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    WD - Those stats'll be ok, and I like the concept. Write it up.

    Shaggy - Looks good so far, I'll look into characters in more detail later.

    Ata - Probably pretty soon, we've got several submissions so far.

    Bialaska - HEHE, kobold.

    Lobo Lurker - Cool.

    Allright, so far we have the following as Submitted Characters:

    Lobo Lurker: Former Cultist
    Bialaska: Kobold Rogue(Rigi)
    ShaggySpellsword: Halfling Warlock(Sylas Dardragon)
    WalkingDad: Bugbear Rogue
    OutlawJT: Minotaur Ranger
    Zweischneid: Tiefling Warlord/Warlock(Rutheat)
    Atanatotatos: Half-elf Fey Warlock (Illian Soulstorm)
    Albedo: rogue probably
    SarahRequiem: Eladrin Fighter (Ash)
    Graf: Verity Thronble
    Hero4Hire: Posted interest but no rolls/concept. (backed out?)

    Hmm... OK, closing Recruitment. I'd rather not make a decision without seeing what the characters look like, so I'm gonna give a few days for that and make a decision based on which characters I think would make the most interesting (and effective) team.

    Also, please repost your characters instead of editing previous posts when updating.

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    Awww,, just too late!

    anyway, throwing it in for good measure.

    Stats: 12, 12, 12, 14, 16, 17

    Was thinking about a Shadar-Kai scholar, thrown out of the Shadowfell, and taking up as a student of a known archmage. Using her already sharp intellect, she learned the arts of the arcane quickly, and started to travel to the world, looking for more knowledge, more ways to utilize her magic.

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    Slow day at work today...

    Name: nameless or 'boy', Race: human, Sex: M, Class: Fighter,

    Deity: none, Level: 6, Age: 17, Ht: 5'9", Wt: 190lbs., Eyes: brown, Hair: brown dreadlocks, Distinguishing Features: extensive scarification and ritual tattooing on neck, hands, arms, shoulders and back, Vision: normal

    "Trust me? No... I wouldn't do that if I were you."

    Defenses: AC: 15, FORT: 20, REFL: 18, WILL: 19
    Hit Points: 63 (45+18) (Bloodied 31), Healing Surges: 13 (15HP)
    Initiative +2, Passive Perception +0, Speed 5

    Basic Attack 1: weapon (+0 to hit, 1d0+0 damage)
    Basic Attack 2: weapon (+0 to hit, 1d0+0 damage)

    STR: 21 +5, CON: 18 +4, DEX: 15 +2, INT: 10 +0, WIS: 16 +3, CHA: 11 +0
    1st: +2 str (human); 4th: +1 str/con

    Level Modifier: +3 (affects attacks, defenses, init., skill checks and ability checks)
    Race (HUMAN)-- +2 <ANY>, size MEDIUM, Speed 6, normal vision, bonus at-will power, bonus feat, bonus skill, human defenses (+1 to fort/refl/will)
    Class (FIGHTER)-- Armor Proficiencies (cloth, leather, hide, chain, scale; light and heavy shields), Weapon Proficiencies (simple/military melee, simple/military ranged), +2 Fort, Combat Challenge (every attack marks target, hit or miss -- mark lasts until end of my next turn -- marked targets take a -2 to attack rolls if the attack does not include me -- only 1 mark per creature and new marks supercede old marks -- marked targets adjacent to me that move or attack anyone other than me provoke a melee basic attack as an immediate interrupt), Combat Superiority (+3 bonus to attacks of opportunity and struck enemies stop moving if a move provoked the attack), Fighter Weapon Talent (+1 bonus to attacks when using 2-handed weapons).

    athletics +8, endurance +8, intimidate +8, streetwise +8,
    LANGUAGES: Common & Primordial

    human preserverance, Potent Challenge, Power Attack, Action Surge, Alertness

    action surge (+3 to action pt. attacks)
    alertness (negate combat advantage during surprise rounds; +2 Perception)
    human preserverance (+1 to saves)
    potent challenge (if I hit foe due to Combat Challenge add Con modifier to damage)

