4E The Retaking of Forgehold OOC-4E (Full)
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    The Retaking of Forgehold OOC-4E (Full)

    The Retaking of Forgehold

    JOIN US!

    The Great Merchant Houses of Deluna and Verhaun are currently for brave and hardy individuals to help reclaim the ancient trade city of Forgehold. Founded by the Dwarven King Rolvik ages ago, the city was a nexus of trade amongst the dwarves and it is here that Nerath's great Dwarven Road ends. When Nerath fell, so did Forgehold. The resources this city holds cannot be left to enrich the goblins that infest its ruins. We will fight to take back the city and you can join in the prosperity!

    You see this notice pasted up near a tavern you frequent... the offer seems intriguing and you are eager to test your mettle.

    A powerful alliance of trade houses, nobles and dwarf clans are seeking to rebuild Forgehold for many purposes.
    The creatures in the city are mostly scattered about but many are refusing to leave. A Small town has been erected against the South gate of the city. The characters will start off coming to the Town and getting mission in the wild parts of the city. There are rumors that there was something DARK in the Dwarf city that drove them off. There are many little intrigue laden reasons why any individual character might be coming here.

    I am running a short "campaign", basically levels 1-2, maybe up to three about the retaking of the outer wards of this city. Play will involve a little intrigue, a little combat and hopefully some surprises.

    Feel free to posts character ideas. I'd like 5 players. I'll run with 3-6.
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