Sagiro's Story Hour: The FINAL Adventures of Abernathy's Company (FINISHED 7/3/14) - Page 43
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    A couple of small points: I'd say Piratecat and I are about even in the "creepy voices" category. Pcat does particularly well with undead; readers of his old Story Hour will be familiar with the Lich Hagiok and the ghoulish Soder, both of whom had highly... memorable... voices. Ew.

    Regarding the X-COM story hour: I have nothing whatsoever to do with it. Also, allow me to take this opportunity to announce that I am no longer with Irrational Games, and haven't been since February. I have taken on the new challenge of the stay-at-home dad to my two daughters, ages 5 and 2. It's more tiring than game development, but much less stressful. My relationship with Irrational continues to be good; I left on my own, on good terms with the company, and I still do some consulting work for them. Alas that I'm not allowed to say anything about what they might be working on, other than: it's pretty sweet.

    While I'm here:

    Sagiro’s Story Hour, Part 312
    Good Thing You Asked

    Dranko awakens, his head a hastily-drained swamp of unwanted memories. His eyes flutter open and the first thing he sees is Morningstar's worried face.

    “I feel better,” Dranko says quietly. And indeed he does; the damage to his wounded mind has been healed. His wife helps him to his feet, and she breathes a sigh of relief that his voice is no longer so disturbingly manic.

    Dranko looks around at his apprehensive friends. “If I were going to guess, there's something horrible we'll have to fight at one point – maybe Lord Tapheon – who's going to pry through my brain. And now there's a trap laid for him. Or maybe the Black Circle will try to read my mind and get a nasty surprise. And all things considered, things could be worse. I can live without the fame. I couldn't live without all of you.”

    Morningstar smiles, reaches out to touch Dranko's brow, and manifests her greatest power. Some vile creature from Far Realms has placed something in the mind of her husband; now it's her turn. She shows him by a true Miracle of Ell how much she loves, respects and cherishes him. The caul of horror the Cleaner left clinging to his psyche is easily parted by Ellish grace, and the dark and writhing vines of insanity are culled by feelings of love and friendship.

    Dranko blinks and stares at his wife, his eyes misting. He has no words, but envelops her in a fierce embrace.

    * *

    The journey via wind walk to the halfling city of Victory takes about five hours. The ground below rushes swiftly by, a wasteland of brown and gray rock dotted with old ruins, giving way only in the final hour to farmlands and settled green. The river that separates Appleseed from the southern lands is dotted (on the halflings' side) by old guard towers, obviously long empty. Their map is accurate in its placement of Victory at the tip of a lake, the southernmost of a series of finger-like lakes stretching east to west.

    Victory is the capital city of Appleseed, and as much a fortress as a metropolis. It is extremely well defended, with tall and wide stone walls patrolled dutifully by halfling soldiers. A channel from the lake goes into the city beneath a jutting barbican.

    The Company lands outside the outermost wall and de-mists. The halfling guards at the city's southern gate are polite and no-nonsense. Ernie speaks for the group, announcing their visit with the Yondallan High Priestess. The guards are thorough in their questioning, but in the end the Company is allowed entry and not divested of their armaments. There are no papers to carry or fees to pay.

    Ernie thanks the gate-guard. “I've long wanted to see Appleseed. I spend too much time in the company of kneecaps.”

    The guard smiles. “Just don't cause any trouble,” he says half-jokingly, while eyeing the Big Folk.

    Dranko laughs. “We seldom cause trouble...”

    The guard's smile tightens. “As strangers to Appleseed, allow me to give you this advice. No one will stop you on the streets or interfere with your business, until or unless you cause a disturbance. I strongly advise against that, unless you enjoy extended stays in stockades.”

    So saying, he directs the Company to the Cathedral of Yondalla, which he says should be easily visible atop a hill near the center of the town, once they've cleared the walls. There are three different portcullises to traverse, and the narrow entrance to the city leads to a large and bustling courtyard. Victory is larger than any halfling settlement in Charagan, and is at least half the size of Tal Hae. Many dwellings are built into hillsides, but these are of sturdy stone and built for defense more than comfort. The streets wind between the hills, and each hill of any significant size has a guard tower upon it. As they head in the direction of the cathedral, they are funneled through a number of narrow gates.

