Sources of images for use as tokens

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    Sources of images for use as tokens

    I'm planning to put together a bunch of tokens for tracking combat in D&D rather than investing the time and money involved in painting up lots of miniatures.

    Does anyone know a good source of graphics that can represent various D&D monsters and which are distinguishable at 22mm square?


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    The counter collections by Claudio Pozas are awesome. Here's linky:
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    Agreed. These things are superb; I use the digital one all the time, as it lets me size monsters for advanced creatures. I don't even used cardstock; I just use good quality white paper and toss them after the game. They look great.
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    Video game sprites work well. Use paint or some other image program to get them to the size you want.
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    WotC Miniature's Gallery

    I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the images WotC posts in their Miniature's Gallery.

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    I host alot of minis: (see right scrollbar)
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    Frankthe DM, that is alot of sprites. Where did they all come from. i would be surious if I could host them on my site or if further permissions from other sources are needed.
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    I have enough minis for most minion needs, but JIC, i have been making some video game sprite based counter sheets. With all that '4e is videogamey' chatter, I figured why not.

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