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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahRequiem
    I'm pretty sure hes giving us 3 free items. with 1500gp, we wouldn,t even be able to afford 1 6th lv item
    Yes, 1 level 7, 1 level 6 and 1 level 5 item and 1500 gp for other stuff.

    I can see there are like 20 strikers already, so I'm probably going to change character to a defender or leader type, just so there may be those too and just not all damage.

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    Oops, you are right.

    Jemal, I could change my character to defender if yo like. No need for change in background.
    I think the character is cool enough to be played. Defender or otherwise.

    What I really want to try since I read it is a warforged fighter using stuff from the dragon pdf.

    Sledge, a big waforged, clad in heavy component armor, using a warhammer and a shield.

    Build to help an evil tyrant to oppress a small village, the near death of a little human girl reached his conscience and forced him to rebel. Freeing the adventurer group from prison, he first helped them to overthrow his former master and later joined them, fighting for freedom and good.

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    Slight rework. Numbers should be correct now. No further work needed (I think).

    Name: nameless or 'boy', Race: human, Sex: M, Class: Fighter, Deity: none, Level: 6, Age: 17, Ht: 5'9", Wt: 190lbs., Eyes: brown, Hair: brown dreadlocks, Distinguishing Features:extensive scarification and ritual tattooing on neck, hands, arms, shoulders and back, Vision: normal

    "Trust me? No... I wouldn't do that if I were you."

    <nameless> was raised with a bunch of other kids communally by a group of cultists. He had no name because the cult taught that to have a name was to have worth and that they were inherently worthless. The cultists were involved with summoning a powerful demon to the world (an extended ritual involving a massive eldritch machine and years of rituals and sacrifice). <nameless> was one of the cogs in the eldritch machine. The cult was eventually defeated by the party and the machine disabled (as its living components, the cultists, were no longer present).

    <nameless> trailed the party on their next quest and attempted to revenge himself on the party's aging Paladin, Gerard the Gray. Things didn't go as planned, however, as Gerard expertly confounded his assassination attempt and took the boy prisoner. Sensing his destiny, however, Gerard took a soft hand on the boy and attempted to rehabilitate him.

    In the days the followed, Gerard imparted upon <nameless> his outlook on life in the service of Bahamut. <nameless> pretty much thought that Gerard was full of it but as the elderly paladin kept him fed and as <nameless> quickly learned that every member of the party was way out of his league, he stuck around and bided his time.

    A few weeks later, in the party's final battle with the lich, Gerard sacrificed himself to save <nameless>'s life; his soul being devoured in spectacular fashion. The event shook <nameless> to his core. Why had the old man sacrificed himself to save a worthless, damned soul like himself? In the aftermath he took Gerard's teachings to heart and decided he would use the old paladin's code of honor as a compass in his formerly directionless world of morality.

    Following the battle but prior to destroying the phylactery, <name> took up one of Gerard's holy icons and hung it around his neck on a chain to remind himself of everything the paladin tried to teach him in the short time they knew each other. The rest of the party may or may not trust the boy, but that doesn't concern him; he's out to prove himself to the lost soul of the dead paladin, come what may.

    Defenses: AC: 22, FORT: 21, REFL: 17, WILL: 16
    Hit Points: 63 (45+18) (Bloodied 31), Healing Surges: 13 (15HP)
    Initiative +6, Passive Insight +5, Passive Perception +5


    Melee Basic Attack 1: Bastard Sword (+9 att, 1d10+6 dmg)
    Melee Basic Attack 2: Mace (+9 att, 1d8+6 dmg)
    Ranged Basic Attack 1: Handaxe (+8 att, 1d6+5 dmg)

    STR: 21 +5, CON: 18 +4, DEX: 16 +3, INT: 10 +0, WIS: 15 +2, CHA: 11 +0
    1st: +2 str (human); 4th: +1 str/con

