4E The Retaking of Forgehold OOC-4E (Full)
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    The Retaking of Forgehold OOC-4E (Full)

    The Retaking of Forgehold

    JOIN US!

    The Great Merchant Houses of Deluna and Verhaun are currently for brave and hardy individuals to help reclaim the ancient trade city of Forgehold. Founded by the Dwarven King Rolvik ages ago, the city was a nexus of trade amongst the dwarves and it is here that Nerath's great Dwarven Road ends. When Nerath fell, so did Forgehold. The resources this city holds cannot be left to enrich the goblins that infest its ruins. We will fight to take back the city and you can join in the prosperity!

    You see this notice pasted up near a tavern you frequent... the offer seems intriguing and you are eager to test your mettle.

    A powerful alliance of trade houses, nobles and dwarf clans are seeking to rebuild Forgehold for many purposes.
    The creatures in the city are mostly scattered about but many are refusing to leave. A Small town has been erected against the South gate of the city. The characters will start off coming to the Town and getting mission in the wild parts of the city. There are rumors that there was something DARK in the Dwarf city that drove them off. There are many little intrigue laden reasons why any individual character might be coming here.

    I am running a short "campaign", basically levels 1-2, maybe up to three about the retaking of the outer wards of this city. Play will involve a little intrigue, a little combat and hopefully some surprises.

    Feel free to posts character ideas. I'd like 5 players. I'll run with 3-6.
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    I wasn't planning on buying the books, but wanted to nevertheless give 4e a try. When you say campaign, are you thinking just an adventure for 1st level characters or going all the way? I'd be interested in playing something over the first few levels, which I can probably manage without the books from all the preview material and character sheets we've seen, although I might need help levelling up.


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    I could be interested. I must tell it will greatly depend on the campaign itself.

    I've already start to play it table top. Only one short session as a Fey pact Warlock, but it gave me a good impression. I would be willing to try it over PbP.

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    I'm interested in having a go at 4e, but I don't have the books. I'd be happy to take up the slack with whatever role the party needed, if people didn't mind giving me a hand with the rules.

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    Maybe I could do this as just a short low-heroic campaign just to get our feet we, then have a ending point. Those who wanted could continue, and those who don't could bail out.

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    I am currently writing up a description of my idea.

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    Block SarahRequiem

    Name: Angel Wolfe
    Race: Human
    Class: Warlock (infernal)
    Level: 1
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 135

    Strength: 10 (+0)
    Constitution: 18 (+4)
    Dexterity: 10 (+0)
    Inteligence: 16 (+3)
    Wisdom: 8 (-1)
    Charisma: 14 (+2)

    Alignment: Unaligned
    Deity: -none-
    Languages: Common, Deep Speech
    Initiative: +0
    Speed: 6
    Passive Insight: 14
    Passive Perseption: 9

    Armor class: 15
    Foritude: 15
    Reflex: 15
    Will : 14

    HP: 30
    Healing surges: 10
    Healing Value: 7

    Acrobatics: 0
    Arcana: +3
    Atheltics: 0
    Bluff (trained): +7
    Diplomacy: +2
    Dungeoneering: -1
    Endurence: +4
    Heal: -1
    History (trained): +8
    Insight (trained): +4
    Intimidate: +2
    Nature: -1
    Perception: -1
    Religion (trained): +8
    Stealth: 0
    Streetwise (trained): +7
    Thievery: 0

    Class Features:
    Curse (1d6)
    Dark One's Blessing


    Eldritch Blast (range 10)
    +4 vs reflex. 1d10+4

    Hellish Rebuke (range 10)
    +4 vs reflex. 1d6+4 (fire). 1d6+4(fire) if I take damage before the end of my next turn

    EyeBite (range 10)
    +2 vs will. 1d6+2. I am invisible to my target until the start of my next turn.