    The Company does draw numerous curious stares from the local populace, though everyone is polite and there are no disturbances. Close-packed dwellings give way to open parks and gardens as they make their final approach up Cathedral Hill. They gaze up at the edifice, and Kibi can't help but be impressed by the architecture and engineering. Ernie's eyes are wide; the cathedral is many times the size of the largest halfling structure he has ever seen. An enormous stained-glass window above the front doors shows the gold-and-green cornucopia and shield of Yondalla.

    Dranko laughs. “I'll bet they have kick-ass dungeons under there, too!”

    They are met at the doors by a serene acolyte in green robes. “You must be Ernest Roundhill and company. High Priestess Sunblade is expecting you.”

    Leaving their weapons inside the door, the Company is escorted to the personal chamber of the High Priestess. At first her office seems empty, though adorned with ceremonial weapons and shields on the three walls and a huge tapestry depicting a grand battle on the fourth. But they spy a small door in the back of the chamber, through which wafts the mingling smells of fresh-baked bread and a savory stew.

    “Just a moment!” comes a woman's voice.

    The High Priestess Maple Sunblade emerges from the kitchen adjoining her office, bearing a tray laden will loaves and bowls. She wears an apron over rich Yondallan finery.

    “Maple Sunblade, at your service,” she says formally, setting down the tray on a round table. Ernest makes introduction of his friends, stressing the honorific 'Sir” when presenting Dranko. Sitting around the table and eating, Ernie tells Maple Sunblade about his discovery of Tava's Righteous Fury.

    “I'm flattered that it knew my name,” says Sunblade. “I'd like to see the sword.”

    She sends a servant to fetch it. Ernie digs around in the bag of holding and produces a bottle of fine halfling ale from Dingman's Ferry as a gift.

    “We have had a few visiting halflings from Charagan already,” says the High Priestess. “They came by ship, from a city called Tal Hae.”

    “Hey!” says Dranko. “That's where I'm from. Flicker here, too!”

    Ernie smiles. “Since my colleagues have learned to teleport, I've been lucky enough to avoid sailing ships. I find them extremely disagreeable.”

    “You must be doing well for yourselves,” says Maple. “I'm sure there is great demand for your services.”

    “Yes and no,” says Ernie. “We are mostly troubleshooters for our Kingdom. We're sent to places where wrongs are being done, and we do our best to right them. We're not traders, and profit isn't really our motive.”

    He elbows Dranko before he can object.

    “We're always glad to meet such people,” says Maple, nodding in understanding. “Though we've been in peacetime for almost a decade now. The Anlakis have not mounted any real threats in years.”

    Dranko gulps a spoonful of stew. “But now you're about to be attacked by a horde of goblins.”

    “I've heard no reports, and our scouts are quite thorough,” says Maple. "But your news..."

    At that moment the servant arrives with Tava's Righteous Fury, and High Priestess Sunblade handles it with reverence.

    “What is the Crimson Maw?” Ernie asks, as Maple traces the runes on the sword with her fingers.

    The High Priestess doesn't take her eyes from the holy blade. “I don't know. I've never heard of it. But we have an extensive library, so perhaps we can find out. As for Tava's Righteous Fury... Tava was a legendary halfling champion who fought in the very first wars between goblinkind and the halfling peoples, on a world now long forgotten. It is said to only appear when halflings are in grave danger from goblins. I'm honored to have seen it, though I was hoping I wouldn't in my lifetime.”

    She sits back and stretches. “The country of Appleseed used to be contested territory with the goblins, centuries ago. Eventually we drove the goblins into the eastern wastelands, where they tried – unsuccessfully – to rebuild their empire. Eventually they vanished altogether, probably into the Underdark, which is doubtless more suitable to them. We make sure our cities are well protected from below, with both fortifications and powerful warding spells.”

    “I'm glad to hear it,” says Ernie. “Because the sword told me the goblins have brought an equivalent champion.”

    Sunblade puts down her spoon. “But brought him where? I think it's time we visited the library, don't you?”

    * *

    Ernie is allowed to keep Tava's Righteous Fury on his belt as Maple Sunblade leads the Company to the cathedral's library. It's nothing as extensive as the Vault back in Hae Charagan, but the Library of Victory houses many hundreds of books and scrolls. There is an extensive section on goblin-kind, with treatises on their military tactics, biographies of past goblin leaders, details of their religion, and speculative writings about their race's motivations.

    Edghar proves the most valuable researcher, as he climbs upon the shelves and reads through dusty parchments. Within an hour he has found a scroll of goblin folklore which contains an entire paragraph on the Crimson Maw.