    Level Modifier: +3 (affects attacks, defenses, init., skill checks and ability checks)
    Race (HUMAN)--
    +2 to any one ability score
    Size: Medium, Speed: 6, Vision: normal
    Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill, Bonus At-Will Power
    Human Defenses Bonus (+1 to Fort, Refl and Will defenses)
    Class (FIGHTER)--
    Armor Proficiencies (cloth, leather, hide, chain, scale; light and heavy shields).
    Weapon Proficiencies (simple/military melee, simple/military ranged).
    +2 Fort defense
    Combat Challenge (every attack marks target, hit or miss -- mark lasts until end of my next turn -- marked targets take a -2 to attack rolls if the attack does not include me -- only 1 mark per creature and new marks supersede old marks -- marked targets adjacent to me that move or attack anyone other than me provoke a melee basic attack as an immediate interrupt).
    Combat Superiority (+3 bonus to attacks of opportunity and struck enemies stop moving if a move provoked the attack).
    Fighter Weapon Talent (+1 bonus to attacks when using 2-handed weapons).

    athletics +13, endurance +12, intimidate +8, streetwise +8,
    LANGUAGES: Common & Demonic

    Human: Human Preseverance
    1st: Combat Reflexes
    2nd: Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword)
    4th: Potant Challenge
    6th: Blade Opportunist

    blade opportunist (+2 feat bonus to attacks with heavy or light blades)
    combat reflexes (+1 to opportunity attacks; do not grant combat advantage to foes before he acts in 1st round of combat)
    human preserverance (+1 to saves)
    potent challenge (if I hit foe due to Combat Challenge add Con modifier to damage)

    POWERS (Source: Martial)
    Second Wind [available], Action Point [available]

    * At-will: CLEAVE Martial, Weapon; Target: one creature. Attack: +14 vs. AC; Hit: 1d10+8 damage and an enemy adjacent to me takes 5 damage.

    * At-will: REAPING STRIKE Martial, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: +14 vs. AC; Hit: 1d10+8 damage; Miss: 2 damage/5 damage if using 2 hander.

    * At-will: SURE STRIKE Martial, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: str +16 vs. AC; Hit: 1d10 damage

    * Encounter: PASSING ATTACK Martial, Weapon; Primary Target: 1 creature; Attack: +14 vs. AC; Hit: 1d10+8 damage and I can shift 1 square. Make secondary attack; 2nd Target: 1 creature who is not the 1st; Hit: 1d10+8 damage.

    * Encounter: SWEEPING BLOW Martial, Weapon; Close Burst 1; Target: each enemy in burst I can see;Attack: +14 vs. AC; Hit: 1d10+10 damage.

    * Daily: VILLAIN'S MENACE Martial, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: +14 vs. AC; Hit: 2d10+8 damage and get a +2 power bonus to attack & +4 power bonus to damage vs. this creature until the end of the encounter. Miss: Gain +1/+2 bonuses vs. the creature until the end of the encounter.

    * Daily: DIZZYING BLOW Martial, Reliable, Weapon; Target: 1 creature; Attack: +14 vs. AC; Hit: 3d10+8 damage and target is immobilized (save ends).

    * Utility: BOUNDLESS ENDURANCE Daily; Healing, Martial, Stance; Minor action; Personal; Effect: gain Regeneration 6 when I am bloodied.

    * Utility: UNBREAKABLE Encounter; Martial; Immediate Reaction; Personal; Trigger: I am struck by an attack; Effect: reduce damage from the attack by 10.

    Item Qualities
    Scale Armor.....[+7 AC, -1 spd, 45gp]
    Bastard Sword...[+3 pro, 1d10 dmg, 30gp, 6 lbs., heavy blade group, Versatile]
    Mace............[+2 pro, 1d8 dmg, 5gp, 6 lbs., mace group, Versatile]
    Handaxe.........[+2 pro, 1d6 dmg, 5/10 rng, 5gp, 3 lbs., axe group, Off-hand, Heavy Thrown]

