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    Thadieus nods in response to Albrak's remark.

    "Harpy apparently Albrak, big ugly half birdish dragon with an ugly woman's face thing that'll try to enchant you with its song. We might want to try to plug our ears, but if the worse comes to the worse I can negate the effects of the charm upon you. If its got Sally in its song we need to move now, she won't last long - we probably ought to run."

    The Wizard waits for the others to go and then hits himself with his wand of protection from evil. Jiffy takes up a protective stance upon his master's shoulder.

    I am assuming we are following standard knowledge rules and that the Harpies song would be its most prominent ability - I wouldn't normally assume that but it does seem to be its only ability. I made DC 12 on my Knowledge check Knowledge check on Harpies. (1d20+8=12) , but get +5 from Collector of Stories for a 17 and the Harpy has 7 hit dice this should just hit the mark! Let me know if thats unreasonable and I'll be happy to change.

    Thadieus would be delighted to let William peruse his Spellbooks. He'd even allow him to use pages in his spellbooks to put down his memorized spells, though thats probably not viable for game balance since then he'd be able to prepare them - plus you know they'd be in Thadieus Spellbook...
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    Sahar leads her stallion out the door. She grips the saddle horn and steps into the stirrup to swing herself up onto her horse. She slides the shield off her back and onto her arm. She holds her lance pointed toward the sky with the red streamers gently blowing in the breeze.

    "Does this retched creature fly like a dragon as well?" She waits for the rest to be ready to move before she spurs Jasper. It is plain that the golden shire is anxious to do anything, and a walk just won't do. "I don't know if we have time for any clandestine maneuvers but, we may want to send an outrider to see what we are up against exactly." She looks at the stubby Dwarf. *Dwarven* "Do ya think you can tell how far this beast is from the sound? And can you tell if there may be more than one?"

    (ooc - don't know how to make this hidden so please excuse me...
    Jamal - Sahar will move by horse unless someone decides she is too big of a target or the horse just can't fit. And STEALTH??? Plate mail is not conducive to clandestine activities and Sahar and Jasper are wrapped in steel.

    Halford - That's fine, no problem here.)
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    "I'm pretty sure harpies fly...we should watch the skies either way just in case."

    Knowledge Check

    Albrak grabs his shield as well, and slowly creeps out the door, but he really knows he can't move very quietly with all of his gear. He reaches out and places a hand on William's shoulder.

    "William, It's possible this creature has Sally, but we have to be careful, we aren't exactly in the best of situations here.

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    Thadieus casts Mage Armor upon himself, shareing the spell with Jiffy and says,

    "Its speed not stealth we need here! With all the clanking armor we can hardly hope to be subtle! We need to move now and move fast! Come on which way was the music coming from?"

    Thadieus moves out into the street and glances around straining to hear the music - after hitting himself with his wand.

    Wiz listen, Jiffy listen (1d20+2=14, 1d20+1=10)

    Is a 14 sufficient to disern the direction of the music?

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    Block Jemal

    Straining, the group listens for the music. At first you think perhaps the dwarf was just hearing things, but then Thadieus hears it, and soon you all can pick it out. You move cautiously at first, but once you realize that the mounted knight is making as much noise as a squad of dwarves you increase speed, stopping the clanging woman every few moments to listen for the harpys song. Eventually the song is loud enough to hear over your walking.

    You must be getting close, the melody now drawing you closer...


    Combining your knowledge with what William knows, you've managed come up with the following : Harpies fly and their song captivates those who hear it up close. They are also sadistically evil to their core.

    Halford - what does "Hitting himself with his wand" mean? Does Thadieus smack himself with the wand in an attempt to clear his head (Like smacking yourself with a hand?), or are you activating it? If you're using a wand to cast a spell, please state you are doing such, as well as what the spell is.

    ALSO, I need Will saves vs an Enchantment effect from everyone. The DC is 16. Post a link to your roll along with what you do. (Which, if you fail, are to head straight for the sound)

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    Shod hooves on cobblestones ring out and the cavalier's eyes search the empty streets for the source of all the music. Sahar shifts her weight and reins in Jasper. A fierce scowl creases her brow as she looks at her companions for direction. She still can't hear the waling song very well. Mayhap it is to her benefit? Then in defiance of the serenade of the harpy she starts to sing a slow long dirge carefully using her voice variations to counter the song of the retched beast.

    " Down is where I'm goin'
    Pain is what I'm showin'
    Love is what I'm takin'
    Heart's what I'm breakin'

    Strong man lived in Israc's Hold
    Took my heart and broke my sole
    Left a dark place in my chest
    I sleep but I don't rest
    I sleep but I don't rest "

    (Countersong 21)
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    I meant that Thadieus was activating his Wand of Protection from Evil. I had mentioned that he was planning to do in a previous post, but should have made things much clearer. Thadieus's save is a 14, but he is protected from evil.

    Will Save v. Harpy Song (1d20+4=14)

    Thadieus will look out for anyone under the effect of the Harpies song and use a charge of his Wand of Protection from Evil upon them to negate the effect for a minute.
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    Sahar's countersong serves to protect you from the Harpies, but as she pauses for a breath, you realize that the other singing has also stopped. The deathly quite is broken suddenly by the sound of a young woman screaming. It comes from just around the next street corner.


    Initiative please, and intended actions, you essentially have a surprise round. The corner is 100' away.

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    Sahar sets her boots in the stirrups and readies to charge into battle. The ribbons on her lance dance in the breeze as she leans forward. "Time to die beast!"

    (ride around the corner with a double move and ready for charge next round if there is a target in range)

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    Thadieus moves forward about thirty feet and then runs to the corner. Jiffy holds on tight. Coming to a wheezing halt the young mage flushes imagining how his actions look in contrast to Sahar's. He places his hands on his knees and takes a second to recover himself.

    Initiative 11

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