    Dranko glares up at the monkey. “How'd he find it? He's just a monkey. I mean, he can't read, can he?”

    Over the empathic link, Edghar chuckles to Grey Wolf. “Tell him if he wants some pointers on some of the idiosyncrasies of Kivian Common's vowel usage, he should just cast comprehend languages on me, and he'll learn something.”

    “Not now,” Grey Wolf hushes.

    Taking the scroll from his familiar, Grey Wolf reads.

    “Of all the legends told of Maglubiyet’s children, one of the most troublesome, if unlikely, is that of the Crimson Maw. Though evidence is scant, the Crimson Maw is a demi-plane, large enough to house a formidable army of goblins. Its corrupt nature is said to both strengthen and anger the goblins who gather inside, so that when unleashed, an army barracked and trained in the Maw will be particularly fearsome.

    Worse, given time, priests of Maglubiyet can move the opening of the Maw to any location on Abernia, and so the already empowered army of goblins can emerge behind enemy lines, inside a city – anywhere. This is done through a goblin artifact called Maglubiyet’s Fang, housed in an iron palace deep inside the Maw.

    All of this is speculative, derived from goblinoid scrolls. There are no eyewitness reports of the Crimson Maw, and no proof that it exists at all.”

    Morningstar fires off a find the path right then and there, but it produces no directions to the Maw. But Ernie hears Tava's voice again in his mind, barely a whisper.

    The Crimson Maw is always open. While they set to move it, look for goblin holy ground.

    After Ernie has shared this message, Sunblade rubs her chin. “The goblins built many temples in the wastelands,” she muses. “Though they're all ruins now.”

    “So,” says Dranko. “Looks like we have another decision to make. Goblins, or Praska?”

    Ernie opts for some guidance to answer that question. Back in Sunblade's kitchen he casts commune while baking a traveling biscuit. The High Priestess takes notes.

    Will the threat to the halflings of Appleseed from the Crimson Maw come within the next week?


    Uh oh. When something is impenetrable by divination, it usually indicates the Black Circle's involvement.

    Is the Goblin menace within the Crimson Maw being instigated, motivated or exacerbated by our enemies in red armor?


    Are they being motivated by any outside party, besides the Goblins and Maglubiyet?


    Do we have the means or tools that would enable us to go directly to the Crimson Maw?


    In your opinion – and your opinion is well-nigh an order to me – would it be wiser for us to continue our pursuit of Mokad, as opposed to dealing with the Crimson Maw?


    Ernie can't help but grumble. “That's hardly an answer...”

    Is anything else needed beside our military might, and the power of Tava's Righteous Fury, to defeat the threat posed by the Crimson Maw?


    Will we be more successful if we invade the Crimson Maw, instead of letting them invade us?


    Will the plots of Mokad and the Black Circle in Kai Kin come to fruition within the next month?


    Will destroying Mokad slow them down?


    Will the Black Circle plots, if successful, result in the return of Naradawk to Abernia?



    Are we capable of stopping the current set of plots of the Black Circle?


    In order to stop them, would it would be wise to strike at the Black Circle in Kai Kin?


    If we use Mordenkainen's Disjunction to destroy the Book of Lies, would the person who's life was protected by it be aware of its destruction?


    Can I defeat the champion of Maglubiyet?


    Is it the wisest thing for me to do, to stay here to protect Appleseed, given the other threats to the world?


    Will razing the Kin Kin Black Circle temple be enough to stop their plot?


    Is there a specific individual we need to destroy, in order to stop their plot?


    Is there a specific ritual we need to disrupt, in order to stop their plot?


    Huh. So the Black Circle is working on a plot that will bring Emperor Naradawk from Volpos, within a month? Now that's some news worth knowing! be continued...

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    Oooh, decisions, decisions. Which did the party go for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piratecat View Post
    Yup, that was me. Sagiro is as good, or better, with voices. Hearing Octesian or Shreen the Fair sets my skin crawling.
    I'd love to hear what Shreen the Fair sounds like.

    "I am unkillable, Dranko Blackhope."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everett View Post
    I'd love to hear what Shreen the Fair sounds like.
    Actually, we had Shreen posted on the board at one point, if memory serves.

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    Thanks for the updates Sagiro, both personal and the story hour.

