Character and Monster Tokens
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    Character and Monster Tokens

    I'm going to be running several 4e preview adventures next month and I'd like to have some cool player character and monster tokens to use for them.

    I'm looking for full-color 1" tokens that can be printed out. I would love for them to have some decent artwork on them in a portrait style, but can handle any art style as long as it's easy to tell what each character or creature is.

    I'd also prefer to download them in a popular image format that I can use with Maptool and edit with GIMP.

    I'm looking for tokens to represent:
    Elves (various classes)
    Dwarves (various classes)
    Humans (various classes)
    Dragonborn (various classes -- lizard men could work)
    Tiefling (various classes)

    Thanks for your help!
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    id like to have those too....

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    Since you intend to use MapTool, the best thing to do is create your own using TokenTool, available from the same website.

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    Hey, Christopher!

    I already use TokenTool and it's great. But it's also time consuming to find the artwork to use for each creature.

    I'm looking for token packs that have a lot of the basics covered so I don't have to continually hunt down the artwork.

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    HI Dathalas. Finding the artwork isn't hard at all!! Wizards of the Coast provides the art from most of their books via their galleries:

    Also note the "PC Portraits" section on the right. Great for NPCs or players! All you do it find a piece you like, drag it from your browser into tokentook (you don't even have to save it!) scale it to size, save the token... not difficult.

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    You might want to check out the token packs at Fiery Dragon Productions. They have a bunch of different token packs, which cost a bit of money.

    Here's a link:

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    If you're already using Maptool, why not use the tokens they already have on their gallery?

    You'll find about 10000 tokens there, already cut out and ready to use. I believe that all the SRD creatures are done, as well as loads and loads others.

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    Zulithe: Thanks for reminding me about those galleries. I take a peek at them every now and then, but I didn't realize they had so many.

    Montkiva: Thanks for pointing me to Fiery Dragons. They look like they have what I need.

    Hussar: Wow. Thank you! I never saw those on the rptools site.

    If there are any other token packs out there like the ones from Fiery Dragons, please let me know.

    And if you know about any great fantasy art archives that I could use to create my own tokens, please share links to them in this thread.

    Thanks everyone! EnWorld is the best!

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    I can send you a handful of the token sheets I've made over the last couple years.

    I would suggest that you don't use circular tokens if you're planning on cutting them out, right angles are the way to go. I'd also suggest investing in a decent paper cutter, a ream of heavy weight card stock, a roll of clear 2" tape, and a couple dollars worth of pennies and sticky tack.

    Here's a couple of sheets.

    What's your email address?

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    Hey, Nytmare! Thanks for sharing those token sheets with me. They're great.

    My email address is dathalas [at] gmail [dot] com.

    I like the circular tokens, so I was thinking about buying a 1" circle punch and gluing them to 1" washers for some heft. I was also thinking about putting a red border on the reverse side so I could flip them over when a character or creature was bloodied.

    Is the clear tape to give the token a protective covering?

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