    POWERS (Source: Martial)
    Second Wind [available], Action Point [available]
    @ - E - D - U
    2 - 2 - 2 - 2
    * At-will: CLEAVE (1) Martial, Weapon; Target: one creature. Attack: str vs. AC; Hit: 1[w]+5 damage and an enemy adjacent to me takes 5 damage.
    * At-will: REAPING STRIKE (1) Martial, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: str vs. AC; Hit: 1[w]+5 damage; Miss: 1/2 str modifier damage/full modifier when using 2 hander.
    * At-will: SURE STRIKE (1) Martial, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: str +2 vs. AC; Hit: 1[w] damage
    * Encounter: PASSING ATTACK (1) Martial, Weapon; Primary Target: 1 creature; Attack: str vs. AC; Hit: 1[w]+5 damage and I can shift 1 square. Make secondary attack; 2nd Target: 1 creature who is not the 1st; Hit: 1[w]+5 damage.
    * Encounter: SWEEPING BLOW (3) Martial, Weapon; Close Burst 1; Target: each enemy in burst I can see; Attack: str vs. AC; Hit: 1[w]+7 damage.
    * Daily: VILLAIN'S MENACE (1) Martial, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: str vs. AC; Hit: 2[w]+5 damage and get a +2 power bonus to attack & +4 power bonus to damage vs. this creature until the end of the encounter. Miss: Gain +1/+2 bonuses vs. the creature until the end of the encounter.
    * Daily: DIZZYING BLOW (5) Martial, Reliable, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: str vs. AC; 3[w]+5 damage and target is immobilized (save ends).
    * Utility: BOUNDLESS ENDURANCE (2) Daily; Healing, Martial, Stance; Minor action; Personal; Effect: gain Regeneration 6 when I am bloodied.
    * Utility: UNBREAKABLE (6) Encounter; Martial; Immediate Reaction; Personal; Trigger: I am struck by an attack; Effect: reduce damage from the attack by 10.

    Scale Armor: steel scales trimmed in green lacquer
    * +7 AC, -1 speed; heavy armor
    Halberd: black steel blade, mahogany shaft
    * +2 prof., 1d10 dmg, axe/polearm grp, reach
    Handaxe: bronze blade, wooden haft
    * +2 prof., 1d6 dmg, 5/10 range, axe grp, off-hand, hvy thrown
    Mace: heavy and iron
    * +2 prof., 1d8 dmg, mace grp, versatile
    Longsword: single edged, curved tip, bell guard, engraved with runes "honor in all things"
    * +3 prof., 1d8 dmg, hvy blade grp, versatile
    Holy Symbol of Bahamut: is an Amulet of Protection +1

    +1 scale armor [405gp 45 lbs.]
    +1 Vicious Halbard [545gp 12 lbs.]
    handaxe x2 [5gp 3 lbs.] 10gp & 6 lbs total
    mace [5gp 6lb]
    longsword [15gp 4lbs]
    standard adventurer's kit [24gp 28lbs]
    -flint + steel
    -belt pouch
    -10 days trail rations
    -50ft. silk rope (upgrade)
    -2 sunrods
    Climber's Kit [2gp 11lbs]
    -grappling hook
    -10 pitons
    Holy Symbol/amulet of protection (bahamut) [370gp 1lb]
    ---------------------------------- 136gp 116 lbs.
    MAGIC ITEMS (prices included in equipment above)
    --magic armor +1 (360gp)
    --Vicious Halbard (+520gp) +1 (+1d12 on crit)
    --Amulet of Protection +1 (360)

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    Also, please repost your characters instead of editing previous posts when updating.
    Concept and backstory

    Ash (more like a nickname, she doesnt share her whole name) is a tall Eladrin woman standing nearly 6ft tall, with long flowing silvery hair, a fair skin and pearly virbrant purple eyes. Many years ago, Ash ran from the feywild to live with her human lover, a young girl she met during her frequant trip to the natural world. They lived happily togheter in a small house in the forest, near a human village. Most of the villagers did not approve of this union and did not hide their feelings about the two young girls. Pranks after pranks, insults after insults, they only grow closer to each others, ignoring the remarks. One day, one of the prank went to far and some of the villagers burned the house down. Ash and her lover were trapped in the house but Ash miraculously escaped the flames, after seeing her other half swallowed by the wild flames. Ash was lost and was taken over by madness and hate; she grabbed the first weapon she could lay her hand on and murdered most of the villager in her rage. Men, women and children did not matter. They took away the life of the one person shs loved the most, they deserved to die.... that is what she thought. Ash then disapeared for years, escaped back to the feywild. She eventually came back to the natural world, filled by grief and guilt. She travels the world with a broken heart, trying to be forgiven for what she did...

