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    Red Hand of Doom - OOC

    As a follow up to the interest check thread:

    So, I've decided to go ahead with running the game. It's only the Red Hand of Doom module, that way we can get right into it. I'll be expecting 1 post/day on weekdays, weekends are flexible, if you can great, if not, no worries. I'll be running 1 combat round/day at the latest, if you haven't posted I'll NPC you or maybe you're character is overwhelmed by what's going on around him and spends a turn in full defence.

    Level: 6th

    # of PCs: 4-5

    Stats: 34-point buy

    HP: Max at 1st, 3/4 after (Make up difference next level for odd dice, i.e. 7.5hp for d10, 7 2nd level, 8 3rd level)

    Game World: Generic, but using FR deities (, if you're not familiar with them)

    LA: I'll allow a LA of +1 for races or a template

    Deadline: May 19th (or sooner if I get enough good apps)

    Books Available:
    Core - PHB/PHB2, DMG, MM
    Completes - Adventurer, Arcane, Divine, Mage & Warrior
    Eberron - Campaign Setting, Races of Eberron, Player's Guide
    FR - Campaign Setting, Races of Faerun, Player's Guide
    Heroes of Horror, Libris Mortis
    Magic Item Compendium, Spell Compendium
    Psionics - from the SRD only (I'll be treating Psionics as magic for SR, etc.)
    Tome of Battle

    Anything else needs approval.

    Applications will have the following:





    Modus Operandi

    Edit: Also, I'll be giving each player one of the +2/+2 feats from the srd (i.e. stealthy) as long as they have some skill points in it. Starting gold will be standard, 13,000gp no more than 1/2 on an item (expection is a +2 weapon).

    Edit 2: Up to 2 flaws will be allowed from UA, Traits are also allowed.

    Edit 3: Applications so far:

    s@squ@tch - Elven Sorceror
    Arabesu - Shifter Wilder
    Rhun - Dwarven Rogue/Fighter OR Rogue/Swordsage (Proposed)
    WalkingDad - Warforged Dread Necromancer Or Necromancer
    Graf - Dinoriding Halfling Sorceror
    EvolutionKB - Dreamsight Shifter Druid (shapeshifter variant)
    Jerrand Redband - Human Fighter or Cleric
    Voadam - Tiefling Soulknife
    stonegod - Changeling beguiler
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