[4E] Stranded - The confused. [RG]
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    [4E] Stranded - The confused. [RG]

    RG for group 2 of the Stranded game.

    Tara the Feytouched, Human Warlock. Played by Bialaska.
    Cyrial , Shadar-Kai Cleric of Sehanine. Played by nonamazing.
    Fodor , hungry Bugbear Wizard. Played by Kaodi.
    Szel Wispfollower, Elven Fighter. Played by SKTillBrekODay.
    Mordras Blackleaf, Eladrin Rogue. Played by Zweischneid.
    Keira, Tiefling Warlord. Played by geogator.
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    Tara the Feytouched
    Human Warlock level 1

    Strength 8 (-1)
    Constitution 14 (+2)
    Dexterity 10 (+0)
    Intelligence 14 (+2)
    Wisdom 13 (+1)
    Charisma 18 (+4)

    Armor Class 14, Fortitude Defense 13, Reflex Defense 14, Will Defense 16
    Initiative +2, Speed 6
    HP 31 (Bloodied 15, Healing Surge 7, Surges per day 8)

    FEATS: Toughness, Improved Misty Step

    RACE FEATURES: +2 charisma, bonus trained skill, bonus feat, extra at-will power, +1 will, fortitude, reflex

    LANGUAGES: Common, Elven

    SKILLS: Arcana +7, Bluff +9, Insight +6, History +7, Religion +7

    EQUIPMENT: Leather Armor, Standard Adventurers Kit, Wand, 53 gp

    CLASS FEATURES: Proficiencies: Cloth armor, Leather Armor, Simple melee, Simple ranged; Eldritch Blast (charisma), Eldritch Pact (fey, misty step), Prime Shot, Shadow Walk, Warlock's Curse +1d6

    At-Will spells:
    Eyebite (range 10, +4 vs. Will, 1d6+4 damage, invisible to target until end of next turn)
    Eldritch Blast (range 10, +4 vs. Reflex, 1d10+4 damage)
    Dire Radiance (range 10, +2 vs. Fortitude, 1d6+2 radiant damage, if target moves nearer, deal 1d6+2 extra damage)

    Encounter spells:
    Witchfire (range 10, +4 vs. will, 2d6+4 fire damage, target gains -4 penalty on attack rolls until end of next turn)

    Daily spells:
    Armor of Agathys (standard action, gain 12 hp. Until end of encounter enemies adjacent takes 1d6+2 cold damage)

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    Cyrial, Unaligned Shadar-Kai Cleric of Sehanine

    Character Sheet

    Cyrial, Unaligned Shadar-Kai Cleric of Sehanine (posing as a Cleric of Melora)
    Level: 1 Experience: 0

    Strength: 13 [Modifier: +1 / Check: +1]
    Dexterity: 15 [Modifier: +2 / Check: +2]
    Constitution: 13 [Modifier: +1 / Check: +1]
    Intelligence: 15 [Modifier: +2 / Check: +2]
    Wisdom: 14 [Modifier: +2 / Check: +2]
    Charisma: 13 [Modifier: +1 / Check: +1]
    AC: 12 Fortitude: 13 Reflex: 12 Will: 14
    Hit Points: 25 Bloodied: 12
    Healing Surge: 6 Surges per day: 8
    Initiative: +2 Speed: 6 Squares
    Passive Perception: 12 (low-light vision)
    Passive Insight: 17 Language: Common
    Attacks and Powers
    Dagger (Melee Basic Attack) * At-will * Weapon
    Standard Action * Melee
    Target: One Creature / Attack: +4 vs. AC / Hit: 1d4+1 damage

    Thrown Dagger (Ranged Basic Attack) * At-will * Weapon
    Standard Action * Ranged 5/10
    Target: One Creature / Attack: +5 vs. AC / Hit: 1d4+2 damage

    Knife of Shadow * At-Will * Divine, Implement, Radiant
    {Shadows gather in Cyrial's hand, forming a tiny blade in the shape of the crescent moon. With a quick flick of his wrist, the blade flies silently toward his target, whose wound then begins to shimmer with soft moonlight, guiding an ally's attack.}
    Standard Action * Ranged 5
    Target: One Creature / Attack: +2 vs. Reflex
    Hit: 1d8+2 radiant damage; one ally in sight gains a +2 power bonus to their next attack against the target