    Ash is mostly an offensive focused fighter. she can strike within the blink of an eye and hit with deadly precision with her favored weapon; the longspear.

    Female Eladrin Fighter 6

    Initiative 7; Perseption 23 ; Insight 16
    HP 60 ; Bloodied 30 ; Healing Surge 15; Surges Per Day 11
    AC 21 (23 w/ Heavy shield) ; Fort 20, Ref 17 (19 w/ Heavy Shield), Will 18
    Speed 6 (5 in scale mail)
    Action Points 1
    Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Elven

    Str 17 (+1 lv)
    Con 15
    Dex 14 (+2 race)
    Int 14 (+2 race)
    Wis 16 (+1 lv)
    Cha 12

    Racial Features:
    +2 dexterity, +2 intelligence
    Low-Light Vision
    Eladrin Education; +1 trained skill
    Eladrin Weapon Profiency; Longsword
    Eladrin Will: +1 will defence. +5 saving throw vs charms effects
    Fey Origin
    Feystep power

    Class Features:
    Combat Challenge. mark for -2 attack rolls, opportunity attacks
    Combat Superiority. Wis to opportunity attacks. cancel movement.
    Fighter Weapon Talent; two handed. +1 to attack rolls
    Bonus Defence; +2 fortitude

    Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chainmail, Scale, Light Shield, Heavy Shield
    Weapon: Simple Melee/Ranged. Military Melee/Ranged

    Basic Melee Attack; Vicious Longspear +2
    +11 vs AC. 1d10+7. +2d12 critical. Reach

    Basic Melee Attack; Vicious Longsword +1
    +10 vs AC. 1d10+5. +1d12 critical

    Basic Ranged Attack; Longbow
    +7 vs AC. 1d10+2.


    1 Eladrin Soldier. +2 damage rolls w/ longswords and all spears.
    2 Quick Draw. +2 initiative. Draw weapon with attack action.
    4 Alertness. +2 perseption, don't grant combat advantage when surprised.
    6 Student of Battle. Inspiring word 1/day. Intimidate skill training

    Athletics 10 (-2 with heavy shield)
    Endurance 10
    Heal 11
    Perseption 13
    Intimidate 8

    Gear 84 gp.

    Vicious LongSpear +2 (lv7)
    +4 hit, 1d10+2.
    effect: +2d12 on critical. Reach

    Black Iron Scale Mail +1 (lv 4)
    +8 AC, Resist 5 fire, Resist 5 necrotic. Speed -1

    Amulet of Protection +2 (lv 6)
    +2 fortitude, reflex, will defences.

    Everlasting Provision. (840gp lv 4)
    After an extended rest, the basket create enough food for 5 medium creature for 24 hours)

    Vicious Longsword +1 (520gp, lv 2)
    +4 hit, 1d8+1
    effect: +1d12 critical hit

    Heavy Shield ( 10gp)
    +2 AC/Reflex. -2 Checks.

    Longbow (30gp)
    +2 hit. 1d10. range 20/40, load free

    Arrows (30) (1gp)

    Standard Adventurer's Kit (15 gp)

    At Will:
    Reaping Strike. Melee Weapon
    +11 vs AC. 1d10+7
    Miss: 3 damage

    Sure Strike. Melee Weapon
    +13 vs AC. 1d10+4

    Fey Step. (Move)
    Teleport 5 square

    Covering Attack. Melee Weapon.
    +11 vs AC. 1d10+7
    Hit: An ally adjacent to you can shift 2 squares.