    Regular Items
    +2 Razor Scale Armor...............[2645gp 45 lbs.]
    +2 Magic Bastard Sword.............[1830gp 6 lbs.]
    mace...............................[ 5gp 6 lbs.]
    handaxe............................[ 5gp 3 lbs.]
    standard adventurer's kit..........[24gp 28 lbs.]
    -flint + steel
    -belt pouch
    -10 days trail rations
    -50ft. silk rope (upgrade)
    -2 sunrods
    Climber's Kit......................[ 2gp 11 lbs.]
    -grappling hook
    -10 pitons
    Cheap little Bahamut effigy........[worthless]
    COINS: 189gp 0gp 0cp

    Magic Items
    7th: Razor Scale +2 [2600gp]
    * +2 enchancement bonus to AC.
    * Property: when an enemy scores a melee critical hit against me, that enemy takes 1d10+3 damage.

    6th: Magic Bastard Sword +2 [1800gp]
    * +2 enchancement bonus to attacks and damage.
    * Critical: +2d6 damage

    5th: Gauntlets of Ogre Power [1000gp]
    * +1 enhancement to strength checks & athletics checks.
    * Power (Daily): gain +5 bonus to damage

    Cloak of Resistance +1 [520gp]
    * Slot: Neck; Enhancement: Fort, Refl and Will

    Gloves of Piercing [680gp]
    * Slot: Hands; Power (Daily): Minor Action. Until the end of the encounter, your attacks ignore any resistance of 10 or lower.
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    stats roll
    Die roll for OutlawJT
    Campaign: Gaming w/Jemal: Past Tense (4E)

    Rolled on: 2008-06-19 02:02:13.805408
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,5,4] = (15)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,5,3] = (14)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,6,6] = (18)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,6,3] = (15)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [6,3,2] = (11)
    4d6.minroll(2).takeHighest(3) → [5,4,4] = (13)

    rolling stats

    Amintor Timon Level 6 Ranger
    Medium natural humanoid, minotaur ranger
    Initiative +6 Senses Perception +11
    HP 58; Bloodied 29
    Surge Value 14; Surges 9
    Str: 20 +5
    Con: 16 +3
    Dex: 16 +3
    Int: 13 +1
    Wis: 16 +3
    Cha: 11 +0
    AC 21; Fort 21; Ref 20; Will 18
    Speed 6

    Class Features:
    Two-Blade Fighting Style - wield a one-handed weapon as if it were an off-hand weapon; Toughness bonus feat
    Hunter's Quarry - minor action, designate nearest foe as quarry, once/round deal extra 1d8 damage to quarry, w/ multiple attacks designate quarry damage attack after all attacks are rolled
    Prime Shot - +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls if no allies are closer to the target than you

    Lethal Hunter, Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Defense, Weapon Focus Axe

    At-Will Exploits:
    Careful Attack - (melee)+14 vs AC, 1d12+4 damage; (ranged)+11 vs AC, 1d10+1 damage
    Twin Strike - two attacks; (melee)+12 vs AC, 1d12+4(2 off-hand) damage; (ranged)+9 vs AC, 1d10+1 damage

    Encounter Exploits:
    Goring Charge - +8 vs AC; 1d6+5 damage; target knocked prone
    Fox's Cunning - immediate reaction vs melee attack; shift 1, (melee)+ vs AC, 1d12+9 damage; (ranged)+9 vs AC, 1d10+4 damage
    Cut and Run - two attacks, shift 4 after either attack; (melee)+12 vs AC, 1d12+9(7 off-hand) damage; (ranged)+9 vs AC, 1d10+4 damage

    Daily Exploits:
    Jaws of the Wolf - two attacks; +12 vs AC, 2d12+9(7 off-hand) damage
    Two-Wolf Pounce - shift 2, three attacks; +12 vs AC, 2d12+9 damage, +12 vs AC, 1d12+7 damage, shift 2, +12 vs AC 2d12+2 damage

    Utility Exploits:
    Yield Ground - immediate reaction vs melee damage, shift 3, +2 all defenses till end of next turn
    Evade Ambush - daily, 3 allies who would be surprised are not surprised in surprise round

    Elven Cloak +2, +1 Deathcut Hide armor, large +2 Battleaxe, large +1 Battleaxe, +1 Longbow, Acrobat Boots, everburning torch, adventurer's kit, journeybread, silk rope, tent, waterskin, climber's kit, 60 arrows, 10PP and 20GP

    Ran out of time. I'll add skills and background later tonight for Amintor.

