Fifth Sepulcher - Short Combat-adventure
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    Fifth Sepulcher - Short Combat-adventure

    I'm looking for 4-5 people for a short 1-shot adventure from the Legends of Lair Instant Adventure series.

    While I've been a player for some years now, Im quite new to the DM scene. So in addition to my SoG game I would like to try my hands on a higher level game. Consider this game a place for me to try out how things work at this level ("High" level for me, yes), from this side of the Screen.

    Inspired by Jemal's labyrinth combat game and the fact that I do this to test out more stuff than "just" character interaction, this will be a (mostly) combat focused little thing.
    Also, I know 4e will be out soon, but my economy tells me it will be a while yet before I can put my hands on that, so will be in 3.5

    Starting level 12
    Stats: 36 point buy.
    HP: Max first level, then average+1 levels thereafter.
    88,000 gold.
    Sources: At the moment Im only in posession of Php, dmg, MM, MM3. Complete arcane, divine, warrior and adventurer.
    Unearthed Arcana: Racial variants and class variants allowed.
    Material from other sources might be OK if you supply the info I need.

    As a last note, everything submitted will have to be approved. Meaning I reserve myself the right of saying no to anything.


    The Fifth Sepulcher

    No sooner had you announced your names to the guards who stood upon the gates of Brynmoor, than you were rushed with all due haste to the castle and told that you would soon be granted audience before the King. Now you wait in the empty throne room.

    A royal fanfare sounds from unseen trumpets, and a concealed panel behind the throne slips aside. A man who must be King Daqan steps through it and stands before you. You see a sadness in his eyes that is well masked, but not hidden.

    "A forthnight ago a man was killed within the very walls of this castle. And in the days since then one deadly murder after another has been commited, and we have found ourselves helpless to thwart them. We know the undead lie behind these horrendous atrocities, but we do not know how or why. They strike without warning, entering our most secure chambers.
    Then, two days ago..."
    His voice trails off, and he stands motionless through a tense silence.

    "Two days ago, my daughter was kidnapped from her chambers. They have taken her. I know not where I..." His voice breaks, and his face twists in anguish. Then, as quickly as the moment came, it is gone. His voice is that of granite and steel, and his eyes pierce deeply into your own.

    "My finest knights fight against the hordes on the frontier, and I fear that tgere remains none within this city with skill enough to save us from this evil which has descended upon our realm. Will you help us?"

    "Will you help me?"
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    Sign me up, always ready for some high level badassery. What I play depends upon the books available, but if Complete Warrior is available I am leaning towards a Dervish.

    Can we assume starting DMG wealth per level?

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    hey, sounds like fun! i have this character from a dead thread (over zelous Paladins- the dm went ot forth ed) :

    [sblock=gerard hampton]