    Sehanine's Feint * At-Will * Divine, Weapon
    {Cyrial darts in and slashes with his dagger while whispering a quick prayer to Sehanine. Shadowy wisps of steam rise up out his his target's blood, wrapping around Cyrial and his ally, providing them both with a small measure of protection.}
    Standard Action * Melee weapon
    Target: One Creature / Attack: +4 vs. AC
    Hit: 1d4+1 damage; Cyrial and one adjacent ally gain +1 AC until the end of his next turn

    Fear of the Dark * Encounter * Divine, Fear, Implement
    {Cyrial's eyes flash red. To his victim, it seems as if almost all light has been drained from the world, and in the darkest corners, strange things move. "Run," Cyrial whispers, and irrational fear begins to take hold...}
    Standard Action * Ranged 10
    Target: One Creature / Attack: +2 vs. Will
    Hit: The target moves its speed +1 away from Cyrial, avoiding unsafe squares and difficult terrain if it can. This movement provokes opportunity attacks.

    Healing Word Encounter (Special) * Divine, Healing
    {Cyrial sheepishly mumbles his way through a quick prayer, and gentle moonlight washes over his target, mending their wounds.}
    Minor Action * Close burst 5
    Special: Cyrial can use this power up to twice per encounter, but only once per round.
    Target: Self or one ally
    Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6+2 hit points.

    Shadow Jaunt Racial Power * Encounter * Teleportation
    {With a grin, Cyrial steps backwards into a patch of shadow and vanishes. A split second later, he reappears behind his opponent, raw shadowstuff mingling with his form.}
    Move Action * Personal
    Effect: Cyrial teleports 3 squares and becomes insubstantial (takes half damage from all sources) until the start of his next turn.

    Theft of Hope Daily * Divine, Healing, Implement
    {Sehanine's disfavor falls upon Cyrial's opponents, who suddenly lose all hope for victory, becoming pale and weakened. The stolen hope is gifted to Cyrial and his allies, who become renewed and reinvigorated.}
    Standard Action * Close burst 3
    Target: Each enemy in burst / Attack: +2 vs. Will
    Hit: The target is weakened until the end of its next turn.
    Effect: Cyrial and all his allies in the burst regain 7 hit points, and Cyrial's healing powers restore +5 hit points until the end of the encounter.

    Channel Divinity * Encounter
    (Use one of the following two abilities: Sehanine's Reversal OR Turn Undead)
    ~ Sehanine's Reversal
    Encounter * Divine
    No action * Ranged 5
    Trigger: You roll a natural 20 on a saving throw
    Effect: Choose an enemy within range; that creature gains the condition you just saved against.
    Class and Racial Features
    Winterborn: +1 bonus to Fortitude defense
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Stealth
    Shadow Jaunt: (see power above)
    Healer's Lore: Powers with the Healing keyword heal an additional +2 hit points.
    Weapons: Cyrial is proficient in all simple melee and simple ranged weapons.
    Armor: Cyrial is proficient in the use of Cloth, Leather, Hide and Chainmail
    Feats and Skills
    Ritual Caster (Allows the use of Rituals; see equipment)
    Sneak of Shadows (Grants training in the Thievery skill; allows use of rogue's Sneak Attack class feature once per encounter)

    Acrobatics +4
    Arcana +7 (trained)
    Athletics +1
    Bluff +1
    Diplomacy +1
    Dungeoneering +2
    Endurance +1
    Heal +7 (trained)
    History +2
    Insight +7 (trained)
    Intimidate +1
    Nature +2
    Perception +2
    Religion +7 (trained)
    Stealth +4
    Streetwise +1
    Thievery +8 (trained)
    Wickedly curved dagger
    Slightly water-damaged ritual book containing Gentle Repose and Comprehend Language
    Holy symbol of Sehanine (unadorned and unremarkable moon pendant worn around neck)
    Fake holy symbol of Melora (seashell with blue spiral marking)
    Sehanine's Gloves (magic item; grants a +1 item bonus to Thievery checks, cannot be removed)
    Loose, dark clothing, including a cloak with a large hood
    Height: 5'9" Weight: 162 lb.
    Hair: Black, short Eyes: black Skin: pale grey

