizzes by Tiraís head. The kobold forgoes the rest of its actions.

    Kathra: The skirmisher moved out of Kathraís range just enough that it would force Kathra to charge again, however the Dragonshield is just in range so Kathra spends a move action to move next to the Dragonshield, and a standard action to use her daily power Brutal Strike, d20+6 vs AC. Roll 6+6=12, not enough to hit the Dragonshield. However, whenever a fighter misses with his daily power itís not expended so she will be able to use it again. Using the fighters combat challenge ability, she marks the Dragonshield, meaning if the dragonshield attacks anyone but Kathra heíll take a -2 to his attack.

    Round 2 overview:

    Kathra is at 29 hitpoints, Tira is at 12 hitpoints and is bloodied and still on fire, but Erias and Skamos are still unharmed. Kathra, Tira and Erias are closer together and Skamos is still near the entrance to the chamber.

    The Kobold Wyrmpriest is Bloodied and Tira is invisible to it and is cursed by Tira, The skirmisher is bloodied and marked by Kathra, the dragonshield has taken 12 points of damage and will take 5 more acid per round till he makes a saving throw and is marked by Kathra and is cursed by Tira. 3 more minions were killed leaving one minion left and the slinger is unharmed.
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    Round 3:

    Kobold Skirmisher: Uses a move action and moves up to Kathra and attacks with his spear. Roll 18+6=24, definitely enough to hit Kathra. Damage is 1d8. Roll 3. Kathra takes 3 damage, the first 2 points coming from the temporary hit points Erias granted her in round 1. Kathra is now down to 26 hit points.

    Erias: Decides to call upon the sunlordís might and smite the priest with his daily power Cascade of Light, +4 vs Will defense as a standard action, but however also decides to spend a free action to trigger his Channel Divinity: Power of Amaunator, which is an encounter power that allows him to add an extra 1d10 damage to any power that he uses, and if the power deals half on a miss it as well deals half damage. Roll 9+4=13 vs Will, not enough to hit, however it still deals half of 3d8+4 + half of 1d10. Roll 6+2+3+4=15 for a total of 7 radiant damage, plus another 1 point from the Amaunator for a total of 8 damge. The priest was already bloodied so he must be hurting at this point. Erias decides to spend his move action to move to a better position behind Kathra, which is also good enough to put Tira within 5 squares of him, allowing him to spend his minor action to use his encounter power Healing Word, which he can use twice per encounter. It has a close burst 5 so it can target anyone within 5 squares of Erias. This triggers one of Tiras Healing Surges and also heals an additional 1d6+4. Roll 4+4=8. So, Tira heals 7 points (which is her healing surge value) plus 8 more from Eriasí healing word for a total of 15 points, bringing her almost to full value. Sheís now back at 27 hit points, but is still on fire. ďI told you not to mess with the mother fíing Sunlord!Ē

    Kobold Minion: The kobold minion uses a move action to move towards Kathra, then spends a minor action to shift one square to try and start setting up a flank. This, however, triggers Kathras combat challenge which allows her to take an immediate action to attack someone that tries to shift near her. Roll 2+6=8, not good enough to hit the Kobold. The kobold then takes its standard action and attacks Kathra with its spear. Roll 20+5=25. Thatís a crit. If it wasnít a minion Katra would be feeling the burn right now, but as it is, Kathra only takes 2 points of damage from the minion crit. Normally a crit does max damage, but the kobold minion only does a set amount of 2 damage per attack. Kathra is now down to 24 hit points.

