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    Redclaw's Young Rebels

    Post your characters here

    Creation Guidelines
    Races and Classes: 4E PHB
    Abilities: Standard Array (16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10)
    Equipment: 100 gp's worth, no more than 10 gp in coin
    No armor above chain available

    Jaden Henries--Halfling Fighter--OutlawJT
    Bheazir—Half-elf Warlord—Zweischneid
    Akara Thriv--Dragonborn Rogue--Kobold Stew
    Corbin Tallfellow--Halfling Rogue--Renau1g
    Galdr--Tiefling Wizard--Warlocklord
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    Bheazir, half-elf rebel-warlord of Evenfall.

    The character
    Name: Bheazir
    Race: Half elf
    Class: (Inspiring) Warlord
    Role: Leader
    Level: 1

    Lithe and lissom, Bheazir is not a very imposing figure, leaning physically closer to his elven than to his human ancestry. His mist-grey eyes are watchful under strands of his blonde, almost white hair that could certainly use a new cut. His clothing is functional and well worn; showing patches and stitches in many places, but seems generally well cared for.

    Bheazir is a half-elf native to Evenfall. Ever since growing up, Bheazir exhibited a strong and fierce sense of justice, which often brought him at odds with the local authorities. His life has been an ongoing struggle to make his place in the town. Reckless words and unwise actions however have earned Bheazir a reputation as a troublemaker with the guard. He’s infamous for some ill-advised campaigning against some of the more openly abusive town guards both openly and in secrecy.

    Background (extended)
    Home & Family
    Bheazir lives in a small cottage on the fringes of Evenfall with his grandfather Dhealain, an old, introverted man whose disfiguring scars and crippled leg are believed to date back to the second flight. Though the old man can barley walk upright through town and has never been regarded as a thread by Norsten, village gossip has it that he was once served as captain or possibly even knight in one of the now-gone city states to the west.

    'The Bloodscale incident'
    Among other things, Bheazir is suspected by Norsten to be involved in a recent mid-night scramble started by two masked vigilantes at the house of guardsman Skravress, a foul-tempered Dragonborn guard nicknamed ‘the Bloodscale’ by the folks of Evenfall. The incident was covered up quickly and quietly as not to engender stories of rebellion. Rumours have it, however, that a sizable stash of valuables from travellers and townsfolk the Bloodscale had secretly pocketed for himself was uncovered. Many townsfolk hope that the bullying guardsman will in the future be reigned in and possible disciplined by Norsten and his constable.

    Bheazir & Akhara the Rogue
    As recurring 'guest' in prison, Bheazir came to know the Dragonborn serf Akhara, who habitually spends his nights there. At first, it was mainly young Bheazir talking to the outcast Dragonborn, railing against injustice done to Evenfall and it's people or hatching poorly conceived schemes to right some wrong. Akhara usually listened without comment. In time however, the Half-elf and the Dragonborn became to respect each other, Bheazir gaining some insight into the misdeeds done to Akhara, who in turn recognised a more steady sense of justice behind Bheazir’s often haywire plans. Bheazir wears a leather bag and sword belt crafted by Akhara and has become adept in speaking Draconic
    Ability scores
    Strength     : 16 (+3)     Hit points : 32
    Constitution : 15 (+2)     Bloodied   : 16 
    Dexterity    : 12 (+1)     Surges     :  8
    Intelligence : 10          Surges/day :  9     
    Wisdom       : 11          Initiative : +3
    Charisma     : 16 (+3)      
    Armour class : 17
    Fortitude    : 14 
    Reflex       : 12 
    Will         : 14
    Athletics (Str): + 8  (trained) 
    Bluff     (Cha): + 3
    Diplomacy (Cha): +10  (trained; +2 racial bonus) 
    Endurance (Con): + 7  (trained)
    Heal      (Wis): + 5  (trained)
    Insight   (Wis): + 2  (+2 racial bonus)  
    Intimidate(Cha): + 3
    Streetwise(Cha): + 3
    Common, Draconic, Elven


    Weapon Proficiency:
    Simple melee, military melee, simple ranged

    Size: Medium
    Speed: 6 squares (5 in armour)
    Vision: Low-light
    Racial traits & class features
    Combat leader (Class feature)
    You and each ally within 10 squares who can see and hear you gain a +2 power bonus to initiative.