    Re-flavored Powers

    Knife of Shadow is the Cleric prayer Lance of Faith (page 63)
    Sehanine's Feint is the Cleric prayer Priest's Shield (page 63)
    Fear of the Dark is the Cleric prayer Cause Fear (page 63)
    Theft of Hope is the Cleric prayer Beacon of Hope (page 64)
    Sehanine's Gloves are Burglar's Gloves with a minor added drawback for role-playing purposes (page 247)

    Swaped out Channel Divinity power of Divine Favor for the power of Sehanine's Reversal (page 200), with DM permission.

    Background and History

    Cyrial had never openly rejected the essential philosophies of the Shadar-Kai, but at the same time he had never been able to embrace their love of ruin and death that most Shadar-Kai clung to passionately. Instead, Cyrial felt disconnected, alienated. He had a strange wit and a bleak sense of humor that made itself known at odd times. Other Shadar-Kai called him 'feytouched', and while they did not completely shun him, neither did they grant him much respect.

    No one knows why Sehanine chose Cyrial. Perhaps she had her eye on him for years, perhaps even before his birth. During a Shadar-Kai raid, Cyrial was separated from the rest of his party and chased by human warriors into a temple of Sehanine, who miraculously hid him from their wrath. While the goddess herself did not appear, the sign of her blessing was obvious: a pair of mysterious black gloves that appeared on his hands. Try as he might, Cyrial could not remove them.

    Cyrial's relationship with his goddess is an odd one. He never asked for her patronage, but at the same time he can't help but feel that he and Sehanine happen to be a perfect match.

    Cyrial tries to keep his otherworldly heritage hidden, using his hooded cloak to keep his face (and his obviously inhuman eyes) pooled in shadow. Many civilized races have good reason to dislike the Shadar-Kai, so he tries to keep a low profile. He isn't always successful, though, and often needs to leave town on very short notice. Recently, the hostile attentions of an elven paladin forced Cyrial to consider traveling across the sea. Seeking to cover his trail, and to gain free passage, Cyrial posed as a Cleric of Melora, slyly convincing the captain of the Silver Swan that Cyrial's presence would insure the vessal's safe voyage.

    Then the Swan crashed.

    Did his clerical impersonation draw Melora's wrath? Did Sehanine decide it would be amusing to throw him into a tricky situation? Did the Shadar-Kai feel this would be a good time to get rid of an embarassing outcast? Cyrial is plagued with the inescapable feeling that the wreck was somehow his fault. Now he feels guiltily obligated to help his fellow castaways to survive and somehow make their way home. But if they uncover his lies and expose his true identity, will they be able to trust him enough to accept his help?

    More Background / Relationships
    Cyrial managed (through sheer luck) to bluff his way into a free ride aboard the Swan, but he wasn't convincing enough to secure himself a private cabin. Fortunately, the Dwarven Brothers agreed to allow Cyrial to share their room. The oldest brother is suspicious, but hasn't figured out that Cyrial isn't really a cleric of Melora. The middle brother quickly saw through Cyrial's ruse, but hasn't said anything; he enjoys pretending to be very curious about the Meloran religion, asking Cyrial all sorts of religious questions and laughing behind his beard as the young man fumbles to improvise answers. The youngest brother doesn't appear to care very much about Cyrial at all.
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    Fodor, Hungry Hungry Bugbear

    Life presents many, inconveniences, for a bugbear who practices scholarly magic. There are few teachers, and few opportunities for expanding ones repetoire. But Fodor has learned to live with those minor troubles.

    A burly mage who has killed many rivals who thought they could best a goblin who carried a staff instead of a spear, or a wand instead of a sword, Fodor is a stuent of deceptive magics. Those spells that he employs compliment his already surprising status, misleading the minds of foes which gives him the openings he needs to defeat them.

