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    Block Atanatotatos

    Are you talking about my nick? Yeah ata is what everybody writes, no worries

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    I would love to join.

    Gonna go roll some dice...

    Here're the rolls. Had to fiddle with it until I got the 'reroll 1' right.

    STR 18, DEX 12, CON 15, INT 17, WIS 13, CHA 12

    Thinking of a Tiefling Warlord with maybe an odd infernal Warlock Spell thrown in...

    That would turn out a bit like this:

    Str: 18 (Roll 18)
    Con: 16 (Roll 15, +1 @ lvl 4)
    Dex: 12 (Roll 12)
    Int: 20 (Roll 17, +2 Tiefling, +1 @ lvl 4)
    Wis: 13 (Roll 13)
    Cha: 14 (Roll 12, +2 Tiefling)
    Character concept
    Ruthaer Ar'thar is a brilliant and arrogant Tiefling warlord. His fearsome reputation has likened him to the 'War-Lords' of old Bael Turath.

    Originially a young and exceptionally gifted captain of an embattled free town during the Twilight War. He quickly made his name running daring strike-missions and rose through the military ranks, respected for his tactical genius and sharp mind, but equally feared for his ruthlessness and lack of empathy. During a heated battle, he once send five score of the towns best men to a certain bloody death for a seemingly minor objective (To this day, he claims this move was decisive for the battle). His star thus shone, only in the days of war. As peace began to settle across the free towns, Ruthaer was quickly relieved from his position for more 'humane' officers.

    His renown however only grew as he took up a live of adventuring, putting his genius to winning fortunes and fame with a small group of equally gifted companions. But he always retained his cold-hearted efficience and, if anything, his presumptious pride only grew with the groups ever more daring exploits. Certain of his supreme intellect and his superiority, he dabbled with his infernal lineage to unlock hidden powers (infernal pact initiate). He wears black armour stitched from unspeakable beasts of the Shadowfell (+1 Deathcut Hide), carries the mummified finger of a hag as a potent ward (+2 Amulet of Protection) and wields a crimson-tinged, tieflingforged blade that seems to delight in cruelty and pain (+2 vicious longsword). For all the dire warnings of his companions that dark forces may not always bow to his rational, Ruthaer has thus far been vindicated by the success of his exploits.

    Yet, there may come change. Being struck down from his rise to glory by the encounter with the Lich, there may be chance for Ruthaer to learn that somethings are better left untouched. That some forces may not be out-witted by tactical genius. There is yet a chance, that Ruthaer may learn something akin to humility...
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    ooooo....... I really like this idea for a campaign.

    My concept is a minotaur two-weapon ranger who was a gladiator/arena slave whom one of the other PCs freed from slavery during their efforts to bring down the corrupt individual who ran the arena. My character swore to follow them until he repaid the debt and ended up becoming friends with them.

    My stats: 15, 14, 18, 15, 11, 13

    stats roll
    Die roll for OutlawJT
    Campaign: Gaming w/Jemal: Past Tense (4E)

    Rolled on: 2008-06-19 02:02:13.805408
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,5,4] = (15)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,5,3] = (14)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,6,6] = (18)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,6,3] = (15)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,3,2] = (11)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [5,4,4] = (13)

    rolling stats

    I know the concept is a bit off center (and w/ a non PHB race) but this is an idea I've been sitting on since I first opened the 4th edition monster manual. If the stats are too high in comparison I'd be happy to adjust them as you deem appropriate to allow the concept.
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    Block Jemal

    please include a LINK to the rolls. Other than that, I like it.

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    Ability roll (4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3)=17)

    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3)=13, 4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3)=17, 4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3)=15, 4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3)=13, 4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3)=13

    Sorry, used your format, but only rolled ones first. the other rolls are in the second link.

    Can I use them, or would you like to reduce them?

    Concept is a bugbear rogue.

    Destinied to be sacriviced on his 14th birthday, he flew his tribe. After some unsavory contacts with humans ("A monster! Kill it")
    he finally found some companions that appretiate his special talents.

    Still wild and dangerous, he still values the friendship of the other characters and accepts the rules of human/dwarven/elven kind out of respect for them.
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    Sylas Dardragon, halfling mystic and servant of the Raven Queen.

    Sylas, a sickly and unusual youth, grew up spending too much time looking to the stars, seeking to discover what the future held. Just as he came of age, he saw the rise of a powerful Lich. Not wanting to allow such arrogance as denying the Dark Lady's gift and seeking to live beyond his time, Sylas sought out heroes to take the Lich down and thus, a great adventure was begun.

    In his many travels with his tribe, Sylas had met many individuals of great destiny. He sought them each out, brought them together, selected one who was meant to lead them, and aided the group as best he could...all the way until their eventual "success."

    In game terms: Halfling Star-Pact Warlock with some Cleric Power-Swap Feats to represent his ties to the Raven Queen.