    Group diplomacy (Racial trait)
    You grant allies within 10 squares of you a +1 racial bonus to Diplomacy checks.

    Inspiring Presence (Class feature)
    When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action, that ally also regains 3 lost hit points.

    Inspiring Word (Class feature; 2/encounter)
    Minor Action, Close burt 5
    You or an ally in the burst can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6 hit points.
    Basic attack
    Standard action, Attack: +6 vs. AC; Damage: 1d8 +3

    Throwing axe
    Standard action, Attack: +3 vs. AC; Damage: 1d6 +1
    Furious smash (Class)
    Standard action, Attack: +6 vs. Fortitude; Damage: 3
    One ally adjacent to either you or the target applies +3 as a power bonus to the attack roll and damage roll on his or her next attack against the target.

    Wolf pack tactics (Class)
    Standard action, Attack: +6 vs. AC; Damage: 1d8 +3
    --- assist to set up lots of flanking ---

    Hammer and Anvil (Class)
    Standard action, Attack: +6 vs. Reflex; Damage: 1d8 +3
    --- should re-connect missed sneak attack opportunities.., the charismatic commander's strike! ---

    Tide of Iron (Half elf dilettante)
    Standard action, Attack: +6 vs. AC; Damage: 1d8 +3
    --- push target 1 square, option to shift into square ---
    Bastion of Defense (Class)
    Standard action, Attack: +6 vs. AC; Damage: 3d8 +3
    Allies within 5 squares gain a +1 power bonus to all defences until the end of the encounter, as well as 8 temporary hit points.
    5 gp. 
    Equipment           Price    Weight    Other
    Chainmail           40 gp    40 lb.    Heavy armour
    Light shield         5 gp     6 lb. 
    Longsword           15 gp     4 lb.    Versatile
    Handaxe              5 gp     3 lb.    Off-hand, heavy thrown
    Adventurer's kit    28 gp    30 lb.    
      Backpack           2 gp     2 lb.
      Bedroll            1 sp     5 lb.
      Flint & Steel      1 gp      -
      Pouch, belt        1 gp   1/2 lb.
      Rations, trail     5 gp    10 lb.    10 days
      Rope, silk        10 gp     5 lb.    50 ft.
      Sunrod (4)         8 gp     4 lb.   
      Waterskin          1 gp     4 lb.      
    Climber's kit        2 gp    11 lb.    +2 for climbing    
      Grappling hook     1 gp     4 lb.
      Hammer             5 sp     2 lb.
      Pitons (10)        5 sp     5 lb. 
    Total               95 gp    94 lb.
    Normal load:    160 lb.
    Heavy load:     320 lb.
    Max. drag load: 800 lb.

    Hit points : 32 of 32; Bloodied at 16; Surges used: 0

    AC: 17
    Fort: 14
    Ref: 12
    Will: 14

    Powers & Effects
    +2 Initiative; self and ally (Combat Leader)
    +3 temp hitpoints for using action points; ally (Inspiring presence)
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    Akhara Patarr, tanner and slave

    Akhara Patarr

    Race: Dragonborn
    Class: Rogue
    Role: Striker

    Appearance: The scars on Akhara's body interrupt the smooth pattern of his scales. A broken shoulder years ago healed imperfectly. He has never seen the ropelike frills on the back of his head, since they are regularly shorn, to further humiliate him. His scales might have been a more robust copper hue, had he not been malnourished as a hatchling; as it is, they seem a sickly yellow, tinged with black at the edges.

    He dresses in leather he himself has made, which matches his backpack, sling, and belt. The craftsmanship is exquisite, if unadorned, and this hints at a self-respect that belies his servile status.