    But while Fodor is able to hide some of his rough edges within civilization, one should never forget that he is still a bugbear, filled with many of the same cravings and desires; he savours the flesh of his enemies, and his lack of mercy would make Hruggek pround.

    While travelling aboard the Silver Swan, Fodor has mostly kept to himself, but he has taken notice of the kobold sailor, Wittgenstein, who seems to be almost equally out of place.

    Male Bugbear Wizard
    Level 1, Unaligned

    Str: 15 +2
    Con: 12 +1
    Dex: 16 +3
    Int: 16 +3
    Wis: 13 +1
    Cha: 8 -1

    AC: 13
    Fort: 13
    Ref: 14
    Will: 14
    Init: +3
    Spd: 6

    Hit Points: 22 Bloodied: 11
    Healing Surge: 5 Per Day: 7

    Basic Attacks:
    Large Dagger +5 vs. AC (+6 thrown), 1d4+2 (1d4+3 thrown), 5/10
    Magic Missile +3 vs. Reflex, 2d4+3, 20

    Feats: Dark Fury, Ritual Caster

    Passive Insight: 16
    Passive Perception: 11
    Acrobatics: +3
    Arcana: +8
    Athletics: +2
    Dungeoneering: +6
    Insight: +6
    Intimidate: +1
    Perception: +1
    Religion: +8
    Steath: +5

    Race and Class Features:
    Predatory Eye (Encounter)
    Arcane Implement Mastery: Wand of Accuracy
    Ritual Casting
    Language: Common, Goblin
    Low-light Vision

    At Will: Illusory Ambush, Magic Missile
    Encounter: Grasping Shadows
    Daily: Phantom Chasm/Flaming Sphere

    Comprehend Languages
    Make Whole
    Tenser's Floating Disk

    Equipment: Cloak of Resistance +1 (Daily), Cloth Armour, Large Dagger, Adventurer's Kit, Wand, Spellbook, Holy Symbol (Hruggek), Alchemical Reagents (10 gp), 6 gp
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    Szel Wispfollower' CharSheet
    Szel Wispfollower
    Elven Fighter, Female
    Speed: 6 squares; Low-Light Vision
    Initiative: +2

    HP: 29
    Healing Surge: 7 HP, 11/Day (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11)

    Ability Scores
    Str: 16
    Con: 14
    Dex: 14
    Int: 11
    Wis: 15
    Cha: 10

    AC: 18
    Fortitude: 16
    Reflex: 14
    Will: 13
    Racial/Class Features:
    Elven Weapon Proficiency: Szel is proficient with shortbows and longbows.
    Fey Origin: Szel's race is native to the feywild, so she is considered a fey for any effects relating to creature origin.
    Group Awareness: Any non-elf ally within 5 squares of Szel gains a +1 racial bonus to Perception checks.
    Wild Step: Szel is so fleet of foot that she ignores difficult terrain when she shifts.
    Elven Accuracy: Szel gains Elven Accuracy as an encounter power.
    Combat Challenge: Every time Szel attacks an enemy, whether the attack hits or misses, she can choose to mark that target. The mark lasts until the end of your next turn. While a target is marked, it takes a –2 penalty to attack rolls for any attack that doesn’t include her as a target. A creature can be subject to only one mark at a time. A new mark supersedes a mark that was already in place. In addition, whenever a marked enemy that is adjacent to her shifts or makes an attack that does not include her, she can make a melee basic attack against that enemy as an immediate interrupt.
    Combat Superiority: Szel gains a bonus to opportunity attacks equal to her Wisdom Modifier. An enemy struck by her opportunity attack stops moving if a move provoked the attack. if it still has actions remaining, it can use them to continue moving.
    Fighter Weapon Talent: When using One-handed weapons, Szel gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

    Basic Attacks
    Melee: Flail, +6 vs. AC, 1d10+3
    Ranged: Javelin, +6 vs. AC, 1d6+3

    Distracting Shield: When Szel hits someone with an attack granted by the Combat Challenge class feature, the target gains a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the beginning of your next turn. Szel only gets this benefit with a shield equipped.

