It's a dark and stormy night. You and your adventuring companions are nestled comfortably inside the Inn of the Welcome Wench, along with a dozen or so locals, not including the inn's staff. Ostler Gundigoot keeps his staff hopping, ensuring mugs stay full and the spiced mutton stew stays hot. The aromas of the stew, fresh-baked breads, and strong ale mingles with the less pleasant smells from the hard-working locals.

Outside the storm pounds the village with rain and driving winds. Flashes of lightning white out the smoky glass windows. Claps of thunder rattle the doors.

"We ain't seen a storm like this in years," says Goodie Gundigoot as she sets a fresh plate of greens on your table. "My mother -- Pelor rest her soul -- called this sort of storm a devil's roar." The elderly, kind-faced matron laughs at the memory, but her laughs turns abruptly to a startled yell as an injured, drenched man staggers into the inn.

Blood and rain water pool on the floor around his feet.

Just as he is about to speak, a bony figure lunges into the inn, tackling the man to the floor. There is a sickening crunch! as the bony attacker bites through the back of the injured man's skull!

Patrons scream and scuttle away, knocking over chairs, upsetting dishes. The bony figure squats on the man's back, raises its nearly bald head, and croaks in a voice choked with grave dirt, "In...fant!"


Yes, a zombie has just tackled and bit through a man's skull. All four PCs are seated at the same table about 30 feet away from the entrance. The inn's main room is cluttered with tables, chairs, people, and wooden columns supporting the ceiling. Charging isn't possible.

Let's use Invisible Castle for dice rolls.

Everyone: Narrate your PC's reaction. Please roll for initiative and post desired actions.