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    Anything else about a wizard's spellbook. Is it just for being able to choose between alternate powers in the morning, or is there something else that it is used for too?


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    Alchemy/overall item creation. Don't just say "Buy our next book!" because that just makes me want to pirate the damn thing.

    Skills. More and more and more skills info. If we're gonna play 4e, I need to know what to start house ruling

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    I'll put in another vote for Warlock stuff and rituals. I suppose magic item creation falls under rituals... but really that's probably add Residuum, mix in gold and roll the D20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DdraigGoch
    Information on MM races vital to Eberron.

    Particularly shifters!

    Quote Originally Posted by MMKyt
    List of paragon & epics paths.

    And more on rituals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirex


    And more on rituals.
    Rituals seem really really popular. Let's hope the preview on the 28th will shine some light. Something we didn't think of yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FitzTheRuke
    It's also LISTED in KotS on page 65.
    Ah, cool, thank you for the info. I misread the FAQ at Wizards' site as saying the rule would be found in the PHB. Picking up KotS tomorrow!

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    I'd would like to know:

    If Clerics have the ability to use shields.

    Oh, and anything on deities is good too (fluff or crunch).
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    Personally, I am happy with the crunch that has been revealed so far but want to know more fluffy stuff from the DMG becuase I hope WoTC have learned from the fact that the 3.5 DMG was actually a very poor resource;

    specifically; what is the PoL area/town like that has been stated as in the DMG? I want to see how WoTC envisage this concept in play. They said that they had included a section not unlike Salt Marsh from DMG II and stuck it in the 4E DMG. Are there any adventure sites associated with this town?

    I would also like to know how explicitly they reveal the maths behind the system in the DMG; i.e. do they reveal enough that we can really mod the system to completely eliminate stuff we don't like. If they do, then this makes the game much more customisable and I am really hoping this section is big.

    I am also interested to see what they produce in terms of actual DMing advice. I love this kind of stuff and feel you can always learn something new from this.

    I would also like to know more about the default setting that includes Nerath, Bael Turath and other places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiggly the Gnome
    As much info as possible on PC Gnomes, especially the stat mods.
    Isn't a race as smart and charming as the gnome worth the wait?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WotC_Logan
    Isn't a race as smart and charming as the gnome worth the wait?
    +2 Int and Cha? Thanks Logan.
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