    Armor Piercing Thrust. Melee Weapon
    +13 vs AC. 1d10+9

    Villain's Menace. Melee Weapon
    +11 vs AC. 2d10+7.
    Hit: +2 power bonus to attack rolls. +4 power bonus to damage rolls. (encounter, against the target)
    Miss: +1 power bonus to attack rolls. +2 power bonus to damage rolls. (encounter, against the target)

    Dizzying Blow. Melee Weapon, Reliable.
    +11 vs AC. 3d10+7
    Hit: target is immobilized (save ends)

    Inspiring Word. Healing, minor, range close burst 5.
    1 ally or self
    effect: target spend 1 healing surge +1d6 hp.

    Boundless Endurence. Stance. (minor, Daily)
    Gain regeneration 4hp while bloodied.

    Battle Awareness. Personal, no action. (Daily)
    +10 initiative check
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    Illian Soulstorm, Half-elf Fey Warlock 6

    Str 10
    Dex 12
    Con 16 (+2 Half-elf)
    Int 18 (+1 level)
    Wis 14
    Cha 20 (+2 Half-elf, +1 level)

    Ac 20 (22 vs first attack in encounter, +1 when used warlock's curse)
    For 18
    Ref 20
    Will 21

    HP: 53
    Healing surges/day: 9

    Init: +4
    Senses: low-light vision, perception:15 insight:22

    Languages:Common, Elven, Draconic
    Alignment: Good
    Patron Deity: Avandra

    Racial features: Dilettante
    Dual heritage
    Group diplomacy

    Class features: Eldritch blast (Charisma)
    Misty step (5 squares)
    Prime shot
    Shadow walk
    Warlock's curse +1d6

    Skills (*trained):
    Acrobatics +4
    Arcana* +12
    Athletics +3
    Bluff* +13
    Diplomacy +10 (+1 group diplomacy)
    Dungeoneering +5
    Endurance +6
    Heal +5
    History* +12
    Insight* +12
    Intimidate +8
    Nature* +10
    Perception +5
    Religion +5
    Stealth +4
    Streetwise +8
    Thievery +4

    Feats: Action surge
    Improved misty step
    Skill Training: Nature
    Human perseverance

    Basic Attack: Ranged eldritch blast +10 vs reflex 1d10+9 dmg, range 10

    -at will: Eldritch blast

    -encounter: Witchfire
    Scorching burst (wizard at-will)
    eldritch rain

    -daily: Curse of the dark dream
    Crown of madness

    -utility: Beguiling tongue (encounter)
    Fey switch (encounter)

    Item daily: Gloves of piercing

    Rod of dark reward +2 (lvl 7)
    Amulet of protection +2 (lvl 6)
    Darkleaf armor +1 (lvl 4)
    Bracers of the perfect shot (680 gp)
    Gloves of piercing (680 gp)
    Standard adventuring kit (15 gp)
    125 gp?

    Illian was raised in an elf village situated near to an entrance to the Feywild. He's had close contact with powerful fey entities since very young, and this is clear from both his appearance and his powers. He's a well-built, 5'9" tall half-elf, exceptionally beautiful with his long light-brown hair and striking green eyes. Illian is of gentle nature, but will not suffer any restraint to his personal freedom, and will often feel deep melancholy, and definitely wanderlust. Indeed, his character was always regarded as closer to the Eladrin fey lords than to his elven peers, as capricious as a fey. But Illian is half-human, too, and when his desire for solitude ends he needs the warmth and comfort of friends. He's approximately 28 years old, but he's been lost in the Feywild and its Underdark for almost five years, so he's lost the exact count. He's built his fame fighting countless battles with Fomorian rulers and bound pacts with powerful Ghaele lords. He then managed to escape the curse that had imprisoned him out of the Material Plane thanks to the help of his current group of fellows. Illian is normally never without his magical lute, but when he wakes up he's apparently lost it and is now whining like a little kid among the laughters of his companions.What not everyone knows is that the instrument is a powerful artifact too...
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    Rolls: 15, 14, 15, 18, 12, 11 Throwin' my hat in:

    Shifter(longtooth) Fighter(cleric multiclass)

