Cartography Maps - Jon Roberts' Map thread
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    Maps - Jon Roberts' Map thread

    I'll stick all my maps in this thread rather than force people to search a number of different threads. So, first off, here's the newest one done for a game today:

    Go to here for the full-size version of this and all the other maps in this thread.

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    Damn, that is a nice map.

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    Thanks a lot! It was a fun map to draw.

    Here's the bits of the map for those that are interested in lifting the elements for their own use:

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    In a similar style, here is a regional map:

    If it is of use to people, you can get the full
    size version as well as versions without the place names and without the labels here

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    Wow! I love the style of the regional map!

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    Thanks! I hadn't really done a regional map before so it was an interesting challenge. I'm starting a new 4e game (aren't we all?) and it seemed like a good time to have a shot at one. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

    I'll try not to post without an image to add, but there's nothing new this time. However, as I am collating old images as well, here's a map I posted here that has fallen off the end of the boards. A shipwreck:

    Here's a launch to go with it:

    and finally the wrecked ship itself, for those who want to make their own shipwreck maps:

    These are (apart from the launch) at significantly lower resolution than the originals. The high-res versions can be picked up here:

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    This one's new. It's a battlemap for a recent game. Best used with a grid setting of 40px=1square.

    Full size image and variations can be found here:

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    How did you get your regional map to look like I've been trying to get my

    to look like something similar but they never turnout the way I want them to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torstan View Post
    Now that is just pure awesome. And totally yoinked.

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    Thanks! Make sure you yoink the big one in the gallery I provided the link to.

    As for how to get the look of the regional map, I use gimp (a free image editor somewhat like photoshop). I start with a parchment background, lay in a careful line drawing (all the lines you see on the map are done at this point) and then lay down the colours. The fina step is to use the dodge/burn tools of Gimp to create highlights and shadows to get a sense of height and depth. If you're interested, and want some help developing your regional map, head over to the cartographer's guild:
    where you'll find lots of friendly people who'll give you advice, as well as a shed load of tutorials, and the work-in-progress threads for all of the maps above.

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