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    Nodding in a 'just so' manner, ignoring the high born lady's rebuking glare, the warrior reaches into his well worn backpack and removes the thick stack of tied papers.

    Plunking them down on the desk, Wulfcyne takes the sword fully in hand, inspecting it with a well trained eye.

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    The Dean looks over the papers and says with a smile, " Very good. As promised. Here are your letters of credit.' He hands you each a note bearingthe insignia of Houses Kundarak and Sivis, each made out to 800 Gold Galifars. " So would you like this or perhaps you would like a wand of some sort?"

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    Wulfcyne, still grasping the sword, looks to his group and asks, 'Wha' think ye o' my offer?'

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    I have no issue if you wish for the sword instead of payment. Nuria answers Wulfcyne.

    Turning her eyes back to the Dean,

    As for myself, I may be interested in a wand. What do you have in mind? she asks politely.

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    Bowing his head in a rough thanks to the Wizard, the Warrior takes a step back, sword in hand, still eying 'Tara and Links for any dissenting remarks.

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    Koh'Tara's eyes peek with curiosity at Nuyria's question about wands.

    OOC: Wulfyne, are you talking about spreading around your gold to the others and taking the sword? Or is that just forfieting the 800 (which doesn't make sense, since the sword is already ours). Either way, Koh'Tara has no objection

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    the Dean looks over and smiles" Well I have some possibilities. I have a wand of cure light wounds, a wand of magic missiles and a wand of Summon Monster I. If you have anything else in mind, I can try and accomodate"

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    Nodding at Koh'Tara's accepting eyes, a rare smile touching Wulfcyne's gruff face and haunted eyes.

    Picking up his writ of reward, the Warrior moves to the hobgoblin and presses it in to her scarred gray hands, mentioning, 'T'was a boon to have your council, skill, and faith upon this journey. Spread this reward evenly among you three. I shall simply claim the blade. See how it glows?'

    This last asked in an awed hush, the Brelander slides the naked blade into his belt carefully and then sweeping his unkept hair underneath, quickly dons his conical helm.

    ooc; just the sword if ye please! well done everyone! i'm glad we got this far! Wulfcyne picked up 200gp in the first treasure divide, a MW longsword, and a greatsword, in addition to the short +1 for final take... pretty sweet.
    Last edited by Dirk Nightbreese; Tuesday, 20th May, 2008 at 01:39 AM. Reason: ooc

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    Its all over.... Have I given out xp yet?

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    ooc; wait, the adventure is over???

    um, i think exp was given out after the Natr fight, Nuria and Koh'Tara both reached lvl 2 at that point... i believe.

    How much xp for completing this part?

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