Kill Bargle! Pathfinder RPG OOC Thread
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    Kill Bargle! Pathfinder RPG OOC Thread

    Greetings all,

    I've been interested in getting back into the GMing swing of things lately, and have been particularly intrigued by the Alpha Release of the Pathfinder RPG. I'd like to try it out on a dungeon crawl called "Kill Barlge!" from issue #150 of Dungeon magazine. This adventure is based on the sample dungeon presented in the old Dungeons and Dragons red box. Like many others out there, this was the first role-playing product I ever bought (or more accurately, which I begged my parents to buy for me) way back in '82 or '83. I didn't have any friends who were gamers back then, so I just created characters and ran them through the various traps and monsters myself.

    I also picked this adventure because it is short. In my past forays into GMing at ENWorld I always bit off more than I could chew, and my fellow gamers had to suffer because of that. I created detailed maps of the encounters and stuffed the threads with background materials galore, and all my combat threads become very intricate. Eventually this would become so time-consuming that I'd start to dread each post and I would drop the game and run for the hills. I don't want this game to be a repeat of that.


    So having said all that, I'm wondering if there might be four to six players who would be willing to give this homage to the classic dungeon crawl a try using the Pathfinder RPG Beta Playtest. Here are the details of character creation:


    - All characters must be created using the rules of the Pathfinder RPG Beta Playtest or the System Reference Document. No other sources will be allowed.
    - All characters start at 3rd Level, at 3300 XP (the minimum for Fast advancement)
    - 20 Point Buy for Stats (pg. 5 of Beta)
    - Because this is a playtest (and I want to try out as many of the mechanics as possible) each PC in the group should start out at first level with a unique character class.
    - Multiclassing after first level into classes already held by other players is permitted.
    - HP calculated as follows:
    1st Level: Max of HD + Con bonus + Racial Mod (see Pathfinder RPG doc)
    Subsequent Levels: Half HD + Con bonus + 2 (if hit die is d6 or d8) or +3 (if hit die is d10 or d12)
    - Standard wealth for PCs: 3000 gp, no single item may be worth more than half this value (i.e. 1,500 gp)
    - Adventure will be set in the Varisia, the setting for the Pathfinder Adventure Paths, specifically in the region within the control of the city of Korvosa. Preference will be given to PCs whose characters use the fluff presented in either the Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide (Free PDF) or the Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide. Note that I will NOT be using the feats presented in these two publications.
    - No evil alignments

    - Adventure Hook: Two years ago this party (or at least the majority of this party) was hired by a graduate of the Acadamae named Bargle to recover an ancient Thassilonian tome from a dungeon in the Mushfens. After recovering the book and emerging from the swamp, the party was ambushed by Bargle and his faceless stalker minions. Although you defeated his ensorcelled hirelings, Bargle was able to kill one of your party before escaping. Greatly saddened by the death of your beloved companion, you all swore revenge.

    Ever since you have been on the evil wizard's heels, almost catching him after a chaotic chase through the slave bazaar of Kaer Maga 18 months ago. In the last year the scent of his trail has become very cold, until one of you received a tip from an old friend a few weeks ago that Bargle has relocated to an abandoned manor near the town of Baslwief. Newly invigorated by news of your prey, you now descend upon the ruined mansion of Mistamere, hard against the Fenwall mountains.


    Please watch this post for further updates to character creation rules.
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