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    Knightfall's Realmsian Dragonstar (Updated: Sept 08/10)

    Ok, the story you are about to read is actually a planned three book story hour that describes how I am incorporating the Forgotten Realms into my Dragonstar campaign, Arcanum of the Stars. [Book One has been completed for some time now and I'm partially through Book Two.]

    In truth, Arcanum of the Stars will be more than just Toril in the Dragonstar Universe. It is influenced by a great number of roleplaying concepts.

    I wrote Book One of this SH just as the Dragonstar Starfarer's Handbook came out but have now updated it slightly after reading through the Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy. [Those that have been posting over at the DSD20 Yahoo Group from its inception will likely remember this story.]

    I had planned to write more of this story hour in late 2003 but became distracted by my many other writing projects and Real LifeTM issues. It also didn't help that Fantasy Flight Games decided to cancel the Dragonstar product line.

    However, I am now planning to get back to it. I think the hiatus is over but don't quote me on that.


    Robert Blezard, a.k.a. Knightfall1972
    Edmonton, Alberta

    Updated January 4, 2009

    Go here, to read more about my overall Dragonstar campaign concept.
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    Robert Blezard

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