    work in progress
    str   12   +1   4 pt     rogue 2/sorcerer 1     cl 3
    dex   15   +2   8 pt     hp:19      exp: 3000
    con   14   +2   6 pt     bab:+1     grapp: +2
    int   15   +2   8 pt     Init: +6
    wis   12   +1   4 pt  
    chr   15   +2   8 pt
    SAVES:  base abil   misc  total
    Fort      0      +2     --      +2
    Reflex    3      +2     --      +5
    will      2      +1     --      +3
    ARMOR CLASS;   15
    TOUCH           13
    FLATFOOTED:    12
    type           bonus: max dex: sp fail: ACP:  Mv:   wt
    Leather armor     +2      +6        10%     -0    30     15.0 
    dodge (feat)      +1
    dex               +2
                  att   dam     crit   range  type
    Rapier           +3   d6 +1   18-20/X2   ---      P
    Lite Cross bow   +2   d8      19-20/x2   80       P
    Dagger           +3   d4 +1   19-20/x2   10      P/S
    Mace, lite       +3   d6 +1      x2      ---      B
    Sneak attack (class)
    Trap finding (class)
    Evasion (class)
    Practiced Spellcaster (exch for summ familiar (class))
    Improved Inititive (Human)
    Dodge (char lev 1)
    Weapon Finesse (Char lev 3)
    Skill points 60
    SKILLS:                  Ranks Abil  misc    total
    Appraise (r) int          +2     +2   --       +4
    Balence (r) dex           +2     +2   --       +4
    Bluff (r,S) cha           +1     +2   --       +3
    Climb (r) str             +3     +1   --       +4
    Conctr (S) con            +2     +2   --       +4
    Craft , carving(r,S) int  +1     +2   --       +3
    Dciph Script (r) int      +1     +2   --       +3
    Diplomacy (r) cha         +1     +2   --       +3
    Disable Dev (r) int       +4     +2   --       +6
    Disguise (r) cha          +1     +2   --       +3
    Esc Art (r) dex           +2     +2   --       +4
    Gath info (r) cha         +2     +2   --       +4
    Hide (r) dex              +4     +2   --       +6
    Jump (r) str              +2     +1   --       +3
    Know: Arcana (S) int      +1     +2   --       +3
    Know: local (r) int       +1     +2   --       +3
    Listen (r) wis            +4     +1   --       +5
    Move silent (r) dex       +4     +2   --       +6
    Open Locks (r) dex        +4     +2   --       +6
    Search (r) int            +4     +2   --       +6
    Sense Motive (r) wis      +1     +1   --       +2
    Slight of Hand (r) dex    +2     +2   --       +4
    Spell Craft (S) int       +1     +2   --       +3
    Spot (r)wis               +4     +1   --       +5
    Swim (r) str              +1     +1   --       +2
    Tumble (r) dex            +4     +2   --       +6
    Use Mag Dev (r) cha       +1     +2   --       +3
    Use Rope (r) dex          +1     +2   --       +3
    LANGUAGES: Keldonian (Beyan), Trade, Dormithien, Caven
    SPELLS:(casts spells at up to +4 levs from feat: praticed spell caster) 
    Casts as third level)
    spells per day:       spells known:
    lv 0: 5 + 1 (cha) = 6     4
    lv 1: 3 + 1 (cha) = 4     2
    * denotes spell compendium
    0 level:
    Acid Splash
    Disrupt Undead
    *Silent Portal
    1st level:
    magic missle
    *low light vision
    EQUIPMENT:        cost      weight
    ** denotes magic item compendium
    leather armor        10.00      15.0 lb
    Rapier,mw, +1      2320.00       2.0
    Xbow, lt             35.00       4.0
       boltws, mw x20   140.00       2.0
    Dagger x3             6.00       3.0
    mace, lt              5.00       4.0
    Backpack              2.00       2.0
    Bedroll               0.10       5.0
    Flint/steel           1.0       ----
    Grapple               1.0        4.0
    Rope, silk (100')    20.00       5.0
    rataions x7           3.50       7.0
    sunrods x6           14.00       6.0
    carving tools         5.00       5.0
    spell comp pouch      5.00       2.0
    thieve's tools, mw  100.00       2.0
    whetstone             0.02       1.0
    torch                 0.05       5.0 
    case, scroll          1.00       0.5
    explorer's oputfit    ---       ----
    **Armband of elusive action (M72)    800 gp  
    **Amulet of aquatic salvation(M68)   500 gp
    **Boots of landing(M77)              500 gp
    **Arcainist's gloves(M72)            500 gp
    Cash:     31 gp   3 sp   3 cp


    generl notes for now:

    Born to a prostitute near the docks, he was mostly raised by the madamm or the house...she always taught him how to be shrewed, but also a kindness that she showed to her girls. when his mother was working the streets on night, she run afoul of some dormitian slavers who were trying to take her on a more permanant basis, killing her when she resisted fiercely. the madamm heard of the incursion and sent her own possee after them with the words, "I'll teach them filthy slavers to keep their thievin' hands off my girls!"

    this pretty much started an overnight war between dormitians and this one house...he escaped when the fight was brought to his 'home' and as the building burned, he was slipped out the windo to the streets to far as he knows, he alone survived....

    living off the streets as a youngster means only one occupation: thievery. food snatching that led to pickpocketing and cutpurses which led to plain street thuggery. he found a gang that dealt in those things, but once again there was competition for territory and befor he knew it there was a war going on, where all of his gang were killed or assimilated save him...once again he alone escaped...

    Still needing to eat, so he started honing his skills in a more refined form of thievery: cat a joint, raid it, sell the stuff and then eat for the first time in a week! that is untill he cased the wrong joint...that of the home and temple of Ge' Chen, sorcerer of the dragon blood (rread: dragon heratage)

    this kind old man actually caught the young lad sneaking in his home while he had just sat down to a quiet evening of rice and vedgies...he followed him about his house watching how he showed the greatest respect for every thing there, with the exception of the occasionallly snached eaaasy to sell trinket. as the young Gerard was redeaying his exit, the ancient master spoke up, asking him what he wanted with the items he had taken, he answered in the only thing that came to mind: the truth. with an audible gulp, he spoke of eating, bathing and maybe some new clothing.the kind old master was wise so he invited him to joing him for food at his table. While Gerard ate and talked, the wise old master listened and watched...the bow was showning strange, yet familiar actions...while only a lit candle was all that illuminated the room Gerard was able to see even in the dimmist of light available (lo light vision)

    this was only possible by the talent of a scerer like himself. He explaind many thing to gerard about what he might have experienced and invited him to stay the night...with the promise that he will let him keep the trinkets taken if he would listen to master Chen in the morning with the audince of one other. the next morning found gerard hampton under warm blankes and a roof over his head. a cup of hot tea, wam bath water soap and clean clothing were in the room as well....the smell of breakfast was just starting to reach his nostrols and that is all it took for him to geet moving.

    tea drank, body washed and clean clothing donned, he waks to the commen room to find master chen and one other (none other then Wyace himself). the old master spoke of in born energies that can be shaped and called forth, that he wanted to help him under stand them and to hone his abilities and at the cost of jsut learning.Gerard was hooke...friiendships were made over time, and he actually saw the old master as his faather...over the past year Gerard has now learned how to use those energies, but the old hatred was always just under the serface...the dormithian slavers would pay someday...