    Akhara Patarr has been an indentured servant for the past fourteen years. Slavery is illegal, of course, and so it can’t be said that he is a slave to Bertran Mason, but nevertheless that’s what it looks like to those in Evenfall, when they see Akhara, which they occasionally do, outside of the constable's compound. Akhara works in the constable's tannery, an unpleasant job that no one else in this small village wants: curing leather with urine, and cutting it into pieces to be used as armor, or for packs, or belts.

    Akhara knows he is without rights, and, in principle, accepts this: Dragonborn are not overly welcome in the town at any rate, and since his bloodline—however distantly—is cognate with that of the Green dragon overlord (his first puff of poison gas when he was a child attracted Norsten's attention, who first entrusted Akhara to Mason) in some ways this is safer for him. Drunken mobs of citizens have broken his limbs because of who he is. Though these attempts are fewer now that he is full grown, the danger remains if circumstances warrant—a silent protest against the Norsten’s impositions, or against Rixallithen’s.

    Akhara has learned what he can, and is slightly more capable than his master believes. He lives in an odd no-man's-land, and has even built a sense of trust, so that he can carry his tanning knives with him openly. He is familiar to some of the villagers, who have never seen him defy authority, and many wear belts he has made, or use satchels he has stitched. They know he is being punished, lashed, scarred, and used, only because of circumstances beyond his control. Akhara spends most nights in the village jail. This is safe for him, and whether there is a formal charge pending, or whether he is working to buy himself out of servitude, is scarcely remembered. It's a safe place to sleep each night, even if it is behind bars, and it has been for many years now.

    Strength     : 16 (+3) (incl. racial)
    Constitution : 13 (+1) 
    Dexterity    : 16 (+3) 
    Intelligence : 10  
    Wisdom       : 11  
    Charisma     : 14 (+2) (incl. racial)
    Hit Points: 25 (bloodied: 12)
    Healing Surges/Day: 7 (value: 7)
    Action Points: 1
    Initiative: +3
    AC: 15
    Fort: 13
    Ref: 15
    Will: 12
    Speed 6
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight 10

    Dagger Std action, attack: +7 vs. AC, damage 1d4+3 (melee or ranged 5/10)
    * At will, I can either move two squares before the attack (Deft) or prepare for immediate interrupt (Riposte).

    Sling Std action, attack: +5 vs. AC, damage 1d6+3 (ranged 10/20)
    * At will, I can move two squares before the attack (Deft).

    * With either attack, once per round, when I have combat advantage, +2d6+3 damage (Sneak Attack and Brutal Scoundrel).

    Breath Minor action, encounter: +5 vs. Reflex, 1d6 +1 Poison damage, close blast 5 (all targets in area).

    Powers and Abilities

    Racial Features:
    Languages: Common, Draconic
    Dragonborn Fury: when bloodied, +1 to attack
    Draconic Heritage: Healing surge value = 7 (.25(max hp)+con modifier)
    Dragon Breath: (Encounter, minor action, close blast 5 (not 3; see feat)) Str+2 vs. reflex; 1d6+1 Poison damage.

    Class Features:
    First Strike: At the start of encounter I have combat advantage against any creatures that have not yet acted in the encounter
    Rogue Weapon Talent: +1 damage die size w/ shuriken. +1 bonus to attack rolls w/ dagger.
    Sneak Attack: with combat advantage against an enemy and are using a weapon from the light blade, the crossbow, or the sling weapon group, deal +2d6 damage
    Brutal Scoundrel: +3 (Strength mod) to Sneak attack
    +2 reflex

    Armor: Cloth, Leather
    Weapon: Dagger, Hand-Crossbow, Shuriken, Sling, Short Sword

    Trained skills:
    Stealth +8
    Thievery +8
    Intimidation +9 (incl. racial)
    Perception +5
    Acrobatics +8
    Athletics +8
    History (untrained) +2 (incl. racial)

    Enlarged Dragon Breath: dragon breath = Blast 5

    (at will) Deft Strike: (crossbow, sling, light blade) Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex mod; I can move 2 squares before attack.

