Grit in 4e - how will YOU do it?
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    Grit in 4e - how will YOU do it?

    There seems to be a large interest for the more gritty games here on the boards, and I got to thinking: how are you going to go about combining the (apparent) ease of play and sound math of 4e with a more visceral feel?

    I know in my games, I am at the very least going to rule that a character isn't hit in any way in combat until he/she is bloodied. Maybe also introduce injuries; after being hit severely (down to 1/4 hp, maybe? Or just 1/2), they can only heal up to their bloodied hp value until they receive treatment. I'd also reduce the amount of treasure the PCs get (incorporating the 'magic item bonus' into their sats as per DMG guidelines) to stop them from bathing in gold pieces.

    Another thing I'd like to see is hunger; now, I don't have the books, so I don't know if this is in or not, but I'm going to assume it isn't. My rule would be that you can go one day before you have to start making Endurance checks or be fatigued or similar the rest of the day. After two days you get a penalty to movement, and after three days you start taking damage (don't have any specifics for this yet). The DC would be 12 + 1/2 the PC's level (to account for the skill bonus) + n (where n is the number of days since the PC last ate. The number is cumulative, meaning the bonus gets added to the previous bonuses; one day is +3, two days is +5 (1+2), three days is +8 (3+3), four days is +12 (6+4), and so on. As an example, at level 4, if Regdar has gone three days without food, he has to make a DC 17 Endurance check or suffer penalties.

    So, how do you plan on making your games grittier?

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    See my house rules in the house rules forum. And why the hell was this thread moved to general RPG discussion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serensius
    Another thing I'd like to see is hunger; now, I don't have the books, so I don't know if this is in or not, but I'm going to assume it isn't.
    It's in. DMG, page 159. As with your system, Endurance checks are used.

    For hit points/healing I'd go the other way - all hits cause physical damage but aren't healed by one extended rest. Perhaps limit healing surges to one per day.

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    Criticals. This is going to sound like a plug, so let's just embrace that. Final Redoubt Press plans on releasing a critical hit system called Critical Matters on Oct 1st, which has over a thousand critical results. Things get a lot grittier when you have to worry about bleeding to death.

    But on a less commercial note, the main thing that makes the new rules ungritty for me is the ease of healing. If you just did something like say that damage from normal criticals (not the ones in my product, so we move away from this being a plug) don't heal quickly, that would go a long way. Saying you need magic to heal certain wounds, or more than the normal amount of time would make it grittier. Of course, that shifts power from the warlord to the cleric, but its something to consider.

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    when my dwarf tide of iron's the final kobold into place and begins smashing their kobold heads into kobold goo, and the pc's return home to find kobold vengence taken on their very not kobold town and kinsmen I hope they find it dark and gritty enough.

    I don't think i need addittional rules, ( and I also feel those rules often fail to perform if you will humour me)


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    Never, EVER, use rules that you don't need. I'm writing that product cause I need criticals. I figure I might as well sell it to others with the same addiction.

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    Honestly, I am just going to use the rules as they are (but give the no-magic item bonus) and simply use descriptions to create the grit.

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