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    The Raven Marches

    The Raven Marches

    Campaign: 3.5
    Recruiting: 3-6 Players

    The Raven Marches
    IC Thread Rogues Gallery

    The Raven Marches a bitterly cold barren expanse of land upon the edge of the Seldom Sea. Here cling the last vestiges of civilization, rogues rebels and refugees all. However, within the last twenty years a small community of Kilmarian refugees have formed a beacon of civilization and order in these harsh lands – Daunton. Kilmar having fallen before the fell power of the Cambion Thandegast.

    You have arrived in Daunton, for reasons of your own, to find yourself pressed into the towns militia. Daunton demands a heavy price for the safety of her walls and she takes payment in advance. You find yourself signed up for two weeks service, which will grant you citizenship for one year and weaponry and armor as appropriate.

    Play will begin swiftly as you are bundled in with strangers and sent off into the wilds to pacify a threat to Daunton's precious farmland. Your squad, the Crimson Hawks, has been tasked with dispatching a tribe of goblins who have raided several farms.

    Daunton will serve as a permanent base for the Campaign, it has many guilds, churches, and even two adventuring societies. Since the lands surrounding Daunton are so perilous adventurers are often sought after and you should find no shortage of work. If the players are interested they will have the opportunity to purchase a business early on in the game, this will provide a steady source of income with the option to increase profits based upon the parties actions.

    Character Cration: 36 point buy.

    Starting gold will be maximum for your character class + up to 50gp in weapons or armor only from the militia, you may also spend this on items such as Alchemist's Fire an Acid. You may select items worth more than 50gp and "pay" the militia the remaining amount, enabling you to use the 50gp towards a Chainshirt for example.

    Flaws: You may take none, select one, or roll for two, this will be a d12 role on Invisible Castle - though there are 13 flaws it is doubtful that any of you will be eligable for the pathetic flaw so it will be removed. Flaws will be in the order they are in on the SRD, the first being 1, etc.

    Books permitted: All Core, all Completes, all Races except Dragon, all Environment (Frostburn, Sandstorm, Stormwrack, Dungeonscape), Heroes of Horror, Heroes of Battle, Unearthed Arcana, Expanded Psionics Handbook, and Player's Handbook II. There will be exceptions from these books, most of which are common. For example no Frenzied Berserker, Divine Metamagic, Sudden Feats, etc. You may propose material from other books.

    Races: All PHB, Grey Elves, Wood Elves, Gold Dwarves, Forest Gnomes, Shifters, Changelings, Kalashtar, check with me for anything else without a level adjustment.

    Pantheon: Standard PHB as well as anything from Complete Divine and the XPH.

    The Seldom Sea: The Northern sea which freezes over to a fraction of its size in the winter, sometimes even creating a path between the Raven Marches and the vast frozen landmass of Glimmar. Whaling ships ply the sea and their crews tell tall tales of Icebergs and great sea serpents which stalk the iron blue waves.

    The Fist of Kalkan: A range of five vast mountains thrust up incongorously in the middle of the Raven Marches. Home to many dangerous monsters and the ruined dwarfhold of Grakbranar. The Hammerfrost holds lie scattered amidst the smaller foothills, these clans made up of refugees from seven centuries ago when they were driven from Grakbranar.

    The Ebondark Forest: Thankfully a few days travel from Daunton the Ebondark is a place of nightmares and shadows, evil fey are rumored to hold court their and folk tails tell of a being known as the Shadow Prince.

    The Serpent Mire: Daunton's farmland is able to sustain the city in large part because of the warm air which comes from the Serpent Mire. This brakish swamp's water is warm to the touch being fed by a multitude of hot springs. As its name suggests the Serpent Mire is home to a great number of snakes, as well as crocodiles, lizardmen and according to more fanciful rumors serpentfolk and even dragons.

    Marr: The nearest settlement is a cesspool, home to the Pirate fleet of Thorgar the Childeater and several bandit bands. Marr's fabled Longman is also purportedly the ruler of Daunton's thieves guild the Swordfish.

    Daunton: A Town of around 9,000, ruled by the Council of Worthies – guild leaders, a few powerful merchants, and the commanders of the watch and militia. The town has numerous guilds, churches, and even two adventuring societies.
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