    Athletics: +8
    Endurance: +7
    Heal: +7
    Nature: +4*
    Perception: +4*

    Tide of Iron
    Elven Accuracy
    Passing Attack
    Comeback Strike
    Cloak of Resistance Activation

    Cloak of Resistance +1 (520 gp, level 2)
    Flail (10 gp)
    Scale Armor (45 gp)
    Light Shield (5 gp)
    Standard Adventurer's Kit (15 gp)
    Climber's Kit (2 gp)
    50 ft. Silk rope (10 gp)
    2 belt pouches (2 gp)
    2 Javelins (10 gp)
    3 torches (3 sp)
    7 silver pieces

    Szel Wispfollower is an elven fighter, who trained extensively with her late mentor, Deleth, in the use of the flail and shield. Deleth recently passed on during an outbreak of disease, which later was traced to a lair of otyugh's near her town, leaving her his wondrous cloak. Her father, despite opposing her choice to enter martial training rather than further her social status, always doted on Szel, and paid her way aboard the Silver Swan. Szel is very reserved, wise beyond her years, and will not hesitate to protect those weaker than her. Some in the Church of Bahamut praise her zealotry and wonder why she never followed the path of a holy warrior. Szel is of the good alignment and worships Bahamut.

    EDIT: Fixed
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    Tye Sonner

    Warlord 1
    Race: Dragonborn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45
    Diety: None
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 300lbs
    Eyes: Green

    Str: 16 (14 Base + 2 Racial)
    Dex: 10 (10 Base)
    Con: 11 (11 Base)
    Int: 16 (16 Base)
    Wis: 10 (10 Base)
    Cha: 16 (14 Base + 2 Racial)

    HP: 23
    Healing Surges: 10 (5 Hp)
    AC: 18
    Fort: 14
    Ref: 14
    Will: 14
    Speed: 6
    Initiative: +2

    Dragonborn Racial Features: Dragonborn Fury, Draconic Heritage, Dragon Breath (Str, Lightning)

    Feats: Tactical Assault
    Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Heal, Intimidate

    Class Features: Combat Leader, Commanding Presence (Tactical Presence), Inspiring Word
    At Will Powers: Commander's Strike, Furious Smash
    Encounter Powers: Warlord's Favor
    Daily Powers: Lead the Attack

    +1 Hide Armor (Free Lv 2 Item)
    Adventuring Kit: 15 gp
    Longsword: 15 gp
    Light Shield: 5 gp
    Heavy Shield: 10 gp
    Sunrod (10): 20 gp
    35 gp

    Tye Sonner was once a proud member of a divine order tasked with destroying a legion of undead that threatened the area. For over a decade, he lead his forces against the abominations, but neither side could defeat the other. Finally, the undead lines collapsed and his forces retook the desolate land lost by his people over the years of harsh war. However, upon arriving home he discovered it completely destroyed. Much worse though, all his family and loved ones were turned into undead. Forced to battle against a much more heartfelt foe than the generic undead they were used to, Sonner's forces were demoralized and dealt a crushing defeat.

    During this unfortunate turn of events, Sonner discovered his second in command was in fact the necromancer controlling the undead to begin with, and that he was playing everyone for fools. Unable to defeat the necromancer, save his men, or avenge their families, Sonner was forced to flee from his homeland. He has spent the last 5 years wandering around, a broken individual lacking pride, honer, or a goal to fight for. And yet, deep inside him, his draconic blood boils, waiting for the chance to unleash his rage and once again take him back to the field of battle.
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    Mordras Blackleaf, Eladrin Rogue

    The character
    Name: Mordras Blackleaf
    Race: Eladrin
    Class: Rogue
    Role: Striker
    Level: 1

    Mordras Blackleaf
    Mordras is a slender and graceful Eladrin, comfortable in the shadows of the world as in the twilight of the Feywild. His ravenblack hair, unusual for the fair Eladrin, is bound in plaited bead that falls to his lower back, his eladrin, blue-and-silver eyes usually shine with eager anticipation. Mordras carries an elegant rapier and a set of razorsharp eladrin-crafted blades in different sizes, all polished to a shine. His clothing and gear are expertly crafted, meticulously cared for and adorned with fine eladrin scrollwork.