    Yargen was a great warrior among the shifter race. He could have been often seen meditating among the trees, centering his focus and realizing his destiny. He listened to the words of the trees and of the birds. These words led him to a greater calling. Yargen fought many things: Goblins and Orcs that dare to attack the valley which he called home. Mindflayers that kidnapped and held him prisoner in the mazes of minotaur warlords. Dragons and Demons whose unyielding arrogance couldn't get past the guard of the invincible shifter. All of that changed when the lich was defeated. Yargen felt...weak, a lesser being...all that he knew was gone, it was as though the lich had taken it all away. Yargen seeks to restore his lost skill to restore his lost battle tactics to become a savior of his people once again.

    Class: Fighter
    Race: Longtooth Shifter
    Str: 21 Con: 15 Dex: 14 Int: 11 Wis: 18 Chr: 12

    Init: +5
    Movement: 5

    AC: 20 Fort: 22 Ref: 17 Will: 19

    HP: 60 Surges/day: 11 Surge value: 16

    Basic attack(melee, Glaive): +12; 2d4+5
    Basic attack(ranged, Handaxe): +11; 1d6+5
    Opponent attacked is marked(-2 to all attacks unless attacking Yargen, until end of Yargen's next turn. If marked target shifts or attacks target that is not Yargen, Yargen can make a basic attack as an II)
    Opportunity attacks: +18; 2d4+5 + opponent stops moving

    Trained skills: athletics(+15), endurance(+13), heal(+12), religion(+8)

    Blade opportunist(+2 on OA with light/heavy blade)
    Potent challenge(+2 damage to combat challenged target on OA)
    Initate of the Faith(training in religion skill(already included) Can use healing word power once per day. Use holy symbol as an implement for cleric powers.)
    Novice Power(swap encounter powers)


    At will:

    Cleave +12 vs AC 2d4+5. 5 damage vs. adjacient opponent
    Reaping Strike: +12 vs AC: 2d4+5. 5 Damage on miss


    Dance of Steel: +12 vs AC 4d4+5 +target slowed until end of next turn

    Split the Sky: +12 vs Fort 2d4+5 and targed pushed 2 squares and knocked prone.

    Longtooth Shifting(need to be bloodied); minor action: Until the end of the encounter(or until unconscious) you gain a +2 on damage rolls and until unbloodied regeneration 2.


    Healing word(minor): Target can use a healing surge and gain an additional 1d6 hp
    Villain's Menace: 4d4+5 and you gain +2att/+4 damage against the target until the end of the encounter. If miss: +1att/+2dam
    Crack the Shell: 4d4+5 and target takes ongoing 5 damage and -2 to AC (save ends both)


    Unstoppable(daily)(minor) You gain temp hp = 2d6+2
    Unbreakable(encounter)(IR: You are hit by an attack) Reduce damage by 7

    Equipment: 310gp

    Dwarven Scale Armor +1(+1 on endurance checks; daily(free action) regain hp as is spent a healing surge)
    Lifedrinker Glaive +1(Lv5) (On crit +1d6 necrotic damage; gain 5 temp hp when dropping an enemy to 0 hp or lower.)
    Cloak of Resistance +2(Lv7) (+2 to fort/ref/will; Daily(Minor)Gain resist all 5 until start of next turn)
    Belt of Vigor(+1 on healing surge value)
    Horned Helm(Lv6): Charge attacks +1d6 damage
    3 Potions of Healing(Minor; spend healing surge and regain 10 hp)
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    Ruthaer ar'Thar

    The character
    Name: Ruthaer ar'Thar
    Race: Tiefling
    Class: (Tactical) Warlord
    Role: Leader
    Level: 6

    Updated version posted here .
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    Jemal would you consider allowing a wizard focused on the illusionist spells/powers recently released by WotC?

    It'd fit well with the sort of untrustworthly stuff people think of when they think of Verity.

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    Hey Jemal, can you clairify something for me, I got the impression that we were supposed to buy our magic items... is that not correct?


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    I'm pretty sure hes giving us 3 free items. with 1500gp, we wouldn,t even be able to afford 1 6th lv item

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