    General information:

    learned dormithian so as to plan his revenge against the slavers who killed his mother,

    learned trade from being near the docks and living on the streets,

    Caven learned from the street life and from the old master both as ways to warn others phisically.

    escaped the fires of his past and the cold of the lonley nights by the spell Endure elements

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    Heh thanks for the shout out, how could I pass this up?
    I have two concepts I could use for this:
    The Nameless one (Inspired by the 'bulletproof monk' movie, not by any lack of finding a name).. Ranger/Monk/Horizon Walker/Tatooed Monk


    Spirit Shaman/Monk/Sacred Fist.

    both would require use of completes.

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    Ok, character creation, lets see..

    Starting level 12
    Stats: 36 point buy.
    HP: Max first level, then average+1 levels thereafter.
    88,000 gold.
    Sources: At the moment Im only in posession of Php, dmg, MM, MM3. Complete arcane, divine, warrior and adventurer.
    Unearthed Arcana: Racial variants and class variants allowed.
    Material from other sources might be OK if you supply the info I need.

    As a last note, everything submitted will have to be approved. Meaning I reserve myself the right of saying no to anything.

    Did I miss anything then?


    Halford: I've always loved the Dervish, for some reason. Have yet to actually see it in play though, so that would be fun!

    Scott: I havnt read through your story yet, but will he be more a sorcerer or a rogue?

    Jemal: Anytime! Either concept looks cool. There are several prestige classes there I've never seen in play, as well as the Spirit shaman. Up to you what you wanna go with though.

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    I'm in if you'll have me

    And Jerrand snags the Cleric slot left open as always. It is so strange that noone takes it I have two other clerics in play now 1st lvl and 6th so time to move up to 12th lol

    Will need to now gods for domains if we just use the PHB I'll be a cleric of Corellon Larethian and go elf with good bow skills if not let me know.

    edit: posted above before reading the flavor text( i know overzealous) if it truly is the undead will go human cleric of pelor wis/cha leaning towards Sherlock Holmes type will have gather info, diplomacy, extra turning will we use alot of these skills if adventure is combat based???
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    I would like to play a gnome bard/gnome paragon/sublime chord.

    Background follows.

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    Hi. Would a Frenzied Berzerker be acceptable? I've been dying to try one but most wont accept FBs for some reason.

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    The reason is that Frenzy is almost certain to end up with the Frenzied Berzerker unleashing his or her fury upon the party -as you can imagine this often ends badly. In a one shot I see no problem with it, though Jerrand's Cleric might want to prepare a few Calm Emotions. As a DM I banned it after allowing it twice and regretting it twice, but the limited engagement should hopefully insulate us from problems.

    I also RAN one as a player, a trap went off I failed my will save to ignore the damage frenzied and killed the entire party - on the way back from defeating a dragon. CURSE YOU NATURAL 1!

    Any ruling on flaws Rayex? I had to ask...

    There are a couple of holy hand grenade of Antioch feats in the PHB2 I'll miss for the build, but the Complete Warrior has most things I need for my build.

    Oh and hurray Sublime Chord!

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    Jerrand: Both of those are ok with me. As for facing alot of undead; that might indeed be the case...
    Also, other deities are ok, as long as you can provide a little bit of info.

    Walking Dad: A bard, that will probably be interesting!

    Warshrike: No ruling against the FB. Though, if you do happen to kill off your whole party... *shrugs* I don't think they will think much of you then. They'll still be dead, but nevertheless...

    Halford: No to flaws. As for the feats from the PHB2, if you write up the basic info needed, Im sure I'll be ok with that.

    So far, it seems we've got interested:

    Halford: Dervish
    Scott DeWar: Sorcerer/Rogue
    Jemal: Ranger/Monk/Horizon Walker/Tatooed Monk OR Spirit Shaman/Monk/Sacred Fist.
    Jerrand: Cleric of Corellon Larethian or Pelor, or perhaps some other?
    Walking Dad: Gnome paragon Bard, Sublime Chord
    WarShrike: Partykiller, aka Frenzied Berserker

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