    May I just say .. 'so long, and thanks for all the Bioshock'

    I can't belive you have a 5 year old! It doesnt seem that long ago you shared your photos of your Honeymoon in NZ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandain View Post
    Thanks for the updates Sagiro, both personal and the story hour.

    May I just say .. 'so long, and thanks for all the Bioshock'

    I can't belive you have a 5 year old! It doesnt seem that long ago you shared your photos of your Honeymoon in NZ.
    Yeah, I can't believe it either.

    Sagiro’s Story Hour, Part 313
    Familiar Risk

    Ernie, of course, still wants to deal with the Crimson Maw right away.

    Dranko shakes his head. “What if we get stuck in there, or time moves differently? Could we risk it? I mean, don't different onions have different times?”

    “It's a demiplane,” says Aravis. “Unless it actively makes us forget things, I'm not too worried.”

    Ernie furrows his brow. “A demiplane? Doesn't that make it more of a scallion?”

    “Forget the herbs!” cries Aravis. “Yes, there is a potential problem of time differential, but that aside, we can certainly get out if we can get in. There's always plane shift.

    “The Maw is clearly the lesser of the two evils,” says Morningstar.

    Aravis nods. “I agree. But before we deal with the Black Circle, we'll need to scout it out. I have a plan that will take a couple of days – I want to send a scouting party of cats to learn about the temple there. I think they owe me a debt of gratitude.”

    “There's another thing,” says Kibi. “If we want to deal with Mokad before doing anything else to the Black Circle, it's still going to be a couple of days before the ritual room in Kallor is ready to go.”

    So, over Morningstar's continuing objections, they decide to let Aravis implement his cats-as-spies plan and then deal with the Crimson Maw as quickly as they can.

    “Dealing with the Maw shouldn't take long,” says Aravis confidently. “We should hop in, grab Maglubiyet's Fang, and get out. If they can't move the opening, it'll no longer be an immediate threat.”

    * *

    Morningstar casts a sending to Plumpypuss at Aravis's request. We need the name of a cat in Kai Kin, preferably a stray. Reply 25 words or less. Morningstar

    The reply: There is a cat named Set-Set. I had some dealings with him years ago. If he's still alive, he's in the foreign quarter.

    Armed with that minimal information, Aravis scries Set-Set that evening. Through the sensor, and using darkvision, he sees an old and scrawny black ally cat resting on a low stone wall. With Pewter on his shoulder, Dranko stowed away in the flask of body pouring, and with a refuge token in his pocket, he teleports.

    Set-Set turns his head sharply at Aravis's arrival but otherwise stays put on the wall; he's too old to go jumping from the mere presence of humans.

    He meows. Pewter translates.

    “You're strangely like a cat.”

    “I am one of the Nine,” says Aravis.

    Set-Set rises slowly to his feet. “How did you sneak up on me so easily?”

    “I had magic,” says Aravis. “I used to see you from a distance and transport myself.”

    “Magic? I don't know that. How can I serve you?”

    Over the mind-link, Morningstar opines, “ I'll be Kai Kin has a prohibition against magic.”

    Aravis starts in on an explanation of how he needs a feline scouting team to infiltrate the Black Circle temple in the city. Set-Set seems extremely confused, and Pewter turns to his master.

    “Boss, he's just a cat. He's not very smart. He might get distracted by a mouse, and forget all about your instructions.”

    “We'll have to take that risk,” says Aravis.

    “Can't you do any Cat Lord mojo to make him smarter?”

    Aravis thinks for a second before pouring Dranko out of his flask.

    “Dranko, you carry our spare headband of intellect, right?”

    “Yeah. Why?”

    “I need this cat to be smarter.”

    Dranko hands over the headband before scrambling up the adjacent wall to get a better look at the city of Kai Kin. From the rooftop he takes in a broad view of this section of the city – presumably the Foreign Quarter. That would explain the mishmash of clothing styles, architecture and skin tones, and the wide variety of accents in the general cacophony of Kivian Common. He spots folk from Tev, Dir-Tolia, Djaw, Delfir, and even a couple from Charagan.

    The buildings are close-set and lean over narrow, winding streets. Though it is night, the Foreign Quarter is bright with lamps and loud with haggling and laughter. To the south-east Dranko sees the harbor, and to the northwest looms a thirty-foot stone wall.

    Aravis drapes the headband of intellect around Set-Set's neck like a collar, casts tongues, and tries his explanation again. When he describes the Black Circle temple, Set-Set shakes his head.