    (at will) Riposte Strike: (melee, light blade) Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex mod, if target attacks me before start of my next turn, immed. inter. riposte Str. vs. AC, 1[W] + Str mod.

    (encounter) Dazing Strike: (melee, light blade) Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex mod, target is dazed until end of next turn

    (daily) Trick Strike: (crossbow, sling, light blade) Dex vs. AC, 3[W]+Dex mod., target slides 1 square. Thereafter each time I hit target, I slide it 1 square.


    Leather Armor (+2 AC, 15 lbs) 25gp
    Sling 1gp
    Sling bullets (40) (10lbs) 2gp
    Dagger (x6) (6lbs) 6gp
    Everburning torch (1lb) 50gp
    Backpack (2lbs) 2gp
    Beltpouch (1/2lb) 1gp
    Journeybread (1 day; .2 lbs) 5gp

    8 gp

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    Name: Corbin Tallfellow
    Race: Halfling
    Class: Rogue
    Role: Striker

    Appearance: Corbin stands all of 3'8", short even for a halfling. His dark brown eyes carry a glint of mischief and they're quite large, seeming to take everything in. He wears his lighter, chestnut hair longer and flowing as the females seem to enjoy it that way. He carries a small scar on right cheek from where a fishing hook got caught and pulled out by his drunken father. Corbin prefers to wear clothes made from natural creatures, feeling closer to the world and finds them strangely comforting.

    Personality: A habitual charmer, Corbin knows that many underestimate his due to his size, especially in Evenfall. He is able to get by on his charms and wits, Corbin can convince others to do jobs for him without them even realizing it. A good-natured trickster, Corbin secretly desires to do more in his life than playing simple pranks on simple people. He puts on his happy-go-lucky facade to hide the pain he feels every day.

    Background: Corbin was part of a small halfling community very close to Evenfall, more of a hamlet than anything. They were farmers and fisherman, trading their catch with the town of Evenfall in exchange for tools and other wares. Corbin grew up in that closeknit community, enjoying the time he spent sneaking off to Evenfall, there was so much to see for the inquisitive halfling. He also snuck off to avoid his father, Corbin's father had fallen under the influence of the bottle and took out any of his anger on young Corbin. Corbin enjoyed the ecclectic mix of other races in Evenfall, much different than his home. He befriended all manner of individuals with his charm and easygoing nature. It was during one of these excursions that his home was destroyed. One of the more adventurous of his cousins had heard the tales of the treasures of the dragons and dared to attempt to steal from Rhixallithen. The green dragon razed their community to the ground in retaliation, leaving Corbin an orphan and homeless. He wandered aimlessly through the carnage wrought by the green dragon, looking at the desicated corpses, the chlorine gas melting their flesh. Corbin cried long and hard during this time, but afterwards he swallowed his grief, pilfered what minor valuables were there and turned back the way he came. Corbin managed to convince the jeweler to take him on as a runner, picking up the gold that others panned and administering the administrative functions, allowing him to focus totally on crafting. He practiced on his free time with a short sword he acquired from his community and shurikens that he became quite adept at throwing.

    Strength     : 12 (+1)
    Constitution : 13 (+1) 
    Dexterity    : 18 (+4) (+2 from Halfling)
    Intelligence : 10  
    Wisdom       : 11   
    Charisma     : 16 (+3) (+2 from Halfling)
    Hit Points: 25 (bloodied: 13)
    Healing Surges/Day: 7 (value: 6)
    Action Points: 1
    Initiative: +4
    AC: 16 (21 vs. Opportunity Attacks)
    Fort: 11
    Ref: 16
    Will: 13
    Speed 6
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight 10

    Dagger Std action, attack: +8 vs. AC, damage 1d4+1 (melee or ranged 5/10)

    Shurikens Std action, attack: +7 vs. AC, damage 1d6+1 (ranged 5/10)

    Sling Std action, attack: +7 vs. AC, damage 1d6+1 (ranged 10/20)

    * With dagger attack, at will, I can prepare for immediate interrupt Riposte, if I've struck enemy in previous round with this attack

    * With any attack, once per round, when I have combat advantage, +2d8 damage (Sneak Attack).

