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    Johann looks at the scratch he was just given and gives a short bark of a laugh!

    powerattack 3

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    Zirat struggles against the stiffening of his muscles and prevails.
    He takes a step to the back. (5ft.) and launch a destructive attack with his chain on one of the blinded ghouls.

    OOC: I forgot to add a bonus vs. a blind ghoul, I guess I scored a hit.
    blind: -2 to to AC, lose his dex bonus to AC and half speed.
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    Meddyg quickly knocks an arrow and lets fly, but his concern for his comrades takes precedence and his shot goes wide.

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    Ciaran chants, firing a scorching ray of flame at the blinded ghoul on the left (Ghoul 4).

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    Vaseda looks pretty....scared!


    Ah, sorry about that last one Rhun, apparently I am extremely rusty with 3e rules when I totally forget about paralyzed

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    OOC: I'm back from vacation, so I should be able to get the game updated either tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how things go!

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