    Kobold Dragonshield: The kobold dragonshield takes 5 acid damage from Skamosí Acid Arrow and he is now bloodied. He then uses a minor action to shift 1 square around Kathra, Kathra has already taken her immediate action this turn so cannot use her Combat challenge ability again. The dragonshield then uses a move action to shift again 1 square around Kathra and then lashes out with his shortsword. Attack vs AC, the dragonshield has mob attack and gets a +1 bonus for each kobold ally adjacent to his target, there are 2 allies adjacent to Kathra so he gets +2 and he also is flanking Kathra, which gives him combat advantage to her so another +2 to his attack roll. The Kobolds total attack bonus is at +11 now. Roll 9+11=20 thatís good enough to hit Kathra. Damage is 1d6+3. Roll 2+3=5 damage. Kathra is now down to 19 hit points. The dragonshield also marks Kathra with this attack, so if Kathra attacks anyone but the dragonshield sheíll suffer -2 to her attack rolls. At the end of the dragonshields turn he rolls a saving throw to try and shrug off the ongoing acid damage. Roll 4, the dragonshield is still burning with acid. He needed to roll a 10 or better.

    Kobold Wyrmpriest: The priest uses his minor action to Incite Faith. ďRise up and destroy my enemies!Ē This grants all the kobolds within 10 squares of the priest 5 temporary hit points, and allows them to shift 1 square. The dragonshield, and skirmisher remain in flank of Kathra, but the dragonshield is now next to Erias as well. The dragonshield and the skirmisher are no longer boodied. The priest then uses a move action to move up to Kathra and manages and then uses his standard action to to breath on Kathra and Erias. Itís a close blast 3 and he can hit them both. Itís +6 vs their Fortitude defenses. Roll 10+6=16 vs Kathra and 11+6=17 vs Erias. They both are hit by the flaming breath weapon and take 1d10+3 damage. Roll 2+3=5 damage. Kathra is now down to 14 hit points and is bloodied, Erias is down to 19 hit points.

    Tira: Tira takes 2 fire damage and is now at 25 hit points and is no longer invisible to the priest. She moves 3 squares closer to the slinger to gain concealment from her shadow walk ability, using her move action, and then decides to use her standard action to use her encounter power Witchfire on the priest, which is +4 vs Reflex defense. ďTime to die dragon bitch!Ē Roll 17+4=21, that is good enough to hit the priests reflex. Damage is 2d6+4 fire damage +1d6 additional damage from the warlocks curse 1+2+4+4=11 damage to the priest. The priest is severely wounded. The additional effect of witchfire is that the priest will take -4 on all attack rolls until Tiras next turn. Tira is now closer to the slinger and uses her minor action to curse the slinger. Tira rolls a saving throw to try and put the fire out again. Roll 3, fail. Sheesh burn baby burn.

    Skamos: Feeling safe at the back of the cave and with lots of range, decides use his at will ability Magic Missile on the priest using his standard action. Its +5 vs reflex defense. Roll 19+5=24, way above the priests reflex defense. It does 2d4+5 force damage. Roll 2+1+5=8 damage. The priest collapses as the missile hits him in the chest. Feeling lucky, Skamos, decides to burn an action point to give himself another standard action and uses his at will power Magic Missile against the dragonshield. Roll 19+5=24 again, defiantly higher than the dragonshields reflex defense. Damage is still 2d4+5. Roll 4+3+5=12 damage. The Dragonshield is now bloodied again. As a move action Skamos takes a bow and flips off the kobolds.

    Kobold Slinger: Seeing Kathraís weakend state, the slinger uses itís standard action to fire at Kathra. There is no penalty for firing into melee and allies do not provide cover against ranged attacks. However, enemies would, so if the slinger was firing at the back ranks of a formation he would suffer a penalty. The sling decides to use his fire shot again, loads the sling and lets it fly. Roll 2+5+7, thatís not good enough to hit the broadside of a barn. The slinger decides to stay behind the altar, mutters something in Draconic and flips of Skamos.