    Diabolical Grasp (range 10)
    +4 vs fort. 2d8+4. slide target 4 squares

    Flames of Phleogethos (range 10)
    +4 vs reflex. 3d10+4 (fire). ongoing 5 (fire)
    Human Perseverance: +1 to saving throws
    Action Surge: +3 hit after using an action point
    Dagger (1lb)
    +3 vs ac. 1d4

    Leather Armor (15lb)

    Standard Adventurer's kit: (33lb)
    Standard Adbenturer's Kit

    Backpack (2lb)
    BedRoll (5lb)
    Flint and Steel
    Belt Puch (.5lb)
    Trail Rations (10) (10lb)
    Rope, Hempen (50ft) (10lb)
    Sun Rods (2) (2lb)
    Waterskin (4lb)

    49lb / 100lb



    Angel is a tall, attractive young woman with long flowing black hair and deep blue eyes. Her unusual pale skin suggests she spends more time indoor than outdoor, or simply avoids the sun. She doesnt smile much and is generaly pretty shy and will avoid social confrontation unless necessary. Her usual attire consists of tight dark leather pants with high boots decorated with belts and buckles. She wears a finely crafted leather armor, designed like a corset. Most often than not, she wears a hooded cloak on top of she armor. Her eyes can be seen shinning with fiery magic when she fires her infernal powers...


    Angel was raised within one of the too many wicked cult of Orcus. She grew up seeing many horrors a child should never see. In her late teenage years, her father, one of the leader of the cult, saw her potential and wanted to prepare her to take over his role when he dies. He had her successfully perform a ritual to make a pact with a demon. Angel did not wait much longer and used her newfound powers to escape the cult and start her life over. For the past 2 years, Angel been traveling, hiding and always on the move hoping that the cult of orcus never find her again.


    at level 2:
    feat: Linguist (Primordial, Supernal, Abyssal)

    Fiendish resilience (daily) gain temporary HP 5 + constitution mod.

    at level 3:

    Encounter Power:
    Fiery Bolt. range 10
    con vs reflex. 3d6+con (fire). All adjacent creatures take 1d6+con+int(fire)

    at level 4:
    Feat: Arcane Initiate. Arcana skill training.
    Encounter power:
    Scorching burst. burst 1 in range 10
    int vs fortitude. 1d6+int (fire)

    Ability increase: +1 constitution, +1 intelligence

    at level 5:
    Daily Power:
    Hunger of Hadar. Burst 1 in range 10
    Zone of darkness, block line of sight. 2d10(necrotic)
    sustain (minor):
    each creature in the zone. +con vs fort. 1d6+con (necrotic)

    at level 6:
    Feat: alertness

    Utility Power:
    Feyswitch (encounter) range 10
    me and a willing ally switch place through teleportation.

    at level 7:
    Encounter Power:
    Howl of Doom. Close blast 3
    con vs fortitude. 2d6+con (thunder). Push targets 1+int squares

    at level 8:
    Feat: Improved Initiative

    Ability Increase: +1 constitution, +1 intelligence

    at level 9:
    Daily Power:
    Iron Spike of Dis. Range 10
    con vs reflex. 3d10+con. target is immobilized (save ends)

    at lv10:
    Feat: Toughness
    Utility Power:
    Shielding Shades (daily). personal, immediate reaction.
    damage received is reduced to 0.
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    Block SarahRequiem


    Mal! You live in Longueuil?! I used to live there until 2 months ago. I've been living in Brandon, Manitoba since.

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    Finally, make a change to my character, he will be a Tiefling. I really didn't knew what to give him as a Dilettante power, and I like the Infernal Wrath, it make good use of his Charisma.

    I agree we lack a controller in this group, which is more striker oriented. I could do a change and go for wizard instead of ranger for my multiclass feat, as we have many striker already and it gives my warlord a more striker edge.

    @Sarah: Yes, Mal lives in Longueuil. He is a good friend fo mine. I used to live there too for a few years before moving to Montreal itself.

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    Is S2 already dead?

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