    “I've never seen anything like that.”

    “It's on the other side of the wall,” Aravis explains.

    “Oh. I've never been there.”

    Aravis sighs. Even with the headband, a normal cat still can't follow complex instructions. And this particular cat lacks the physical prowess he needs.

    “Boss,” Pewter implores, “Just send me. I'm a cat, I'm smart, I'm agile, and I already know exactly what I'm looking for.”

    Aravis gives his familiar a scratch. “I suppose you're right.” He bows to Set-Set, thanks him, and takes back the headband. Then he fishes out his refuge token and ties it around Pewter's neck.

    “See if you can organize some other cats to get inside the temple.”

    Pewter is skeptical. “Organize some cats? Er... ok, I'll do my best. What are your specific instructions?”

    “See if you can find the best way into that temple other than the front door, and anything else interesting.”

    “How long do I have?”

    “Two days. We'll meet back here.”

    Pewter grins. “I get two days to myself? Fantastic! Just promise me you'll take care of yourself. You're not going into that goblin place without me, right?”

    Aravis is a terrible liar. “Er. Um. No! Of course not!”


    “I didn't want to tell you,” Aravis admits. “I don't want you to worry.”

    “Of course I'll worry!” cries Pewter. “First of all, you need me in there. Second, you'll be in a demiplane, so if something happens to me, who bails me out?”

    “The token I tied around your neck. You bite it, you end up at the Greenhouse. And if I need you, I'll gate you in.”

    Dranko has dropped down from the rooftops and taps the wizard on the shoulder. “Aravis? I know you like cats and all, but why the hell aren't you turning me invisible and just flying me over the frickin' wall? I'll fly over the temple and get you all the intelligence you need.”

    “I can't cast invisibility.”

    “But you can cast fly. And I can stay hidden pretty well.”

    So Aravis does cast fly on Dranko. As he casts, someone pokes his head into the ally and watches curiously. His clothing identifies him as Dir-Tolian. Dranko thinks quickly.

    “Thank you so much sir!” he exclaims. “You healed my wound.”

    “You're welcome,” says Aravis.

    “Hello?” says the man. “Are you crazy? Did you just cast a spell on him?”

    Morningstar thinks over the telepathic link: “Did I mention I think there's a prohibition on spell-casting in Kai Kin?”

    “I healed him,” Aravis explains to the man.

    “By magic?” asks the Dir-Tolian, aghast.


    “Have you been here long?”


    “Did we make a horrible mistake?” asks Dranko.

    The Dir-Tolian looks shocked. “How could you have avoided knowing about the local custom?”

    “We came in around 3:00 in the morning,” Dranko explains.

    “It shouldn't matter! Regardless, I will tell you this for your own good. Do not let the city guard see you doing that! Or any magic of any kind!”

    “So there's a prohibition on magic?”

    “Of course there is! How could you not know that?”

    Aravis looks puzzled. “Where do people go for healing?”

    “They go to a temple, where magic is allowed.”

    “And what temples are here in the city?”

    The Dir-Tolian looks at Aravis like he's daft. “They have temples to Lotus and to the Black Circle, I know that much. But I have not spent any time outside the Foreign Quarter.”

    “Is there a Black Circle temple in the Foreign Quarter?” asks Dranko.

    “Of course not. Say, why were you in this alley in the first place?”

    “I heard him groaning in here,” says Aravis. “He was injured.”

    “And to what God are you a priest?” asks the Dir-Tolian.

    “Quarrol,” says Aravis.

    “Say,” says Dranko. “Can I buy you dinner, as a way of saying thank you for telling us about the no-magic thing?”

    Morningstar, over the mind-link: “I told you about the no magic thing!”

    Dranko gives the man a handful of miracs.

    “This is very kind!” exclaims the man. “My name is Fahlwyn, by the way. What are yours?”

    Dranko introduces himself as Three Slippery Slopes, while Aravis gives his name as Benson.

    “I have been to Kai Kin eleven times now,” says Fahlwyn. Every time, I am forced to endure, for half an hour, all of the rules and regulations of the city. One of the first things they tell you is: no magic! You should pay attention to those lectures. I realize you may not take them seriously, but the authorities in Kai Kin will kill you! They will execute you without a second thought, for any number of infractions that might seem minor to a foreigner.”

    Fahlwyn nods his head and departs the alley. Dranko and Aravis look at one another for a long moment.

