Company of the Morning Sun: Heroes for Hire
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    Company of the Morning Sun: Heroes for Hire

    The tavern is crowded and loud, as usual for evenings in Diamond Harbor. It's a rough town with rough people; you're as likely to meet a smuggler or pirate at the docks as anything else. Still, this particular tavern - the Morning Sun - though busy, has a reputation for being a bad place to start a fight.

    That's because it has its own resident company of 'heroes'. Mercenaries, really, but they don't put up with anyone breaking their hangout too badly, regardless. The Morning Sun tavern is their regular meeting spot, their sanctuary, and where their employers come to hire them. The bartender, Andre Strongarm, a huge but gentle man, keeps their books for them - keeping track of who wants the Company's services, what they want done, and how much they're paying.

    "Got some new jobs for you guys. Town council's got a pair of jobs... been some kobolds sighted out in the woods they want removed, and goblins up in the North Pass too. Either job's worth 600 gold lump sum. Aside from the council, Old Man Hrolf ran outta reagents again and is paying well for critter parts. Gotta list here if you're interested. Get everything he wants and it's 300 gold and a peek at his library." He squints down at you as he polishes one of an endless series of dented metal ale mugs. "Y'ask me, the collecting critters is prob'ly the easiest job of them. Heard the goblins have some kinda fancy leader what knows his stuff; could be a hard time. They got the North Pass closed, though, and that's rough for all of us. Might get some extra rewards from the townsfolk if you cleared 'em out."

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    "My thoughts are that while the kobolds are a threat, the greater lies with the goblins. They are keeping the path closed and so keep needed goods out of town. Besides, more glory lies in killing that fancy leader." Kriv says as he adjusts his scarlet frame in the seat.

    "Always build these things for humans in mind." Kriv thinks to himself for probably the 100th time.

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    Aye, the goblins are the greater threat, Raecan adds his voice to the dragonborn's assessment. But I suggest we take the list of animals with us, just in case we happen across any of them.

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    "I agree with you, brother. The North Pass it is. May Bahamut give us the strength to vanquish our foes." Shamash reassures his brother.

    "And good idea, friend Raecan. You elven eyes will surely spot them!" He nodds at the elf.

    The heavy scale mail the dragonborn always wears seems to make him even bigger. It runes and decoration affirm the scarlet armors dragonborn design. On the heavy shield, that is next to this to small chair, the symbol of Bahamut is engraved.
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    "'Ere." Andre slides a crumpled and stained slip of parchment across the bar to Raecan. The page is covered in a crabby, hard-to-decipher script, but after squinting at it a while, he's able to get the gist of it. Old Man Hrolf wants:

    Spines from an adult Kruthik
    Sahuagin teeth
    Spinnerettes from an Ettercap
    Stirge stomaches full of humanoid blood

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    Talia glances over Raecan's shoulder at the list. "Oh, I do hope we're able to find the items. I'm dying to have a look at that library!"
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    "I'm in for the goblins or the kobolds. Pay's the same, and their both little runty guys. Piece of cake." Trevor says with obvoius disdain.
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    "Don't underestimate our enemies, Trevor. But you are right. We both, Bahamut's and Kord's power combined will hold them of, until they are finished." Shamash reminds the human fighter.

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    "HAHA! Brother, you really must lighten up. Our good friend has reason to be confident, remember that nest of rats we cleared out the other day, not even a scratch on us. Maybe these goblin's be stronger than rats, but they squish just the same" Kriv laughs, while he pounds the table with his fist, causing the glasses to bounce and rattle.

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    "Perhaps you are right. But if these pests cowardly uses bows from a slope or something, I should at least buy new javelins from my last money. The damn things are breaking to fast. No wonder Bahamut teaches us to prefer honorable melee fights. Going ranged cost a fortune..."
    Shamash responds, still not fully convinced that the goblins will be easy targets.

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