    Mordras is an exiled son to the House of Blackleaf, an Eladrin family ruling the mesmerizing autumn fief in the fey wild from the stronghold of Tel'Anor overlooking a marine and turquoise blue ocean from a scenic limestone cliff. From an early age, he was drawn to the ships sailing into fey wild waters, sometimes willingly; often not, and their outlandish crews. Where he kin remained aloof and distant, Mordras was drawn to the exotic and adventurous life of sailors.

    Sailing out to human harbours more and more often and quickly turning to the wrong kind of friends, he was one night tricked into revealing the largely secret passage to his homeland through guile and magic charms by an infamous half-elf pirate named Cairbara. In a midnight raid to the feywild Cairbara and his crew of seasoned adventurers broke into the family stronghold, plundering the vaults and murdering Amadal, Mordras elder and upright brother who sought to stop the intruders.

    Mordras, pursuing Cairbara but late to arrive to the disaster, found only blood and sorrow in his home. This day, and without a word spoken, he was exiled from his kin and family. With an oath on his lips to follow Cairbara and his kin “to the death and beyond” he returned to the world of man and for a year or mare, the outcast Eladrin has been roaming seaports, when he boarded the Ibenhold in pursuit of a possible lead….

    Ability scores
    Strength     : 10          Hit points : 26
    Constitution : 14 (+3)     Bloodied   : 13 
    Dexterity    : 18 (+4)     Surges     :  6
    Intelligence : 13 (+1)     Surges/day :  8     
    Wisdom       : 10          Initiative : +4
    Charisma     : 14 (+2)      
    Armour class : 16 (18 vs. Opportunity attacks)
    Fortitude    : 12 
    Reflex       : 16 
    Will         : 13 (18 vs. charm effect)
    Acrobatics (Dex): + 9  (trained)
    Athletics  (Str): + 6  (trained)
    Arcana     (Int): + 3  (+2 racial)
    Bluff      (Cha): + 7  (trained)
    History    (Int): + 3  (+2 racial)
    Perception (Wis): + 5  (trained, Eldarin education)
    Stealth    (Dex): + 9  (trained)
    Streetwise (Cha): + 7  (trained)
    Thievery   (Dex): + 9  (trained)
    Common, Elven

    Racial traits
    Eldarin education; eldarin WP; eldarin will; fey origin; trance; fey step

    Class features
    Artful dodger, first strike, rogue weapon talent, sneak attack

    Weapon proficiency (Rapier)

    Weapon Proficiency:
    Dagger, hand crossbow, longsword, rapier, shuriken, sling, short sword

    Size: Medium
    Speed: 6 squares
    Vision: Low-light

    Basic attack
    Attack: +4 vs. AC; Damage: 1d8 +1

    Attack: +7 vs. AC; Damag: 1d6 + 4
    Deft Strike (Class)
    Standard Action; Attack: +8 vs. AC Damage: 1d8 +5

    Sly Flourish (Class)
    Standard Action; Attack: +8 vs. AC Damage: 1d8 +7

    Fey Step (Race)
    With a step, you vanish from one place and appear in another.
    Teleportation, Move action, Personal

    Dazing Strike (Class)
    Standard Action, Attack: +8 vs. AC Damage: 1d8 +5
    --- target dazed ---
    Blinding Barrage (Class)
    Standard Action; Attack: +7 vs. AC Damage: 2d6 +4
    --- target blinded; Miss: half damage, not blinded ---
    30 gp. 
    Equipment           Price    Weight    Other
    Leather armour      25 gp    15 lb.    Light armour
    +1 Vicious rapier (520 gp)    2 lb.    Free magic item (lvl 2) 
    Short sword         10 gp     2 lb. 
    Dagger               1 gp     1 lb.    Off-hand, light thrown
    Shuriken (20)        4 gp     4 lb.    light thrown
    Adventurer's kit    28 gp    30 lb.    
      Backpack           2 gp     2 lb.
      Bedroll            1 sp     5 lb.
      Flint & Steel      1 gp      -
      Pouch, belt        1 gp   1/2 lb.
      Rations, trail     5 gp    10 lb.    10 days
      Rope, silk        10 gp     5 lb.    50 ft.
      Sunrod (4)         8 gp     4 lb.   
      Waterskin          1 gp     4 lb.      
    Climber's kit        2 gp    11 lb.    +2 for climbing    
      Grappling hook     1 gp     4 lb.
      Hammer             5 sp     2 lb.
      Pitons (10)        5 sp     5 lb. 
    Total               70 gp    65 lb.
    Normal load:    100 lb.
    Heavy load:     200 lb.
    Max. drag load: 500 lb.
    Blackleaf's Woe
    The Blackleaf's Woe is a +1 vicious rapier, well balanced, razor sharp with a handguard expertly crafted in the likeness of leaves.