    Morningstar's aggrieved thoughts come over the mind-link. “Good job, guys.”

    * *

    This time it's Aravis's turn to go in the flask, while Pewter rides in Dranko's pack. The half-orc flies up into the night and starts his aerial recon of Kai Kin. He is struck first by the huge size of the city – not quite as big as Djaw, but bigger than anything Charagan has to offer. The wall that separates the Foreign Quarter from the city proper continues well out into the harbor, and only Ocirian ships are docked on the “native” side.

    In stark contrast to the Foreign Quarter, the rest of Kai Kin is extraordinarily homogenous, especially for a place so large. The architectural style is mostly a uniform yellowing stone, with rounded red-tile roofs. Even more unusual is the constancy of upkeep and cleanliness; there are no slums, and no area that is obviously a high-society neighborhood. (Even a block away from a huge palace – that Dranko assumes is the seat of Ocirian governance – the buildings are of modest size and adornments.)

    Dranko selectively chooses a half-dozen rooftops around the city that are high, flat, and not easily seen from either the ground or other rooftops. At each of these he pours Aravis out, so that the wizard can study the place for possibly emergency teleports.

    “Let me warn you,” says Aravis. “Don't start thinking of me as your own private genie.”

    Dranko just grins.

    It takes a few hours of slow, sneaky flight before Dranko comes across what is obviously the main Black Circle property in the city. It's comprised of fifteen buildings on a sprawling several-acre campus, with the majority of the acreage covered in parks and gardens. Walkways and benches are dotted here and there throughout. One building – the largest by a good amount – is most likely the main chapel.

    A few armed men patrol the grounds, but they seem at ease. From time to time a person in black robes leaves one building and walks unhurriedly to another. There's no sign at all of anything sinister in the offing.

    “Pewter, new plan” says Aravis. “Scout out the place, and see if you can get other cats to help, but don't bother finding your way back to the Foreign Quarter. We'll contact you in two days. If you haven't heard from us by then, use the token.”

    “No worries, boss. I'll get you your intel. Just don't get yourself killed while you're gone.”

    After dropping Pewter off a few blocks from the Black Circle temple, they teleport back to Victory. For all of his confidence in his familiar, Aravis feels bereft.

    “Kai Kin sucks!” Dranko announces. “Magic isn't allowed – Morningstar, you could have warned us about that – and everything is the same, and they keep all the foreigners in their own walled-off section.”

    “Right,” says Aravis, eager to make some progress. “Onto the Crimson Maw!” be continued...

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    Never. Split. The party.

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    We meant to make it a nice, fast errand. We got lucky it didn't turn completely pear-shaped on us, but it sets the stage nicely for my favorite party-splitting of all time.

    And anyways, the Crimson Maw is a bunch of goblins. We're about 18th level at this point. How much challenge can stinkin' goblins be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piratecat View Post
    We're about 18th level at this point. How much challenge can stinkin' goblins be?
    I have heard those words before. Usually right before the PCs in my run take a header down the stairway of life. This is gonna be a fun read when it gets posted.

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    Just finished reading the whole thing. This is just a plain awesome story, and I am immensely grateful that you have devoted so many hours to writing it up.

    A couple of questions, if you don't mine:
    1) At one point, Kay committed a significant portion of the Yrimpa race to a single military operation - did it work, or was it a trap after all?
    2) Something that's bugged me for a while: in Het Branoi, when the Vree machine malfunctioned and attracted the terrible Cleaners, Piratecat wrote:
    As far as we can tell, it was like taking a battery pocket flashlight
    and hooking it up to a 220-volt power line. The machine was calibrated for Kibi, not Kibi and two freakin’ artifacts, and the surge in power through the
    Way drew the Cleaners like moths to a flame.

    You should have seen Sagiro’s face as he realized the consequences of what Kibi was doing. It’s fair to say that this wasn’t how he expected the run to go!
    So had Kibi not taken the Eyes into the Machine, would the quest have been over? And if so, how to get the third Eye? It's hard to believe that the Vree machine really would have worked, given how much of the Ways were still unexplored at that point.

    3) Way back in the Crosser's Maze, the party was given a list of 8 questions and had to pick one to answer. But many of these alluded to things that were only resolved years (real-time) later, like Aravis being 'like a cat'. Were you really prepared to answer all 8 questions at the time--and if so, have any of the answers changed in the meantime?

    Again, thanks so much! It's awesome and an inspiration.

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