    Abilities & Powers

    Racial Features:
    Languages: Common, Draconic (any)
    Skill Bonus: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Thievery
    Bold: +5 racial bonus against fear saves
    Nimble Reaction: +2 racial bonus against opportunity attacks
    Second Chance (Racial) (Encounter, Immediate, Interrupt): When an enemy hits you, force them to re-roll. Enemy uses the re-roll, even if it's lower.
    Class Features:
    First Strike: At the start of encounter I have combat advantage against any creatures that have not yet acted in the encounter
    Rogue Weapon Talent: +1 damage die size w/ shuriken. +1 bonus to attack rolls w/ dagger.
    Sneak Attack: with combat advantage against an enemy and are using a weapon from the light blade, the crossbow, or the sling weapon group, deal +2d8 damage
    Artful Dodger: +3 AC (Cha mod) to Opportunity Attacks
    +2 Reflex Defence
    Armor: Cloth, Leather
    Weapon: Dagger, Hand-Crossbow, Shuriken, Sling, Short Sword
    Trained skills:
    Stealth +9 
    Thievery +11 (incl. racial)
    Intimidate +8
    Perception +5
    Acrobatics +11 (incl. racial)
    Bluff +8
    Backstabber (Sneak Attack Damage becomes d8's)
    (at will) Sly Flourish: (crossbow, sling, light blade) Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex mod + Cha mod; 
    (at will) Riposte Strike: (melee, light blade) Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex mod, if target attacks me before start of my next turn, immed. inter. riposte Str. vs. AC, 1[W] + Str mod. 
    (encounter) Positioning Strike: (melee, light blade) Dex vs. Will, 1[W]+Dex mod & slide the 3 squares (Cha Mod)
    (daily) Blinding Barrage: (crossbow, sling, light blade), Close Blast 3, target: each enemy in the blast,  Dex vs. AC, 2[W]+Dex mod. & targets are blinded until end of my next turn. If miss: 1/2 damage & not blinded


    [code] Equipment:
    Leather Armor (+2 AC, 15 lbs) 25gp
    Daggers (15) (15 lbs) 15gp
    Sling (0 lb) 1gp
    Sling bullets (40) (10lbs) 2gp
    Shurikens (30) (3lbs) 6 gp
    Backpack (2lbs) 2gp
    Beltpouch (1/2lb) 1gp
    Thieves Tools (1 lbs) 20gp (+2 to Thievery checks relating to open lock or disarming a trap)
    Silk Rope (50') (5 lbs) 10 gp
    Flint and Steel 1gp
    Climber's Kit (11 lbs) 2 gp (+2 to Athletics checks when climbing)
    Sunrods (5) (5 lbs) 5 gp
    10 gp
    Total Weight: 67 lbs
    Carrying Capacity: 120 lbs

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    Jaden Henries


    Jaden is an athletically built young halfling of average height. His short deep brown hair grows wild and has a reddish tint to it. His eyes are a vibrant and energetic light blue uncommon to his people. He dresses in finely crafted clothes suitable for the freedom of movement necessary for working on his families fishing boat. Rather flamboyantly he favors clothes that have been dyed shades of violet and purple as well as simple grays. Until a year ago he was actually very short for a halfling, only growing into a respectable height over the last year. His chin and left eyebrow still bares a scar from an incident a year ago.

    Jaden is not quite an adult yet and he sometimes flaunts it. When push comes to shove he can and will get serious but you wouldn't think it to meet him on an average day. He is energetic, boisterous, and rash, often acting on impulse. He is a very determined person and very rarely backs down without being triumphant or humiliated first; a fact that has gotten him in to trouble on a few occasions. Until an incident with one of the guards a year ago he never let anyone tell him what he couldn't do. Since, he has been more selective in his response to such situations but otherwise seems unchanged. Jaden is very rarely sad or reserved in the public eye.

