Sortable Monster Manual index spreadsheet with built-in encounter calculator -- v1.2
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    Sortable Monster Manual index spreadsheet with built-in encounter calculator -- v1.2

    This spreadsheet will make finding the right monster for your encounter a snap! Sort by name, level, role, size, origin, type, keywords, and even Monster Manual entry and page number.

    Sorting instructions: On the Monsters tab, select columns A through AO and choose "Data -- Sort...". To sort by level and then by monster name, choose Level and Monster from the drop-down lists. The "default" sort order is MM Entry, Page, Monster.

    The spreadsheet contains many hidden columns which are aggregated into others for easier display. For example, the Elite, Solo, Basic Role, and Leader columns are aggregated into the Role column. These hidden columns are still usable for sorting, however. For example, if you want to sort by monster size, choose Size. The Size column will remain hidden, but the Size, Origin, Type, Keywords, Race column will show the sorted order.

    The Elite, Solo, Leader, and various keyword columns actually contain binary values (0 or 1) so to sort on these columns, you will want to select "Descending" in the sort dialog box to get the 1s to show up at the top of the list.

    New in v1.1 is a built-in encounter calculator. On the Encounter Calculator tab, enter party level and size, desired encounter level, and select monsters from the drop-down lists. (The sort order of the drop-downs will reflect the sort order on the Monsters tab.) Indicate how many of each monster you want, and adjust as needed to get the right mix.

    The blue "Custom" fields will allow you to enter custom monsters, NPCs, traps, hazards, and obstacles. Indicate the level, etc. of these custom entries just as you would the standard monsters.

    The Encounter Difficulty and the advice that occasionally pops up in the Notes column is based off of my interpretation of the "Step-by-Step Encounters" sidebar on DMG p. 56. My interpretation may well be wrong, as the text for that is a bit on the fuzzy side.

    The Estimated Encounter Level figures out by how much the budget for the next-lowest encounter level was exceeded, and adjusts it by a proportional fraction.

    v1.2 now available. Changes:
    Pseudodragons are now Small instead of Tiny, per WotC errata
    Monster type dropdowns fixed
    Automatic alphabetical sort of monster names in dropdowns fixed
    Notes column restored
    Various minor fixes and error-handling

    This spreadsheet was created in 2.4 and exported to Excel 97/2000/XP format. Both formats are available.
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    Thank you withak, very useful file. Also thank you for the open document source files.

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    Oooh, cool, I was just thinking how useful something like this would be! Thanks!

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    Would you mind if I tweaked this to build a monster encounter form? (based off of # of players & ave party level?) And I'll repost it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkthorne
    Would you mind if I tweaked this to build a monster encounter form? (based off of # of players & ave party level?) And I'll repost it here.
    I put together a quick encounter calculator (here) and my next move was going to be to combine the two. You're welcome to do whatever you like with either sheet.

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    Sweet, Thanks. I'll see what I can cobble together

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    Very slick spreadsheet! Thanks for doing this!


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    This is super-Elite. Thanks.


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    Thanks Withak! Now I have a handy list of monsters I can use to munch on your Weezard.


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    Hi all...

    I've added a column from the other excel sheet that had the XP on it to this spreadsheet.

    I fixed all of the names in the other, so all the xp should be correct.

    I don't have Open Office.

    I've renamed the file version as 1.1

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