4E 5th level monster conversion!
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    5th level monster conversion!

    This thread is a continuation of the Monster Project.

    EDIT: I am in the process of revising monsters to MM3/MV standards, and in the process am doing a lot of tweaking. The original versions are still here, but the revised versions are attached as pdfs at the end of the thread. At this point I'm not bothering to update monsters that have subsequent official conversions, but I may do so eventually- it never hurts to have more varieties of beasties to kill your friends with!

    5th Level Monsters to Convert

    Bloodbloater Swarm
    Brain Coral homebrewed monster
    Cerberean Hound BlackLotus' translation of a Harry Potter beastie
    Eye Killer
    Flail Snail
    Rust Monster
    Kenku done at 4th level

    Higher Level Monsters On the List

    Aurumvorax [I'll prolly do this one around 12th level]
    Cockatrice [? 8th level]
    Crimson Death [16th level or thereabouts?]
    Giant, Cloud
    Giant, Frost
    Neogi may be better off around 10th-13th level
    Su-Monster [6th level?]
    Vampiric mist [11th level or thereabouts?]

    Hazards to be Converted

    Tri-Flower Frond
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