Leif's Whirtlestaff's Wizards' Academy, Reprise [Pfdr] [RG]
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    Leif's Whirtlestaff's Wizards' Academy, Reprise [Pfdr] [RG]

    THIS is the Rogues Gallery for Whirtlestaff's Revisited. The first RG that I tried to start for it was in the wrong forum. Sorry 'bout that!!


    Ok, let's try this again. And let's change a few more things around, too. This time, the only requirement is that characters' CURRENT class be wizard. Starting level is Fourth, now, so that gives you a few levels to play around with. You will be free to progress in another class later, but to make the story work right, everybody needs to be a wizard at the moment. By the time you gain enough experience to level up to 5th level, you may have changed your mind, and that's cool. But the LAST level that you gained before play starts needs to have been Wizard.

    And Abilities are going to be not so generous this time around. We'll use the standard 32 point buy. Standard starting gold for 4th level, but no magic item costing over 2,500 gp. Alignment: Any non-evil. Chaotic types will have their own reasons, I'm sure, for wanting to attend the Academy. Setting: to be announced by the re-start date, which has been revised to Saturday, May 10, 2008. I have recently obtained a couple of commercial settings, but need to look them over and pick one first, as well as choosing the specific locale. Deities, will, most likely be Forgotten Realms deities, but you are free to select one fron the PH, too. All players who created characters for Whirtlestaffs I are invited back, but a couple of them have already declined, so anyone is invited to apply. Admission to the Academy is pretty limited, however, so don't be surprised if your application is rejected. No hard feelings, I hope.

    HIT POINTS: MAX for all dice, all the time.

    BONUS FEAT: Everyone has the COLLEGIATE WIZARD feat, from a sidebar in Complete Arcane, p. 181.

    Oh, yeah! Almost forgot spells: Standard starting spells for 4th level, and with the Collegiate Wizard feat, this is going to be a long list. If you want to buy any scrolls and learn spells that way, it needs to be done in the game. You can buy the scrolls to start, with starting money, but the actual learning will be done (or not done, I guess) IC.

    Sources Permitted: PH, PH2, Spell Compendium, Complete Arcane, Complete Mage, Complete Champion, Complete Adventurer, Complete Divine, Comlpete Warrior, and DMG.

    I'm sure I forgot to cover something, so feel free to post any questions to the OOC thread, here: Whirtlestaff's Wizards' Academy, Revisited, OOC - Page 10 - EN World D&D / RPG News

    And here's a link to the new, improved IC thread: Whirtlestaff's Wizards' Academy Revisited, IC # 1 - EN World D&D / RPG News

    The Group/Cabal/Coven:
    Scott DeWar -- Capizzio Del Collines, Rogue 2 / Wizard 3
    Mowgli -- Mánunuksó 'Manny' Maliit, Sorcerer 1 / Wizard 2 / Brownie LA2
    Scotley -- Delunamanth ‘Tylara’ Tylarapelotheenia, Druid 1 / Conjurer 4
    Lou -- Francheska Walova, Evoker 3 / Master Specialist 2
    Kerlan Rayne -- Kerlan Rayne Beguiler 1 / Focused Conj. Specialist Wizard 4
    HolyMan -- Simeon Longknife son of the Chief of the WhiteFist Orcs -- HM now withdrawn, but Simeon still guiding party through UnderDark

    rossrebailey -- Max , Monk 3 / Diviner 1 <-withdrawn or just vanished, or something
    renau1g -- Xavier Zalev, Enchanter 3 / Master Specialist 1 <-he quit us AGAIN!

    XP TOTAL (using Pathfinder FAST progression, 23,000 needed for L7): 19,880 [ALL after bonus of 275XP while exploring the Hall of Eyes in LK's tomb]
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