    Kathra: Finally itís Kathraís turn. Sheís marked by the dragonshield so if she attacks anyone but the dragonshield sheíll take a -2 to her attacks. Sheís also down to having only 14 hit points. So first she decides to spend a minor action to use her Second Wind, all characters can use second wind once per encounter to trigger a healing surge which will heal them their healing surge amount and also gives them +2 to all their defenses till their next turn. Normally a second wind is a standard action, but for dwarves itís a minor action. So Kathra heals 8 points, bringing her back up to 22 hit points, only 11 points from max. She then uses her standard action to use her encounter power Passing Attack, basically it allows her to attack an opponent, shift one square and then attack a second opponent. Itís a +6 vs AC, she decides to attack the dragonpriest. Roll 20+6=26, thatís a crit! ďWOOT!Ē The dragonshield takes max damage from the attack which is 1d10+5 points of damage. So the dragonshield takes 15 points of damage and collapses to the ground. Kathra then shifts 1 square and then uses her secondary attack of her Passing Attack power to attack the skirmisher. This attack is +8 vs AC. Roll 10+8=18, thatís enough to hit the skirmisher. Damage is 1d10+5. Roll 3+5=8 damage to the skirmisher, which means heís bloodied again. Kathra forgoes her move action.

    Round 3 Overview:

    Kathra is no longer bloodied, she is at 22 hit points and has +2 to all her defenses until her turn. She used one healing surge and has 12 left.
    Tira is at 25 hit points, but is still on fire. She has only the slinger cursed at the moment. She used one healing surge and has 8 left.
    Skamos hasnít been attacked and is just laying out kobolds left and right.
    Erias is at 19 hit points, but isnít bloodied

    The dragonpriest, and dragonshield died this round, leaving only a minion, a bloodied skirmisher thatís marked by Kathra and the slinger left alive. Things are looking up for the party.
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    Round 4:

    Kobold Skirmisher: Okay the skirmisher is in trouble, but tries to use a minor action to shift around Kathra and into flank with the minon. This triggers Kathrasí Combat Challenge ability and she gets to attack the Skirmisher. Roll 5+6=11 not good enough to hit the skirmisher. The skirmisher is now in flank and has combat advantage to Kathra, which gives him a +2 to his attack. The skirmisher also has mob attack and gets a +1 for every kobold ally adjacent to his target, so he gets another +1 to his attack for a total of +9 to his attack. Roll 14+9=23, thatís good enough to beat Kathraís boosted AC of 21. The skirmisher deals 1d8 damage and an additional 1d6 extra damage, because he has combat advantage to Kathra. Roll 7+6=13 points of damage to Kathra. Kathra is now at 9 hit points and is bloodied again. The kobold forgoes his move action.

    Erias: Erias decides to spend his standard action to use his at will power, Sacred Flame on the minion. Its at +4 vs Reflex defense. Roll 20, thatís a crit. Because itís a crit it would do max damage of 1d6+4 for 10 points of damage, which is more than enough to take out the minion. In addition Erias decides to use the secondary effect of the power to trigger a saving throw for Tira, to see if she can shrug off the ongoing fire damage. Tira rolls a saving throw. Roll 15, Tira saves and is no longer on fire. Erias then decides to spend a minor action to use his encounter power Healing Word for the final time this encounter and trigger one of Kathraís healing surges and heal Kathra an addition 1d6+4. Roll 2+4=6. Therefore Kathra heals 8+6=14 hitpoints, bringing her back up to 23 hit points. Erias finally decides to use his move action to move towards the slinger hiding behind the altar.

    Tira: Tira is no longer on Fire thanks to the Erias and the Sunlords good will, so she doesnít take any fire damage. Tira already has the Slinger marked so she decides to move 3 squares with her move action to give herself concealment because of her Shadow walk ability and then uses her standard action to target the slinger with her at will power Eyebite. Itís +4 vs Will. Roll 1, thatís an automatic miss. She does nothing with her minor action.

    Skamos: Uses a standard action to use his at will Magic Missile power and targets the skirmisher. Roll 9+5=14 vs the Skirmishers reflex which just hits. Damage is 2d4+5. Roll 5+5=10 damage. The skirmisher is now down to one hit point, can you believe it? Skamos then takes his move action and moves closer to the slinger, the final Kobold threat in this chamber.

    Kobold Slinger: The slinger uses his last fire shot and fires it at Tira with his standard action. Roll 18+6=24 that easily hits Tira even though she has concealment. Damage is 1d6+3 plus Tira is again on fire. Roll 2+3 is 5 damage. Tira is now at 20 hit points but is not bloodied. The Kobold decides to make a move action to move towards the skirmisher and the other exit out of this chamber. He also uses his minor action to shift an additional square.