    The blade was magically forged for superiour balance and sharpness and a coming-of-age gift from the lord of House Blackleaf to his eldest son Amadal. In his final duel with Cairbara, Amadal was disarmed and beaten. In a cruel act of humiliation, Cairbara drove the Eldarin's own blade through his heart to kill the defensless noble. The rapier, stained with the blood of his brother, was the only thing Mordras carried along into exile. Having since then carved an often bloody trail through the seedier parts of many port, the thin blade has somehow aquired a vicious taste for dealing pain and blood.
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    Keira Orus
    Warlord 1
    Race: Tiefling
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Deity: Kord
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 120lbs
    Alignment: Good
    Description: A slip of a woman dressed in the chainmail and white cloak of a lesser officer. Her glossy black hair is kept in a multitude of short braids that extend just past her shoulders. Her eyes are white orbs. Her horns are full curl around her heavily pierced ears. Her skin is bronzed and tanned.

    Str: 14 +2
    Dex: 11
    Con: 12 +1
    Int: 16 +3
    Wis: 8
    Cha: 18 +4

    HP: 24
    Healing Surges: 8 (6 Hp)
    AC: 16
    Fort: 14
    Ref: 14
    Will: 15
    Speed: 5
    Initiative: +2

    Tiefling Racial Features: Infernal Wrath, Fire Resistance (5), Bloodhunt, Lowlight Vision

    Feats: Linguist (Draconic, Dwarven, Elven) Common, Halfling
    Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy, Heal, Intimidate

    Class Features: Combat Leader, Commanding Presence (Inspiring Presence), Inspiring Word
    At Will Powers: Furious Smash, Viper’s Strike
    Encounter Powers: Hammer and Anvil
    Daily Powers: Bastion of Defense

    Vicious Halberd (+1d12 crit), 1d10+2, +2 prof (lvl 2 item)
    Adventuring Kit 15g
    Chainmail (6AC, -1 check, -1 speed) 40g
    Hand Crossbow (1d6, Range 10/20, +2 prof) 25g
    Climber’s Kit 2g
    50ft. Silk Rope 10g
    Crossbow Bolts (20) 1g

    History: Keira grew up in Ibenhold. Her home was not abnormal for a merchant’s daughter. She learned of the ways of diplomacy and commerce from her father. Upon her 16th birthday she decided to enlist into military service to attain some capital to start her own shipping company. She was soon recognized as a capable leader. Her attributes swayed many of her fellow soldiers to follow her. She could keep them in line with simple mannerisms and a strong voice. Her unit was tested on the field of battle only a few times but, her bravery would not go unnoticed. She would be awarded many small commendations throughout her career that amounted to mostly being a good soldier and following battle plans given to her by superiors. Her father however, took those honors to heart and poured praise upon her. He spent a great amount of time and effort tracking down a suitable gift for his daughter’s heritage. One day at market, he took a significant loss in a trade just to acquire a halberd with the mark of tiefling craftsmanship. The haft was carved from a single ivory bone of some great beast and intricately designed with infernal scripts. The blade was touched with fire and blackened creating an iridescent prismatic effect in the surface of the blade. This was a gift for his daughter that he knew she could carry with pride. With Ibenhold now in a time of relative peace Keira has assumed a role of messenger for her commanders. Due to her gift with linguistics, she is often sent to distant posts to survey the situation and bring back

    Please excuse me, I have still yet to figure out how to make a post with the nifty "hidden" text.

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