    Jaden Henries is son to the most successful fisherman in Evenfall. Their family has been the main source of fish for the village since the second flight. In recent years their prestige has declined. Especially since their family lost several members and more than half of their boats when the neighboring halfling hamlet was destroyed. Unfortunately for Jaden that left him the primary heir to their families fishing business as well. From early on Jaden was more fascinated with the bedtime stories his mother told him about adventurers than he was with fishing. Prime among them was a story about a legendary elven swordsman who fought a dragon to the death by himself with only his supreme skill with the blade. So, at the age of 5, Jaden had made up his mind that he wanted to become a master swordsman like the elf from the story.
    His youth is colored with incidents of minor trouble. On several occasions he'd pull some minor prank or another right out in the open on a spur of the moment impulse. Once he ate an entire pie he stole from the baker while running away from him right down main street. Frequently as he got into trouble, though, he never did anything really serious. Until about a year ago, that is.
    As soon as his arms were long enough to swing it he started practicing with an old sword passed down from his mother's side of the family. His father tried to forbid him from it, wanting Jaden to follow in his footsteps as an accomplished fisherman. The argument between them on the matter got so serious that Jaden felt he had to prove he was in the right. Since no one seemed to think a halfling, let alone a runt like Jaden, could be a master swordsman and his father forbid him from trying because of it Jaden decided something had to be done. Immediately he set out for the guardhouse with sword sheathed on his back. He pounded on the door furiously and asked that they begin training him with the sword immediately. Skravress, the guard who first answered the door, simply belted out laughing at the thought. Already angered by his father on the matter Jaden then demanded they take him in for training. When Skravress still refused, laughing hysterically the whole time, Jaden drew the sword from his back and shouted that he would prove he was worthy of being trained. Skravress being the foul tempered person he is accepted the challenge without warning, drawing his sword and knocking Jaden's aside before Jaden could raise it for a proper defense. After only seconds of back peddling against an assault from an obviously superior opponent Jaden was thrown off balance by a well timed feint. Skravress swept Jaden's blade aside, sending it flying several feet away, and then slashed upwards cutting Jaden's face badly and sending him tumbling to the ground backwards.
    Half the town was outraged by the sight of the large guardsmen standing over the halfling boy with blood streaming down his face. The other half were indifferent and thought loudly enough that Jaden probably deserved it for being so foolish.
    Since then, Jaden has stopped asking to be allowed to train as a swordsman. He sulked and was very depressed for about a month after the incident. About that time, though, he became very devout in his following of Avandra. He became his old self again, the incident seemingly forgotten. He did take to going off on his own, though. He managed to convince his father that he was going off to pray to Avandra in private as there wasn't a church or temple in town. In actuality, he has been training himself in secret with the same sword his mother had passed to him from her family. While he is still an openly impatient or rash young man he did learn a lesson from his humiliating defeat. He was going to continue practicing and teaching himself in secret until he was good enough to prove publicly that he was worthy of training and acquire a proper master to teach him the art of the blade.


    Ability Scores:
    Strength : 16 (+3) Hit Points : 29 
    Constitution : 14 (+2) Bloodied : 15 
    Dexterity : 15 (+2) Healing Surge : 7 
    Intelligence : 10 (+0) Surges/day : 11 
    Wisdom : 11 (+0) Initiative : +2 
    Charisma : 14 (+2)
    Armor Class : 15 
    Fortitude : 15 
    Reflex : 12 
    Will : 12
    Acrobatics (Dex): +4 
    Athletics (Str): + 8 (trained) 
    Endurance (Con): + 7 (trained) 
    Streetwise (Cha): + 7 (trained) 
    Thievery (Dex): +6
    Common, Goblin (one of the quirks his mother passed down to him is an intimate knowledge of how to curse and fling insults in goblin)

    Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)

    Weapon Proficiency:
    simple melee, military melee, simple ranged, military ranged, bastard sword

    Hide Armor, Bastard Sword, Sling, standard adventurer's kit, sling bullets (40), thief's tools, 2gp

    Racial Traits:
    Size: Small
    Speed: 6 squares
    Vision: Normal
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Thievery
    Bold: +5 to saving throws versus fear
    Nimble Reaction: +2 to AC versus opportunity attacks
    Second Chance:
    Encounter - Immediate Interrupt - enemy must reroll attack

    Combat Challenge
    Every time I attack a foe I can mark it. Marked targets that shift or make an attack against someone else provoke a melee basic attack as an immediate interrupt.