    Kathra: Kathra decides to use her standard action to use her at will power Tide of Iron versus the Skirmisher. Itís +6 vs AC. Roll 10+6=16, that hits the skirmisher. Damage is 1d10+6. Roll 9+6=15 damage. The skirmisher collapsesí in a heap. Kathra then uses her move action to move into the chamber exit and block off the Slinger thatís trying to escape.

    Round 4 Overview:

    Kathra is at 23 hitpoints and is not bloodied. She has used a total of 2 healing surges and has 11 left.
    Tira is now at 20 hitpoints and is not bloodied. She is on fire again. She used 1 healing surge in round 3.
    Skamos is undamaged.
    Erias is at 19 hitpoints.

    The Kobold Skirmisher and Minon died this round leaving only the Slinger that is trying to escape.

    Round 5:

    Erias: Noticing the Kobold trying to escape. Erias moves towards the Slinger using his move action and uses a standard action to use his at will power Lance of Faith, its +4 vs Ref. Roll 12+4=16, which beats the slingers reflex defense. Damage is 1d8+4 radiant damage. Roll 7+4=11 damage. The Slinger is not bloodied. The secondary effect of Lance of Faith, is that Erias can give one of his allies a +2 to hit this target. Erias chooses to give Tira the bonus.

    Tira: Tira takes 2 points of fire damage and is down to 18 hit points. Tira decides to use her at will power Eldritch Blast as a standard action. Itís a +6 vs Reflex (+2 from Eriasí Lance of Faith). Roll 11+6=17 thatís good enough to hit the Reflex of the slinger. Damage is 1d10+4 and another 1d6 because the slinger is cursed. Roll 4+4+4=12 damage to the slinger. The slinger is now bloodied. Tira uses her move action to move 3 squares so that she gains concealment. Tira rolls a saving throw to put out the fire. Roll 15. Tira is no longer on fire.

    Skamos: Skamos launches Magic Missile yet again. Roll 16+5=21 that hits the slingers reflex defense. Damage is 2d4+5. Roll 1+1+5=7 damage. Thatís enough to drop the slinger.

    The encounter is over. Most of the children were saved, but where is the townís treasure?

    Encounter Overview:

    8 Kobold Minions (200 xp)
    1 Kobold Dragonpriest (150 xp)
    1 Kobold Dragonshield (125 xp)
    1 Kobold Slinger (125 xp)
    1 Kobold Skirmisher (100 xp)

    Total xp budget 700 xp, which should be a challenging fight for 4 1st level characters. Total xp gained per character 233 xp.
    Last edited by Delgar; Thursday, 17th April, 2008 at 04:45 PM.

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    Very nice... Thanks for posting! Nice to see all the rules applied together like this in one place. Your players seemed to have a really good grasp of what their characters could do. Your warlock, especially, seemed to be having a lot of fun outside of constantly being on fire. And Skamos was pretty scary, too.

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    Nice of you to type this all up. Definitely sounds more fun than 1st level combats in any other edition.

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    *boggle, boggle, boggle*

    This is the system that's faster and more streamlined than high-level 3E?


    -The Gneech, who has a headache now

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Gneech
    *boggle, boggle, boggle*

    This is the system that's faster and more streamlined than high-level 3E?


    -The Gneech, who has a headache now
    Having played it (not this one exactly, but at D&D Experience) I can say that that combat probably took 6-10 minutes. In 3.5 that would have been 15-20 minutes.

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    Well it took a long time to type out but I wanted to explain things so people could see everything in context. However, having run several 4E combats, they run much faster than 3.5 and are much more tactically interesting. Everyone has a wide range of options available to them.

    The marking, cursing and saves are actually really simple to remember once you've played a couple of encounters.

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Gneech
    *boggle, boggle, boggle*

    This is the system that's faster and more streamlined than high-level 3E?


    -The Gneech, who has a headache now

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