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    My word. I certainly couldn't work up maps with kind of detail in a short amount of time. Very well done, color me impressed!

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    Duly coloured

    I'm getting to the end of my winter theme, and I am frankly becoming sick of snow. However there are a few more yet. Here is a cliff battlemap in which the entrance to some caves lies high up on a ledge:

    The full-size image can be found here:

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    Now the mine entrance has to lead somewhere, so here's the mine:

    The full-size version can be found here:

    And here is a pit that can be placed in the large room to the east (think Jaba the Hut and the opening floor)

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    You do some damned fine stuff, sir. Your use of texture and color is exactly what it should be.

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    Yours aren't too shabby themselves!

    It so happens that I finished a commission recently and got permission today to post the images over here for general use and interest! The commission was for the Living Airship by Rite Publishing in the world of Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved. I hear that they will be touted around Gen Con this week so some of you might actually get to see the real thing!

    Anyway, here they are:

    The adventure is a good one - and though it is Arcana Evolved on the front I will be modding it and using it for my 3.5 game (and probably for my 4e game as well) because it's really rather good. I'd also like to take the opportunity to recommend Rite Publishing to other freelancers out there as I have had an excellent relationship with them throughout this project. Clear instructions, fair deadlines and prompt payment. You can't really say fairer than that!

    Edit: Note that these maps are an exception to the Creative Commons Licensing in my sig. They are property of Rite Publishing and thus rights reserved. However permission has been given for private use and reproduction. Just don't resell them! So, if they are useful for your game, go ahead and print them off.
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    Just some quick words from Rite Publishing.

    As a small pdf publisher, I will tell any number of people to hire Jonathan as his freelance work has been, easy to read, clear, and his color choices make sense. He has also been receptive to suggested changes and has always turned in his work in a timely fashion along with communicating important issues and concerns in an effective mannor.

    I am really looking forward to our next project together.

    Converting from Arcana Evolved to 3.5 is like falling down stairs (Its D20 and the author of this adventure the Ennie Nnominated Soren K. Thustrup wrote the conversion guide for AE) The only thing you should have to do is change a few specific feats and spells out for those to specific to AE.

    Steven D. Russell
    Lord Protector of Rite Publishing

    Who is now drooling over his maps.

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    Thanks. It was fun. Here's to the next one being even better!

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    Here's an old one and a new one. I've been taken up with maps that are 'in development' for people at the moment so not so many maps to post on the forums. More to come soon though as those commissions get finished.

    An island (the old one):
    Name:  StGeorgesFinal.png
Views: 216
Size:  3.38 MB

    Some slums (a quick 1/2 hour map for my game):
    Name:  Dragonford Slums.jpg
Views: 297
Size:  181.3 KB

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    New maps!

    Here's a new map for you guys. It was an island that was requested for someone's private game yes - I do private commissions for very reasonable rates )

    Here's the map a the print scale (11" by 17" at 300dpi)
    Name:  IslandSmall.jpg
Views: 237
Size:  328.1 KB

    The full resolution version can be found in my deviantArt gallery (see sig).

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    Here's a few more. These were created for Wolfgang Baur's Open Design Project - Wrath of the River King. It's designed to be able to be played as a follow on to Keep on the Shadowfell. You can find out more here:
    Open Design - Matter of Days: Wrath of the River King
    and here:
    The Free City
    It's worth signing up if you want an early copy. It was a fun adventure to draw maps for and looks like a lot of fun to play.

    Here's two maps commissioned for the adventure. I did 14 in total and will post the rest when it has been out for a while.

    The full size images can be downloaded from the deviantArt gallery in my sig. The grids are sized in whole number of pixels, usualy 75 or 50 pixels per grid spacing, for ease of use in VTT programs such as maptool. Enjoy!

    These are an exception to the CC licensing in my sig. As a result they are rights reserved and I'd prefer it if you would avoid modifying or reposting them. Otherwise, feel free to lift them and use them in your home games.

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