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    Just an observation, but in my PHB the Twin Strike power doesn't give you any damage bonus, just 1[w] damage per attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobo Lurker
    Just an observation, but in my PHB the Twin Strike power doesn't give you any damage bonus, just 1[w] damage per attack.
    You are correct sir. With that power you (or I as it were) don't add any damage bonus for ability modifiers. The damage I added is from feats and the weapon's enhancement bonus. The bonus from feats is static so long as I am meeting the prerequisites of the feats I believe and the enhancement bonus is part of the weapon's damage naturally (meaning you apply it whenever you apply weapon damage). I apologize that I didn't explain it thoroughly in my initial character sheet up above.

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    Well, due to the massive number of strikers, here is my Defender instead, a Paladin of Sehanine.

    Lady Keira, Holy Champion of Sehanine

    Lady Keira Delrond, third daughter of William VI Delrond, Baron of Beaumonde, self-proclaimed Royal Matchmaker, Holy Champion of Sehanine
    Female Human Paladin level 6
    Unaligned follower of Sehanine

    Str 18 (+1 level)
    Con 14

    Dex 13
    Int 10

    Wis 16
    Cha 19 (+2 race, +1 level)

    Armor Class 24, Fortitude Defense 21, Reflex Defense 18, Will Defense 21
    Initiative +4, Speed 6
    HP 59 (Bloodied 29, Healing Surge 14, Surges per day 12)

    FEATS: Mounted Combat, Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword), Toughness, Healing Hands

    RACE FEATURES: +2 charisma, speed: 6 squares, bonus feat, bonus at-will power, bonus skill, human defense bonus (+1 to fort, reflex and will defenses)

    LANGUAGES: Common, Elven

    SKILLS: Religion +9, Diplomacy +12, Heal +11, Endurance +10, Insight +11

    EQUIPMENT: Vicious Bastard Sword +2 (Lvl 7 item, +2d12 damage on a critical), Battleforged Plate +1 (Lvl 5 item, use extra wind when bloodied to get +1d10 hp), Amulet of Protection +2 (Lvl 6 item, +2 to defenses), Symbol of Hope +1 (680, daily immediate reaction: You or ally hit by save effect, gain +5 on saving throws), Warhorse (680, when mounted gain +5 on damage rolls on charge attack), Heavy Shield (10), Lance (10, counts as longspear, only 1-handed on mount), Standard Adventurers Kit (15), Fine Clothing (2 sets, 60), 75 gp

    CLASS FEATURES: Proficiencies: Cloth armor, Leather Armor, Hide, Chainmail, Scale, Plate, Light shield, Heavy shield, Simple melee, Military melee, Simple ranged; Channel Divinity (Divine Mettle, Divine Strength), Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands (3/encounter)

    Vicious Bastard Sword +2 (+12 vs. AC, 1d10+2 damage)
    No ranged basic attack

    At-Will Prayers:
    Bolstering Strike (+12 vs. AC, 1d10+6 damage, gain 3 temporary hit points)
    Enfeebling Strike (+12 vs. AC, 1d10+6 damage. If target marked it takes -2 to attack rolls until my next turn)
    Valiant Strike (+12 vs. AC, 1d10+6 damage. +1 to attack roll for every enemy adjacent to me)

    Encounter Prayers:
    Piercing Smite (+12 vs. Reflex, 2d10+6 damage, target and up to 3 enemies adjacent are marked)
    Invigorating Smite (+12 vs. Will, 2d10+6 damage. If bloodied gain 8 hit points. Bloodied allies within 5 squares gain the same)

    Daily Prayers:
    On Pain of Death (+8 vs. Will, 3d10+5 damage, 1/round target takes 1d8 damage after making attacks, save ends. On miss half damage and 1d4 ongoing damage)
    Hallowed Circle (burst 3, +8 vs. Reflex, 2d6+5 damage to enemies, Me and allies in zone gain +1 to all defenses until end of encounter)

