[OOC] [Eberron] Beer n Pretzles Keep on the Shadowfell
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    [OOC] [Eberron] Beer n Pretzles Keep on the Shadowfell

    edit: closed now. Might take one or two more if people ask nicely (just cause there isn't much 4e around yet). There are a lot of fantastic 4e games around now and more starting up. I'm dis-inclined to try to take more folks on the basis of that.

    If you're really having trouble getting into games I'd want to consider including people.

    • Walking Dad (Human Warlock)
    • stonegod (HE Cleric)
    • kinem (Dwarf Fighter)
    • EvKB ("Lizardman" Paladin)
    • Enekose (Elvin Ranger)

    The game will be straight KotS with whatever web enhancements come out (supposedly they'll be correcting the pregens and providing some Eberron material to go with it next week).

    Ground rules
    • WotC Published pregens; using the updated rules (you must update to the newest version, so if you play the halfling paladin from DnD Experience you're still using the corrected mark power)
    • you can "swap out" powers/feats for any other WotC published powers/feats
    • Six - eight person groups (if people drop I can just feed them to the monsters and carry on)
    • No more than two of the same pregen character
    • You're expected to post every 24 hours or so on the weekdays; if you don't I may "go for you". (More likely if it's your action and I haven't heard from you, less likely if not)
    • If you post on time and in character you'll get +2 to whatever you're doing brownie points. edit: Remembering to add +2 to everything was giving me a headache.
    • Each character must be eberronified; I.e. the should fit into a game being run in the WotC setting called Eberron (don't kill yourself with a complex back story if you don't feel like it)
    • Character applications must follow the template (more or less)
    • Combat posts should follow the template too, if you don't reflect updated info (like say the +2 to defenses you get the round after you use second wind) then you (probably) won't get the benefit.
    • My goal is to run good, fast, low-stress games. If you've a proven history of posting regularly in past games you're more likely to be accepted. (Life is life, but this exercise is supposed to be fun-roleplaying, disappearing players makith things a bit stressful for everyone).
    • edit: The posts do not have to be extremely detailed. Die rolling is optional. I just need to know what, basically, you're trying to do.
    • Everyone takes vacations/has busy periods. If you post/email/PM me before hand to let me know you're away then we'll work something out (at the very least I guarantee you won't suffer in game)
    • I expect you to work to avoid finding out about KotS; don't read spoilers, etc
    • Probably start in media(sp?) res at the first encounter.
    • added: Your characters are traveling together looking for Douven ir'Staul a Clifftop fixture who disappeared several months ago. He was a mentor an inveterate explorer of old ruins and often mentored young adventurers and other assorted neir-do-wells. So you should have some reason why you'd be out traveling with a bunch of strangers looking for him (his wife a fetching Khoravar named Lissa has been asking around trying to get people to find him).
      Clifftop is a neighborhood in Sharn (Upper Dura) that predominantly caters to adventurers.


    Don't kill yourself with this. A couple of lines are fine. For the stat block best effort is fine.

    Character Name:
    Current Nationality:
    Nation of Birth:
    Rank (if any) you held during the Last War:
    Pregen you're using:
    Any modifications: (links please! so if you want use one of the other warlord powers (or whatever) please link to your source)

    Why would you go looking for Douven ir'Staul?

    Stat block

    If you can stonegod's beauuutifulstat block.
    But anything is fine if I can read it.

    Running any games (on Enworld or elsewhere)

    All things being equal I'll take people who are DM/GM/ST/Keepering PbP games over people who aren't. I think that's fair really.

    Some useful posts:
    Action points in 4e
    Temp rules for Stealth & Stuff #1 #2
    Some simple healing rules to tide us over.
    And some simple stuff about marking.
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