    Stats: Stats: 9, 10, 10, 15, 14, 17; After Racial adjustments and level-ups: Str 9, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 20

    Stat Block

    Sylas Dardragon Level 6 Warlock
    Small natural humanoid, halfling warlock
    Initiative +4 Senses Perception +5
    HP 47; Bloodied 23
    Surge Value 11; Surges 6
    Resist Necrotic 5, Poison 5
    AC 18; Fort 15; Ref 18; Will 21; +2 AC vs. OAs
    Speed 6
    Mace (standard; at-will) Weapon
    +4 vs. AC; 1d8-1 damage
    Eldritch Blast (standard; at-will) Arcane, Implement
    Ranged 10; +10 vs. Ref; 1d10+7 damage
    Dire Radiance (standard; at-will) Arcane, Fear, Implement, Radiant
    Ranged 10; +5 vs. Fort; 1d6+2 radiant damage. If the target moves nearer to you on its next turn, it takes an extra 1d6 damage.
    Command (standard; encounter) Charm, Divine, Implement
    Ranged 10; +6 vs. Will; The target is dazed until the end of your next turn, In addition, you can choose to knock the target prone or slide the target 8 squares.
    Dreadful Word (standard; encounter) Arcane, Fear, Implement, Psychic
    Ranged 5; +10 vs. Will; 2d8+7 psychic damage and the target takes a -3 penalty to Will defense until the end of your next turn.
    Curse of the Dark Dream (standard; daily) Arcane, Charm, Implement, Psychic
    Ranged 10; +10 vs. Will; 3d8+7 psychic damage and you slide the target 3 squares; Sustain Minor: You slide the target 1 square, whether you hit or miss (save ends)
    Crown of Madness (standard; daily) Arcane, Charm, Implement, Psychic
    Ranged 10; +10 vs. Will; 2d6+7 psychic damage; Miss: Half Damage; Sustain Minor: The target makes a melee basic attack against one of its adjacent allies of your choice (save ends).
    Healing Word (minor; daily) Divine, Healing
    Burst 5; You or one Ally can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 2d6 hit points.
    Second Chance (Interrupt; encounter)
    When an attack hits you, force an enemy to roll the attack again. The enemy uses the second roll, even if it's lower.
    Beguiling Tongue (minor; encounter) Arcane
    You gain a +5 power bonus to your next Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check during this encounter
    Dark One's Own Luck (Free; Daily) Arcane
    When you make a roll you dislike, reroll the attack roll, skill check, ability check, or saving throw, using the higher of the two results.
    Cloak of Resistance (minor; daily) Item
    Gain Resist 5 to all damage until the start of your next turn.
    Deathcut Armor (Reaction; daily) Necrotic, Item
    When an enemy hits you with a melee attack deal 1d10+5 necrotic damage to that enemy.
    Warlock's Curse
    Once pe rturn as a minor action, place a curse on the enemy nearest you that you can see. 1/round deal an additional +1d6 damage to an enemy that is cursed.
    Fate of the Void
    When an enemy under your Warlock's Curse is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, you gain a +1 bonus to any single d20 roll you make during your next turn.
    Prime Shot
    +1 on ranged attacks if none of your allies are closer to your target than you.
    Shadow Walk
    On your turn, if you move at least 3 squares away from where you started your turn, you gain concealment until the end of your next turn.
    Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Primordial
    Skills Acrobatics +6, Arcana +10, Heal +10, Insight +10, Intimidate +13, Religion +10, Thievery +11
    Feats Initiate of the Faith, Ritual Caster, Novice Power, Skill Training (Heal)
    Str 9 (+2) Dex 12 (+4) Wis 15 (+5)
    Con 10 (+3) Int 15 (+5) Cha 20 (+8)
    Equipment Cloak of Resistance +2, Magic Rod +2, Deathcut Leather Armor +1, Magic Holy Symbol +1, mace, adventurer's kit, thieve's tools, ritual book, 70 gp of Sanctified Incense, 30 gp of Mystic Salves, 5 gp
    Rituals Speak with Dead, Cure Disease, Hand of Fate, Gentle Repose
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    Block Atanatotatos

    Jemal, can I ask you approximately when you are going to select the players and start the game? Just curiosity

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    Wrote a preliminary concept reflecting a greater 'hero' brought low.

    Ruthaer ar'Thar

    If you like it and clear my rolls, I'd stat him up. Any changes you'd like to see, tell me !!