    Utility Prayers:
    Martyr's Blessing (daily, when ally is hit by melee or ranged attack, take the attack instead)
    Divine Bodyguard (daily, choose ally within 5 squares, you take half of damage done to ally)


    The third daughter of one of the realm's nobles, Keira grew up to a life in privilege. Originally she dedicated herself to Bahamut similarly to her parents, yet as she grew into puberty her loyalties shifted. As she found her calling in life it was in service of Sehanine, the goddess of love. She became a holy champion to Sehanine's cause and became a part of the Royal Guard.
    Keira has a fondness of playing matchmaker, though she has still to find her one true love (though she has had several potential true loves). When Princess Saundra fell in love with the prince of a neighboring hostile realm, she was encouraged by Keira. When the two later married and brought peace to the realm, Keira proclaimed herself as Royal Matchmaker for her involvement.
    Despite the peace brought to the realm, the King was angered by Keira aiding Saundra, thereby undermining his own authority. But Keira was quite popular amongst his nobles and even in his own family (in particular amongst the younger generation), which prevented him from dismissing her directly. Instead he sent her on a series of quests. It was during one of these she encountered a band of adventurers.
    Eventually Keira resigned from the Royal Guard and became a full-time adventurer and heroine, working with these adventurers to save the world more than once. The last one didn't go as planned though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutlawJT
    You are correct sir. With that power you (or I as it were) don't add any damage bonus for ability modifiers. The damage I added is from feats and the weapon's enhancement bonus. The bonus from feats is static so long as I am meeting the prerequisites of the feats I believe and the enhancement bonus is part of the weapon's damage naturally (meaning you apply it whenever you apply weapon damage). I apologize that I didn't explain it thoroughly in my initial character sheet up above.
    No worries, just me being nosy. ^_^

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    Block Atanatotatos

    Updated to ease read of powers (also added small paragraph to background):

    Illian Soulstorm, Half-elf Fey Warlock 6

    Str 10
    Dex 12
    Con 16 (+2 Half-elf)
    Int 18 (+1 level)
    Wis 14
    Cha 20 (+2 Half-elf, +1 level)

    Ac 20 (22 vs first attack in encounter, +1 when used warlock's curse)
    For 18
    Ref 20
    Will 21

    HP: 53
    Healing surges/day: 9

    Init: +4
    Senses: low-light vision, perception:15 insight:22

    Languages:Common, Elven, Draconic
    Alignment: Good
    Patron Deity: Avandra

    Racial features: Dilettante
    Dual heritage
    Group diplomacy

    Class features: Eldritch blast (Charisma)
    Misty step (5 squares)
    Prime shot
    Shadow walk
    Warlock's curse +1d6

    Skills (*trained):
    Acrobatics +4
    Arcana* +12
    Athletics +3
    Bluff* +13
    Diplomacy +10 (+1 group diplomacy)
    Dungeoneering +5
    Endurance +6
    Heal +5
    History* +12
    Insight* +12
    Intimidate +8
    Nature* +10
    Perception +5
    Religion +5
    Stealth +4
    Streetwise +8
    Thievery +4

    Feats: Action surge
    Improved misty step
    Skill Training: Nature
    Human perseverance

    Basic Attack: Ranged eldritch blast +10 vs reflex 1d10+9 dmg, range 10

    -at will: Eldritch blast

    -encounter: Witchfire
    Scorching burst (wizard at-will)
    eldritch rain

    -daily: Curse of the dark dream
    Crown of madness

    -utility: Beguiling tongue (encounter)
    Fey switch (encounter)

    Item daily: Gloves of piercing

    Rod of dark reward +2 (lvl 7)
    Amulet of protection +2 (lvl 6)
    Darkleaf armor +1 (lvl 4)
    Bracers of the perfect shot (680 gp)
    Gloves of piercing (680 gp)
    Standard adventuring kit (15 gp)
    125 gp?

