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    Gaming w/Jemal: Past Tense (4E) OOC

    Allright, inspired by This thread, I've decided to run a 4E campaign.

    Past Tense - A 4th Edition D&D adventure
    Your characters are powerful heroes who've saved your nation several times. Your last foe was a powerful Lich. After several months you managed to track him down, beat through his forces, and finally slay him. Unfortunately, when you went to destroy his Phylactery, it unleashed a terrible curse. Your bodies spasmed and you each fell, twitching, to the floor. When you awoke, the air seemed even more stale than before and you found yourselves weakened. Exiting the crypt required you to wade through mounds of rubble and walls of webbing. The corpses of the foes you'd killed on your way were nowhere to be found and the floor covered in a deep layer of dust which you kicked up with each step. Finally reaching the exit into the sunlight, you couldn't help but stop and stare in awe. When you'd first entered the crpyt, it had been located in a graveyard just outside of town... but now all that can be seen in every direction is Jungle.
    Just what the hell happened in there?

    OOC stuff

    You were much higher level, but the curse has drained much of your energy. Your characters start outside the empty crypt surrounded by jungle. The only clue you have (aside from the information posted above) is that you know of the lich's last remaining servant, a vampire who's enslavement was ended when you destroyed the phylactery. Obviously though, he didn't stick around.

    During your first post, please post your stat roll and character concept (Please AVOID using the terms 'leader, striker, Controller, or Defender'.), THEN begin work on the actual character.

    Creation Rules

    Level: 6th (8,000 XP)
    Party: 5 or 6 PC's.
    Alignment : Good, Lawful good, or Unaligned
    Stats: Roll (4d6, reroll 1's, drop the lowest) on invisiblecastle. Use your board name here on ENWorld as the character name or it's invalid. If your stats are very high or very low I reserve the right to call for a reroll.
    Equipment : You each start with 1,500 GP to spend however you wish(Including mundane equipment, rituals, magic items, etc). You also each have three magic items: One max lvl 7, one max lvl 6, and one max lvl 5.
    For any who don't know how to create a higher than 1st lvl character, refer to phb page 223 to see number of powers/feats known. (And don't forget your +1 to two ability scores at 4th level).
    Anything I missed?
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