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    Rigi the Kobold

    Kobold Rogue level 6

    Strength 17 (+3)
    Constitution 16 (+3)
    Dexterity 20 (+5)
    Intelligence 10 (+0)
    Wisdom 13 (+1)
    Charisma 16 (+3)

    Armor Class 22, Fortitude Defense 18, Reflex Defense 22, Will Defense 18
    Initiative +7, Speed 6
    HP 53 (Bloodied 26, Healing Surge 13, Surges per day 9)

    FEATS: Backstabber, Quick Draw, Nimble Blade, Sure Climber

    RACE FEATURES: +2 con, +2 dex, small size, speed: 6 squares, +2 stealth, +2 thievery, trap sense (+2 defense vs. traps), shifty (at-will, minor action, shift 1 square)

    LANGUAGES: Common, Draconic

    SKILLS: Acrobatics +14, Athletics +12, Insight +9, Perception +9, Thievery +15, Stealth +17

    EQUIPMENT: Leather +2 (lvl 6 item, +2 AC), Elven Cloak +2 (lvl 7 item, +2 fort, ref, will, stealth), Bag of Holding (lvl 5 item, carry up to 200 pounds or 20 cubic feet, but always weigh 1 pound), Acrobat Boots (520, +1 acrobatics, at-will may get up from prone as minor action). Duelists Dagger +1 (680, add 1 to hit, add 1 to damage, +1d6 or 1d8 damage on a critical, daily minor action gain combat advantage)

    CLASS FEATURES: Proficiencies: Cloth armor, Leather Armor, Dagger, Hand crossbow, Shuriken, Sling, Short Sword; First Strike, Rogue Tactics (Brutal Scoundrel), Rogue Weapon Talent, Sneak Attack +2d8+3

    At-Will Exploits:
    Piercing Strike (melee only, +13 vs. Reflex, 1d4+6 damage)
    Riposte Strike (melee only, +13 vs. AC, 1d4+6 damage, if attacked by target before my next turn make attack with +11 vs. AC, 1d4+4 damage)

    Encounter Exploits:
    Positioning Strike (melee only, +13 vs. Will, 1d4+6 damage, slide target 1 square)
    Topple Over (melee only, +16 vs. AC, 1d4+6 damage, target is knocked prone)

    Daily Exploits:
    Blinding Barrage (close blast 3, +12 vs. AC, 2d6+6 damage, targets are blinded until my next turn)
    Deep Cut (melee only, +13 vs. Fortitude, 2d4+6 damage, ongoing 8 damage (save ends), half damage and no ongoing damage on a miss)

    Utility Exploits:
    Fleeting Ghost (at-will, may move normal speed and make stealth check without penalty)
    Chameleon (at-will, when losing cover or concealment may make stealth check to remain hidden until end of turn)

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    Throwing in my hat...

    Concept: Former Cultist turned Hero
    Name: <not sure, considering not having one due to being raised by evil cultists>
    Quote: "Don't taunt me... I'm not one of the good guys. Not yet anyway."
    Alignment: Unaligned but trying for Lawful Good.
    Distinguishing Features: neck, back, and arms are covered in (now defunct) mystical tattoos/scars.

    Not sure about the race, thinking human at the moment. This character constantly wrestles with doing what it right and good vs. what he really wants to do. A code of honor that was taught to him by one of the former (now dead) heroes.

    <name> was raised with a bunch of other kids communally by a group of cultists. Said cultists were involved with summoning a powerful demon to the world (an extended ritual involving a massive eldritch machine and years of rituals and sacrifice). The cult was eventually defeated by the party and the machine disabled (as its living components, the cultists, were no longer present).

    <name> followed the party on their next quest and attempted to revenge himself on the party's aging Paladin, Gerard the Gray. Things didn't go as planned, however, as Gerard expertly confounded his assassination attempt and took the boy prisoner. In the days the followed, Gerard imparted upon <name> his outlook on life in the service of <deity>. <name> pretty much thought that Gerard was full of it but as the elderly paladin kept him fed and as <name> quickly learned that every member of the party was way out of his league, he stuck around and bided his time.

    A few weeks later, in the party's final battle with the lich, Gerard sacrificed himself to save <name>'s life; his soul being devoured in spectacular fashion. The event shook <name> to his core. Why had the old man sacrificed himself to save a worthless, damned soul like himself?

    Following the battle but prior to destroying the phylactery, <name> took up Gerard's blade and hung <deity>'s holy symbol around his neck on a chain to remind himself of everything the paladin tried to teach him in the short time they knew each other. The rest of the party may or may not trust the boy, but that doesn't concern him; he's out to prove himself to the lost soul of the dead paladin, come what may.

    Original Roll: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1633397/
    Rerolling 1s (substituting in order rolled): http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1633402/

    3 + 6 + 6 = 15 (3 . 6 . 6 . 3)
    3 + 3 + 4 = 10 (3 . 1 . 3 . 4) [reroll 2]
    6 + 5 + 6 = 17 (6 . 1 . 4 . 6) [reroll 5]
    3 + 2 + 4 = 11 (3 . 2 . 2 . 4)
    6 + 6 + 4 = 16 (6 . 2 . 6 . 4)
    6 + 6 + 6 = 18 (1 . 6 . 6 . 6) [reroll 2]

    Not sure about the class yet. I'm strongly considering the Rogue, Ranger or Fighter.
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