    Illian was raised in an elf village situated near to an entrance to the Feywild. He's had close contact with powerful fey entities since very young, and this is clear from both his appearance and his powers. He's a well-built, 5'9" tall half-elf, exceptionally beautiful with his long light-brown hair and striking green eyes. Illian is of gentle nature, but will not suffer any restraint to his personal freedom, and will often feel deep melancholy, and definitely wanderlust. Indeed, his character was always regarded as closer to the Eladrin fey lords than to his elven peers, as capricious as a fey. But Illian is half-human, too, and when his desire for solitude ends he needs the warmth and comfort of friends. He's approximately 120 years old, but he's been lost in the Feywild and its Underdark for almost three decades, so he's lost the exact count. He's built his fame fighting countless battles with Fomorian rulers and bound pacts with powerful Ghaele lords. He then managed to escape the curse that had imprisoned him out of the Material Plane thanks to the help of his current group of fellows. Illian is normally never without his magical lute, but when he wakes up he's apparently lost it and is now whining like a little kid among the laughters of his companions.What not everyone knows is that the instrument is a powerful artifact too...
    There's no perform skill in the phb yet, but i would like him to be able to play and sing -indeed, if there was a bard class out already that would be the perfect multiclass. About the lute, my idea is that Illian was made a guardian of a powerful artifact in the form of a musical instrument by som powerful eladrin feywild lord, and is in despair to recover it. Thought it may well be a future hook....too lame?

    Powers description:

    Eldritch blast
    Eyebite: rng 10 vs will, 1d6+cha psychic, invisible to target till start next turn (charm)

    Witchfire:rng 10 vs ref, 2d6+cha fire, -2+int penalty to attack rolls
    Scorching burst: burst 1 within 20; int vs ref; 1d6+int fire
    Eldritch rain: rng 10 vs ref, two creature no more 5 squares apart,1d10+cha+int
    Beguiling tongue: (minor)+5 to next intimidate,diplomacy or bluff
    Fey switch:rng 10; trade place with willing ally (teleportation)

    Curse of the dark dream:rng 10 vs will,3d8+cha psychic,slide target 3 squares,sustain minor slide 1 square on miss too (charm)
    Crown of madness: rng 10 vs will, 2d6+cha psychic; on sustain minor target basic attacks adjacent ally chosen (save ends; charm)

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    Ripper, Bugbear rogue.

    Destinied to be sacriviced on his 14th birthday, he flew his tribe. After some unsavory contacts with humans ("A monster! Kill it")
    he finally found some companions that appretiate his special talents.

    Still wild and dangerous, he still values the friendship of the other characters and accepts the rules of human/dwarven/elven kind out of respect for them.

    Str: 19
    Con: 13
    Dex: 19
    Int: 13
    Wis: 15
    Cha: 13

    1 Two Weapon Fighting
    2 Two Weapon Defense
    4 Weapon Focus (Dagger)
    6 Surprise Knockdown

    At Will
    - Piercing Strike
    - Riposte Strike

    Racial - Predatory Eye
    3 - Topple Over
    1 - Tortourus Strike

    5 - Deep Cut
    1 - Trick Strike


    6 - Chameleon
    2 - Fleeting Ghost

    Trained in:
    Thievery, Stealth, Acrobatics, Athletics, Intimidate, Perception



    Sledge, a big waforged, clad in heavy component armor, using a warhammer and a shield.

    Build to help an evil tyrant to oppress a small village, the near death of a little human girl reached his conscience and forced him to rebel. Freeing the adventurer group from prison, he first helped them to overthrow his former master and later joined them, fighting for freedom and good.

    Str: 19
    Con: 19
    Dex: 13
    Int: 13
    Wis: 15
    Cha: 13

    1 Imp. Warforged Resolve
    2 Weapon Focus
    4 Distracting Shield
    6 Toughness

    At Will
    - Sure Strike
    - Tide of Iron

    Racial - Warforged Resolve
    3 - Rain of Steel
    1 - Spinning Sweep

    5 - Blade Cascade
    1 - Comeback Strike

    6 - Unbreakable
    2 - No Opening

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