    Combat Superiority
    I can add my wisdom modifier to opportunity attacks. Enemies in motion struck by my opportunity attacks stop moving. They can use a new action to resume moving.

    Fighter Weapon Talent
    I gain a +1 bonus to attack roles with a two-handed weapon (actually weapons with the versatile and/or small properties).

    At-Will Exploits
    Cleave +7 vs AC 1d10+3 (+3 to second adjacent enemy)
    Sure Strike +9 vs AC 1d10

    Encounter Exploits
    Covering Strike +7 vs AC 2d10+3 (ally adjacent to target can shift 2 squares)

    Daily Exploits
    Comeback Strike +7 vs AC 2d10+3 (reliable, spend healing surge)

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    Galdr, Tiefling Wizard

    When Galdr was born, his parents noted an odd, spider-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder, which, upon his mother touching it, burned her hand. As a consequence, his parents neglected the young tiefling.

    The young tiefling was taken in by his grandfather, a teifling wizard who wished to restore the magical glory of the old tiefling empire. To this end, he trained his grandson. Gramps was resentful of Phillian's exalted status as the town wizard, and spied on him. Gramps was found out and Phillian humiliatingly banished him from the town. The young tiefling was ashamed and vowed that one day, he would get revenge.

    Then, one day, Gladr was out cleaning the walk of his grandfather's house which had been left to him. A neighbor's mastiff had escaped the day before and suddenly appeared. It advanced on the boy, fangs slobbering with white foam. The boy panicked and called forth...something. The dog threw it's head back and yowled as though enduring the very essence of pain itself. In this fashion Gladr learned he was also a warlock.

    Appearance and Personality
    Gladr is 6 feet tall, with curling's rams horns, red skin, and a tail. He is calm and slow to anger, but has a fiery temper when roused. He usually wisecracks about everything and suffers an apparent inability to take anything seriously. As the wizard in an otherwise martial group, he brags that he "makes all the magic happen."


    Str 10, Dex 12, Con 11, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 16

    Skills: Arcana +9, Bluff +10, Diplomacy +8, Nature +9, Religion +9, Stealth +3
    Feats: Fey Pact Initiate, Ritual Casting

    HP: 10. Bloodied: 5
    Healing Surges: 6 (heals 2)
    Speed 6, Init +1

    Defenses: AC 14, Fort 10, Ref 14, Will 15

    Languages: Common, Elven

    Misc Passive: Fire Resist 5, Bloodhunt (+1 to attack bloodied foes), low-light vision, wand of accuracy (add +1 to 1 atk per encounter), cantrips

    At will:
    Magic Missile (+4 vs Ref, 2d4+4 force dmg, range 20, basic atk)
    Scorching Burst (+4 vs Ref, 1d6+4 fire dmg, burst 1 within 10 squares)

    Burning Hands (+4 vs Ref, 2d6+4 fire dmg, close blast 5)
    Infernal Wrath (Minor action, +1 to atk against enemy who hit Galdr last turn, +3 extra damage)
    Eyebite (+3 vs Will, 1d6+3 psychic dmg, invisible to enemy till end of next turn)

    Daily (pick one)
    Acid Arrow (+4 atk vs Ref, 2d8+4 acid, ongoing 5, secondary 1d8+4, ongoing 5, miss, 1/2 dmg & ongoing 2, no secondary. Range 20)
    Sleep (+4 atk vs Will, target slowed, if first save failed target unconscious. Miss, slowed. Range 20, burst 2)

    Rituals: Animal Messenger, Tenser's Floating Disk, Comprehend Languages

    Possessions: Spellbook, Wand, Adventurer's Kit, Cloth 'Armor', 1 component for Comprehend Languages, 1 component for Tenser's Floating Disk, 7 gp

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